July 26, Why are daughters preferred to sons? Apparently, based on "Why daughters might be better than sons," it's plain old self-interest — a prediction about who's more likely to take care of you. Posted by Ann Althouse at AM 56 comments.

Tags: childrenfathersgender differencemotherhood. I've updated my post from yesterday that criticized the NYT for not covering the statements the Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber had made about the consequences for citizens of states that failed to set up insurance exchanges.

These statements were the talk of the internet yesterday because they ruined the spin on the purportedly nonsensical D. Circuit opinion in Halbig. Gruber backed away from his comments on Friday. But the remarks embarrassed the White House and could help plaintiffs in court cases challenging the payment of subsidies in 36 states that rely on the federal exchange. Gruber said in an email on Friday.

This is the only sensible reading of the Affordable Care Act and is corroborated by every single person who helped craft the law.

The White House played down the video on Friday, saying that Mr. I think what is clear is that he, like Congress, intended for every eligible American to have access to tax credits that lower their health care costs, regardless of who is operating their marketplace. Inthe effort was to pressure and frighten the politicians in the various states so that they would set up the exchanges.

Now, after so many states resisted that pressure, the effort is to preserve the federal exchanges that were set up. At both points in time, Gruber said what served the goals of the program. What's more likely, that he "made a mistake in some speeches" or that he's lying now?

The Press Secretary Earnest isn't lying, but if you look closely at each of his remarks, you can see that he seems to know he's making a series of technically true statements that avoid asserting that Gruber is telling the truth now when he calls the remarks "a mistake. Gruber's "views Gruber called his remarks "a mistake.

That's exactly what Gruber said. Gruber's overarching goal has been to get health insurance tax credits to people.Post a Comment. This lesson is known by some as Overcoming Temptation.

Overcoming Temptation. International Sunday School Lesson. July 20, Jed Greenough. Worship, adoration, admiration, veneration, adulation, idolization and reverence, these are all words that are synonyms for idolatry. No, idolatry, as you can see from the synonyms above still exists today and so does the need to resist it as Paul encouraged. I can say with complete honesty that I have been guilty of admiration to excess. J could just about walk on water.

I went to great lengths to see anything or read anything about him. To his credit as far as sports stars go he did a great job as a role model and he even had a Christian show on cable. This is a minor illustration but there are many more serious things that tempt us.

Sometimes all we have to do is look around our house and see where we have given something or things too much adoration or been to fanatical about. Perhaps the evidence is in the driveway or the bank accounts or other examples might be found in our social media or elsewhere electronically. We must examine our lives and once we identify it ask God to remove it and help us to overcome more of the same in the future.

For Discussion:. Discuss examples from the Bible that can serve to help us from being tempted or to overcome temptation. Discuss how we test the Lord. Discuss the seriousness that God holds grumbling. Discuss the blessing that verse 11 is for us. Discuss verse Discuss ways that people get caught up in idolatry.

Discuss examples of idolatry that can exist with things like the internet, sports, hobbies….All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local.

Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. YouTube's privacy policy is available here and YouTube's terms of service is available here. Ad Choices. More Coverage. Top Stories. Alabama closing in on potential Week 1 opponent Alabama had initially been scheduled to open the year against USC.

Latest Dear Annie: My husband is acting like a yo-yo when it comes to getting divorced 2h ago. Bright Star reopening its doors on Sunday 10h ago.

Democrats expand Senate targets to GOP states 10h ago. Ivey orders flags at half-staff to honor civil rights legend John Lewis 17h ago. A few Alabama football recruiting notes 18h ago. Recruiting update: Offers abound, basketball star decommits, more 18h ago. Doctors disagree about when it's safe to reopen schools Most Alabama pediatricians say schools should reopen with the caveat that it must be done safely.

Alabama's school districts will decide what that Michael Saag said he hopes the statewide mask order helps, but it all depends on compliance. Outbreak accelerates across Alabama, worst week yet for cases and deaths 23h ago.

Trey Wingenter to miss MLB season 10h ago. Kay Ivey issues a statewide mask ordinance.These metrics are regularly updated to reflect usage leading up to the last few days. Citations are the number of other articles citing this article, calculated by Crossref and updated daily.

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Citations Supporting Information Available. Cited By. This article is cited by 40 publications. Journal of Natural Products78 1 Kithsiri Wijeratne, Bharat P. Bashyal, Manping X. Liu, Danilo D. Rocha, G. Kamal B. Gunaherath, Jana M. Gunatilaka, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Luke Whitesell, and A. Leslie Gunatilaka.

Journal of Natural Products75 3 Structure and Cytotoxicity of Diterpenoids from Isodon adenolomus. Journal of Natural Products74 5 Journal of Natural Products72 7 Cytotoxic ent-Kauranoids from the Medicinal Plant Isodon xerophilus. Journal of Natural Products70 8 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry55 15 Lignans from Bark of Larix olgensis var.I research news articles and comment.

Those who oppose Trump will do anything to stay in power which includes leaking government information. The deep state includes corrupt state and local officials. When you are behind the enemy lines of tyranny the enemy within is all around you.

March Watchlisting Guidance Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux So now the officer on the street knows he may be dealing with a known or suspected terrorist.

ATC - MAYDAY Air Canada 1174 Emergency Landing YYZ, 7/20/14

Inthe U. Does this mean anyone who shows up to a protest with a sign that says something like: defund the NSA, dismantle the IRS, impeach obama etc is committing an act that is "dangerous" to property and intended to influence government policy through intimidation?

If someone resists or protests government policies are they considered to be intimidating the obama regime? It would seem so bubba. Story Reports So if you protest the government and intimidate an elected offical by telling them they should resign or you will not vote for them and it makes them afraid you don't like them, you have intimidated them. The IRS does it also bubba. Labels: March Watchlisting Guidance rulebook.

Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Breitbart News Real News. The Blaze Refutes Fake News. Real News Talk Radio Many local news outlets use CNN news reports but want to appear as Fox news outlets that the public will think is more conservative reporting.

I recently talked with a local Fox news reporter that told me her station uses CNN news reports more than fox news reports. The stations name is FOX She also said her fox21 station gets phone calls etc complaints about the their station reporting constantly. Don't forget to also listen to www. Find out why? John C.LUCIA D: One of the Windward Islands — The island, with its fine natural harbor at Castries, was contested between England and France throughout the 17th and early 18th centuries changing possession 14 times ; it was finally ceded to the UK in Even after the abolition of slavery on its plantations inSaint Lucia remained an agricultural island, dedicated to producing tropical commodity crops.

Self-government was granted in and independence in I write a weekly crossword contest here and a daily themed mini-crossword here. I also write a weekly current events crossword for The Week which you can find herea bi-weekly contest crossword for New York which you can find hereand a monthly 21x21 for Washingtonian which isn't online. My next book comes out in October. Each of these is added to an entry somewhere in the grid indicated by circles and removed from another indicated by an asterisked clue.

If you can't figure them all out then I'm sure someone will help in comments below. Do we judge a crossword as art or as entertainment? Let's do both.


Artistically this one is quite nice. This is probably what necessitated the odd 20x23 grid size; the columns across had to be an even number to keep symmetry while accommodating the necessarily, because bigrams even-numbered central revealer, and I'm betting the reason he did 23 rows instead of 21 is because 18 theme words to fit in.

So let's call it an A on artistry. I should also mention that the idea of swapping certain letters between two entries is already known as in this puzzlebut not on such a large scale as it's done here. As entertainment, it was good but not great. Once the central revealer falls and you figure out the trick it's a bit of a slog to finish; I just ignored asterisked clues as long as I could.

So on the entertainment scale I'd give this one a B, and we'll average the puzzle out to an A. Which is good. Best clue: 97D: Shortening in recipes? So that's a very good start to the week.

I'll see you back here tomorrow night for a look at Monday's puzzle. Save And Share :. This one would certainly have been easier on paper but was doable on screen so that the pairs could be marked off when used, and connected with lines and arrows, and circled in red.

Very clever how it all fits together. I really tried to like this, but in the end annoying won out. I too Matt mostly ignored the starred clues while solving and didn't have too much trouble finishing.

So, probably medium for me if you subtract the time spent sussing the circle answers. Thanks Matt. I'm still struggling with this week's meta. Figuring out a 3rd or 4th week one is on my bucket list.This study estimated the expression of CK-7, CK14, and CK protein in human bladder carcinoma, urothelial carcinoma UC in comparison to squamous cell carcinoma SCC and to show its possible correlation to clinicopathologic parameters grade and stage and bilharziasisand investigate whether cytokeratin 14 immunostaining may be useful to detect early squamous metaplasia in bladder biopsies and in association with UC.


We evaluated the bladder tissues of patients with bladder carcinoma, patients had UC, and 50 patients had SCC. The mean age of the patients was 55 years range years. Negative expression was found in SCC cases. Abstract This study estimated the expression of CK-7, CK14, and CK protein in human bladder carcinoma, urothelial carcinoma UC in comparison to squamous cell carcinoma SCC and to show its possible correlation to clinicopathologic parameters grade and stage and bilharziasisand investigate whether cytokeratin 14 immunostaining may be useful to detect early squamous metaplasia in bladder biopsies and in association with UC.

Substances Keratin Keratin Keratin

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