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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. FFP3 mask is also called as P3 Face Mask provides protection against solid and liquid aerosols and smoke containing the following materials such as : Asbestos, calcium carbonate, china clay, cement, cellulose, sulfur, cotton, flour, carbon, ferrous metals, hardwood, silicon, plastic, vegetable oils and mineral oils, lead paint,copper, aluminum, bacteria, fungi, Mould spores and mycobacterium tuberculosis T.

Items 1 - 33 of The design ensures a good fit for smaller faces creating a strong seal. Moulded design providing FFP3 protection whilst also providing comfort during long periods of use. Contoured facial seal with adjustable head straps. The FFP3 mask has a valve for comfort and easily adjustable straps and nose clip. The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes.

The mask accepts the full range of low profile Force 8 filters giving the Force 8 the flexibility to be used for many applications, providing filtering protection against particulates, many gases and vapours.

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Sundstrom SR half mask Inc P3 Filter is made of silicone with each mask equipped with two exhalation valves, which ensure very low exhalation resistance. Valve covers with baffles effectively protect the exhalation membrane against dust and paint mist. The easily adjustable elastic head harness of the mask is designed as a V-shaped loop and has a large, dished crown plate, which contributes towards a comfortable and secure fit.

Tested in accordance with EN Nominal protection factor P3 Filters included. As a foldable mask they offer you more convenience than traditional cup shaped respirators. Adjustable nose bridge and soft flexible face seal ensure a secure fit. Pollutants include silica, asbestos, spores and fumes. This product minimises breathing resistance and ensures a highly comfortable fit.

This mask is not designed for individuals with facial hair as this prevents the formation of a tight face-respirator seal.

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Adjustable nose bridge and soft flexible face seal-ensure a secure fit. The 3M valved respirator provides essential protection when carrying out construction work and metal processing. A filtering facepiece classified as FFP3 is the most effective against coronavirus. Crafted from synthetic fibre, a well-fitted FFP3 mask has the potential to protect against inward leakage and capture very fine toxic particles.

It also includes an exhalation valve that releases air, to prevent heat and moisture build-up. The mask combined with social distancing and frequent hand washing can offer optimal protection against potential virus transmission.Protect yourself against solid and liquid aerosols, dust, mist and smoke — even during longer periods of use.

Respiratory protection in the blog Respiratory protection in the shop. From FFP1 through to FFP3 masks, we offer solutions for any application area, including: folding masks, preformed masks, masks with a nose clip, metal-free masks, single-use and reusable masks, as well as masks with cooling ventilation effects and odour filters. For optimal respirator functionality, it is very important to ensure that it fits correctly — where appropriate, it should also fit well in combination with suitable safety eyewear.

It is often necessary to protect both the eyes and the airways to the same extent. The most important thing in this instance is that the respirator and the protective eyewear are compatible and work together in unison in order to create a full seal.

To combination possibilities. Our respiratory protection guide provides you with detailed, comprehensive information on all you need to know about respiratory protection. You can also conveniently download the respiratory guide. To respiratory protection guide PDF. It covers all key aspects of respiratory protection, from basic information to handy tips and legal requirements and standards.

To uvex Respiratory Expert System. Home Respiratory protection. Filter Product family. FFP2 folding mask uvex silv-Air c Respiratory protection — additional information From FFP1 through to FFP3 masks, we offer solutions for any application area, including: folding masks, preformed masks, masks with a nose clip, metal-free masks, single-use and reusable masks, as well as masks with cooling ventilation effects and odour filters. Combination with uvex protective eyewear.

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The Best Mask for Coronavirus: How to Apply an FFP3 Mask

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3m dust mask ffp3

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3m dust mask ffp3

Goodbye I ve had a pleasant call, as usual, and you ve been a real sister to me in my trouble. You shall have the twenty dollars a month.Check stock in your local store. For a wide range of industrial applications. Comfortable 3-panel design with low breathing resistance.

More Info. Instruction Manual. FREE Returns. Screwfix Gift Cards a perfect gift. Share this page in your favourite social networks.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Add to basket for Not available for delivery. Due to unprecedented demand, orders containing more than 3 units of this product will be reduced to 3 at the point of collection. Add to saved list Rated 4 out of 5 by Chris from Good quality mask Excellent fit, much better than moulded masks Also folds flat for easy packing. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by MarvinS from Good mask Mask fits very well and is comfortable, worn whilst working in loft all day.

Rated 2 out of 5 by HorticulturalChris from Use with care Bought for use with a chemical sprayer and chemical face shield. Find that the chemical face shield can easily steam up with the face mask. Doubt face mask could be used with sunglasses Date published: Rated 1 out of 5 by pbmcd from Disappointing Based on other reviews I thought this mask would be ideal for the dusty conditions I would be working in.

However, although the mask seemed to fit well I found dust getting through the filter. The inside of the mask was black as was my nose.

Not recommended. What is the colour of the strap? Could you put a picture up of the rear of the mask, showing colour? Would this help with outdoor metal spray painting? Is it washable and how many times can be used. What size particles does this mask protect you from I want to know in terms of PM2. Please contact the 3M Technical Helpline on 60 - who will be able answer your specific question. Answered by: Customer Support Team.

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In Stock. Protection Class. With Valve.

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Only three products at a time are allowed. Disposable Respirators 20 Products found.

3m dust mask ffp3

Clear All Compare Compare. Set Pick Up Location. Changing your branch may impact your product pricing and availability.

Do you want to proceed with this change? Yes, Change Branch Cancel. Quantity EA.Before fitting device, ensure hands are clean. All respirator components should be inspected for damage prior to each use. With reverse side up and using the tab, separate top and bottom panels to form a cup shape. Bend slightly at centre of the nose clip. Ensure both panels are fully unfolded.

Cup respirator in one hand with open side towards face. Take both straps in other hand. Hold respirator under chin, with nose-piece up, and pull straps over head. Locate the upper strap across the crown of the head and the lower strap below the ears.

Straps must not be twisted. Adjust top and bottom panels for a comfortable fit, ensuring panels and chin tab are not folded in. Using both hands, mould nose clip to the shape of the lower part of the nose to ensure a close fit and good seal.

Pinching the nose clip using only one hand may result in less effective respirator performance. The seal of the respirator on the face should be fit-checked before entering the workplace.

Prices Please note that we understand that some prices are higher than they were pre-lockdown, but we must stress that this is often throughout the supply chain and added air freight for delivery speed and we have not increased our margins; in-fact many products are at a lower margin now than they were back in January to avoid high costs.

We are refusing to purchase masks and other PPE which we believe have inflated prices above the current market value. Returns Due to the hygienic nature of masks, we must stress that we are unable to accept returns on mask products or other disposable goods such as gloves and coveralls. This is for customers safety now and in the future. Delivery will be made to the address on your account, unless an alternative address is specified when placing the order.

Deliveries to other parts of the UK and international locations are possible by prior arrangement, with costs being notified in advance. Please note we are constantly reviewing our couriers, prices and location rules to offer the best deal. We offer next day shipping on most of our products — this applies to orders made before 2.

Orders placed after 2. As all products are not guaranteed to be in stock, our standard delivery is a 2 — 5 day service excluding weekends and bank holidays. Due to unprecedented demand since the outbreak; UK, Europe and World stocks of disposable masks have been rapidly depleting over the past few months and are only now recovering.

Here at Dust Masks Direct, we are one of the main sellers of dust masks in the UK and feel we are in a strong position to supply masks once they are available. Masks In Stock! View our in-stock products at HERE! Due to demand, please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery. Thank you Dismiss. Contact About Us. This product is currently unavailable. Maximum protection from breathing air pollution.Speak to our expert Engweld sales team about your needs and discuss the correct solution for your application and workers needs.

Protection Factor: APF 4. Protection Factor: APF Valved or unvalved respirator? Benefits of a valved respirator: Reduces exhalation effort, cooler to wear, stays comfortable for longer, less likely to mist up eyewear. Benefits of an unvaled respirator: Lower cost unit, prevenets the wearer from contaminating their environment. Respirator face fit testing: Do you have workers who wear tight fitting respirators those that rely on a seal with the face such as Disposable, Half Mask or Full Face Masks including those fitted to a powered respirator?

If so, you are required to fit test them. If the seal is inadequate, contaminated air will take the path of least resistance and will travel through leaks in the face seal. Consequently, a poor seal to the face will reduce the level of protection provided to the wearer. Contact your local Engweld sales centre about how we can help you carry out the required face fit tests for your employees nd provide the correct respirators for the correct application. Refine Search. Top Sales Picks. Free Delivery In Stock.

In Stock. Reusable Stretchable Black Face Covering now. Free Delivery.

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