Arcadyan wifi hub

My home network had functioned perfectly before the switch, and suddenly my wifi printer and two computers didn't work. The 2 computers won't see the network.

The printer just wouldn't communicate. I realized that the issues were all with N-wireless devices. I turned off the band-steering and hearne hardwoods allowed the printer to see the 2. The computers wouldn't even see the 2.

I replaced my wireless adapter on my desktop to an AC-wireless card. This connected that computer fine. But the printer is still an issue. I will try a work around to hard wire the printer to the computer, and share it to the network as a hosted printer. It just seems to me that there's something not right about the 2. I'm not happy to have to say that Telstra's customer service on this has been atrocious.

There is no one available by phone to answer a few basic configuration questions. Their answer has been to send out a "technician" during business hours, lost work time at my expense or for me to subscribe to Platinum. I even offered to pay by the minute for the phone call, but they won't even let you speak to them without a full subscription. There have been a few reports of people having the same issue with the Technicolor version off the Gen 2 modem.

The fix is to ring support report the fault and they should issue you with a replacement modem. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for.

TELUS​ ​Boost​ ​Wi-Fi​ ​Quick​ ​Start​ ​Guide

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Redbeard5 Level 1: Cadet. Anybody else had issues with connection on 2. Got any fixes? Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink. You must be signed in to add attachments. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.If you're on fibre you will have an ONT in the house somewhere. The installer may have just run an ethernet line from it to the TM instead of having them both beside each other. The TM on its own cannot be wall mounted due to its design. Actiontec does have a wall mount for it but I can't find it for sale anywhere and it's just akin to a tiny shelf just big enough for the T to stand on.

For me, I have my T on a small shelf along with my other router beside it. While it is possible to connect the Fibre directly to the TM, Telus does not usually do it in residential installations, as the ONT also allows the connection of telephone to the Fibre network. Are these new devices wall mounted?

The fastest Wi-Fi in every corner of your home.

I can see a lot of broken Fibre connections if folks move it around a bunch. Log in. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. No ONT? All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

Reply 0 Likes. Community Power User. Depending on the city you live in, you may have been installed with the new WiFi hub. Telus is slowly rolling out a new Fibre only modem that is made by the same company that manufactures the Boost WiFi product, Arcadyan. These new modems are white and round in shape like a cylinder.

They function as both a router and ONT all in one.

arcadyan wifi hub

Reply 1 Like. They do have wall mounts available. They're more of a bucket situation. It looks odd but it gets the job done! Most Popular Neighbours in this board. Getting around the Neighbourhood.

Forums Mobility.From WikiDevi. Accton has manufactured a large amount of products, including Microsoft old Intersil ISL? Broadcom unk. Atheros AR Ant. FL Flags: Bluetooth 5. Category : Arcadyan. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Home Menu Recent changes Random page.

This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat Privacy policy About WikiDevi. RU Disclaimers Mobile view. Broadcom BCM 2x, bgn. Broadcom BCM Lantiq PSB 2x, bgn. Arcadyan Easybox xDSL. Arcadyan CoO:. Ralink RTF 3x, an. Ralink RTL 2x, bgn. Intel Lantiq VR FL Is a module.

Broadcom BCMA0. Broadcom BCMU 2x, bgn. Broadcom BCMU. Qualcomm Atheros QCA Broadcom BCM 3x, bgn Ant. Ralink RT 2x, bgn.


Realtek RTLS. Ralink RTF 3x, abgn Ant.

arcadyan wifi hub

Broadcom BCM 1. Broadcom BCMS. Broadcom BCMC0 1. Broadcom BCMC0.More and more, we spend hours of our day glued to our devices as we ride the subway or eat lunch or even just to relax. This is where the best WiFi extender for FiOs would come in handy. Of course, fiber optics present a common problem for WiFi extenders in that the extender often has difficulty keeping up with the incredible speeds of fiber optic networks.

More often than not, either the modem or the router will create a bottleneck, and if you get past that, the extender market is filled with cheap options that cannot keep up with fiber optic speeds. That is why we have come up with a list of the 5 best WiFi extenders for FiOs, noting some of the more contemporary solutions to this decades-old problems.

Personally, we think the Netgear Orbi mesh network system is the best WiFi extender for FiOs, but some of you might need something even more powerful.

Of course, you have to keep reading to find out.

arcadyan wifi hub

Netgear has been around since personal computing first started getting popular inbut the company has only recently started focusing exclusively on networking and wireless products. Still, due to a combination of performance, customization, and convenience, no other option really comes close.

The best thing about the Orbi is that not only does it not have a true functional weakness, but it is also actually above average, if not the best, in every meaningful category. When it comes to speed, the Orbi uses a triband system to achieve upwards of Mbs of wireless transfer speeds.

This is also a mesh WiFi extender system which means that you can actually replace your traditional modem and router altogether if you want—something that renters should appreciate.

arcadyan wifi hub

While not the broadest, the Orbi system also boasts an impressive sq ft range which is generally sufficient for a home. For those of you who are not looking to get rid of your modem and router altogether, a more traditional format may better suit your needs. In this regard, it will always suffer a bit of a bottleneck with a FiOS connection, but it can still provide what amounts to functionally average speeds with a great connection all the same.

On top of that, the TP-Link AC is reasonably priced towards the floor of the market with the top-tier technology for its class which is impressive value. Though arguably the flagship model of its class, the TP-Link AC still provides some impressive baseline specs when we think of a traditional WiFi extender. For a single, traditional WiFi extender — plugged into an outlet — to provide that kind of range in rare. That said, you may find highly electromagnetic areas to still interfere with the signal.

Also excelling along the classic technology, the TP-Link AC comes with 4 antennae that all feature beamforming technology. This means that not only does this WiFi extender offer one of the best ranges we saw, but it also does so with pinpoint accuracy. Netgear makes another appearance on our list, but this time catering to a particular kind of user: the gamer. Gamers are often at least enthusiast-level consumers who are also often early adopters of new technology. They demand their hardware to be cutting edge and all the infrastructure necessary to support it to follow suit.

In this case, the Nighthawk Mesh X6S offers exactly what all gamers require most of all: speed. Latency is the game-killer, and the one thing that all serious gamers refuse to accept is a failure due to inferior tools. The inclusion of triband technology allows combined WiFi channel speeds of Mbs, while four ethernet ports can support up to Mbs consistent speeds.

Motorola has actually been around closing in on a century, easily making them the most experienced company on our list.

However, Motorola has always focused more on general telecommunications rather than WiFi or FiOs products or services. While we often think of a WiFi extender as a device that will allow us to get a great signal even in the most remote corners of our homes, the truth is that we generally have four, maybe five, places where we generally use our phones at home.

As such, most of the time the issue may not necessarily be that we are unable to provide coverage to the areas where we need it but that the arrangement it is set up with inherent dead zones.Download speeds up to 25 Mbps Please refer to our internet traffic management practices for full details.

High speed Wi-Fi that lets you connect multiple devices. Order now and get double the data on our existing plans. If you are a Quebec client, please contact us at You can use the Google maps mobile application to find your GPS coordinates in decimal degrees. If you do not have the app you can download it from the Playstore or App Store. Follow these steps to find your location coordinates in decimal degrees:. Internet speeds are measured in Mbps Megabits per second.

Streaming video sites and services allow you to change the quality of the stream. You may find a small decrease to P or P still looks very similar in your browser, but will load much faster.

Here are some recommended settings for popular streaming services :. Wi-Fi is technology that connects your personal devices, such as your tablet, smartphone or laptop, to the Internet without the need of a physical wired connection. This network technology transmits radio signals to and from your Smarthub so that you can browse webpages, stream videos or play online games.

When connecting by Wi-Fi, you benefit from the freedom and convenience of accessing the Internet throughout your home on Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as tablets or smartphones, that do not have wired connections. You and your family can also benefit from connecting to shared devices, such as your home printer, throughout your home.

Understanding the difference between internet speed and Wi-Fi speed is important. Internet speed is speed that is stated on your internet speed plan I. Upto 25Mbps. Once inside the home, all your personal devices that need to access the internet are connected to the Smarthub via Wi-Fi.

In the case of Wi-Fi connected devices, your internet gets distributed and shared amongst all your Wi-Fi personal devices that you use. The Wi-Fi speeds that you can attain depend on various factors that are explained in this article. Wi-Fi coverage is the quality of your signal over a certain distance that enables you to connect your personal devices to the internet seamlessly.Requirements :. Installation Tips :.

Note : If you are downloading the app on an iPad and cannot find it in the app store, you may need to select the iPhone only option at the top left of the app store screen.

Arcadyan AR7516 (aka EE Brightbox 1)

Location Tips :. Note : If you are downloading the app on an iPad and cannot find it in the app store, you may need to select the iPhone Only option at the top left of the app store screen. The My Wi-Fi app will guide you through this installation process 3. From the top menu of the app, go to Settings and select Add another Wi-Fi booster 4.

Without unplugging your first Wi-Fi boosterconnect your new Wi-Fi booster to your modem using the ethernet cable provided. If your modem has no vacant spots, you may temporarily disconnect one non-Boost connection to enable the Boost install 5. Wait until the LED light to turn from solid purple, to flashing blue, to flashing purple, to solid blue. This may take up to five minutes.

Repeat steps for each additional Wi-Fi booster you install. Customers that are contacted via email or SMS text for this purpose that would like to participate in improvements are required to confirm their identity and mailing address to proceed with the improvement initiatives.

Contact us today to discuss service improvements. Optimize your Wi-Fi. Solid blue. Flashing blue. Solid purple. Flashing purple. Related articles. Wi-Fi Calling for Apple and Android devices.

Troubleshoot: Can't make or receive phone calls. Did this article solve your problem? Search Support Search support articles. Your Wi-Fi booster is starting. It may take up to two minutes for your Wi-Fi booster to turn on. This process is complete once the LED is a solid blue. Your Wi-Fi booster software is updating. Do not turn off your Wi-Fi booster during this time. Your Wi-Fi booster is working, but moving it closer to the Wi-Fi booster that is connected to your modem could optimize performance.

Your Wi-Fi booster is not connected to the network. If it is the Wi-Fi booster connected to your modem, check the ethernet connection.Enjoy whole-home Wi-Fi coverage with the fastest internet speeds in Western Canada. Experts found that even with an entire household of users, scattered all over the home, using data at the same time — TELUS Boost Wi-Fi is 5X faster than our competitor.

Wi-Fi boosters work together using advanced network technology to create a powerful Wi-Fi network with expanded coverage.

Smart Wi-Fi technology optimizes device performance and keeps you connected within a single Wi-Fi network. Boosters automatically connect your devices to the best possible Wi-Fi frequency as you move throughout your home. Add a starter pack and up to 3 Boost Wi-Fi expansion packs to get coverage exactly where you need it.

Limit of one Starter Pack per account. Covers up to square feet. For extra coverage, get the expansion pack. Still need more coverage? Starter Pack required. Adds up to additional square feet of coverage. Limit of 3 per account. Existing Internet customer? Add the starter pack or expansion pack.

Simultaneous 4x4 antennas transmit and receive. Android version 4. For a refund to be issued, your purchase must be in near new condition with all original packaging, accessories, and bundled contents. TELUS warrants the hardware to be free from material or workmanship defects or failures and that the hardware and software shall conform in all material respects to the specifications provided herein.

TELUS will repair or replace any product that fails to satisfy the warranty at no cost during the warranty period. The warranty does not cover failures that result from: i faulty installation, maintenance or use; ii abnormal conditions of operation; iii attempted modification or repair by the user; iv use of the product in combination with items not recommended by TELUS; or v an act of God. TELUS does not warrant i that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error-free or, ii due to the continuous development of new techniques for intruding upon and attacking networks, that the software or any hardware item on which the software is used will be free from vulnerability or attack.

Some provincial consumer legislations do not allow waivers of the legal warranty and the limitations stated above are subject to such legislation. The purchaser shall notify TELUS of any claims against the warranties provided should a defect be discovered within the one year warranty period.

Amazing service and world-leading networks. Boost Wi-Fi. You will also enjoy more consistent speeds in every room. Extended coverage Wi-Fi boosters work together using advanced network technology to create a powerful Wi-Fi network with expanded coverage. Consistent speed Smart Wi-Fi technology optimizes device performance and keeps you connected within a single Wi-Fi network.

Better connectivity Boosters automatically connect your devices to the best possible Wi-Fi frequency as you move throughout your home. Learn more about the app. Get the best Wi-Fi coverage for your space. Starter Pack. Or one-time payment of:.

Product specifications. Technical specifications. What's in the box.

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