Best ktm 690

Our Guru's wanted us to be clear, there are many different ways to trick out your Enduro R. You can go Rally style with full fairings from MST and Rally Raid for all out open throttle desert racing, or you can go trail style trading fuel capacity and wind protection for a lighter machine.

Either way, this list has got you covered. Notify me when this product is available: Add me to the store mailing list. Filter Products. Category Batteries. Exhaust Systems. KTM Body. Rally Accessories. Brand Akrapovic. Cyclops Adventure Sports. Engine Ice.

Factory Forged. Factory Pro Tuning. Fasst Company. Flexx Bars. Hammerhead Designs. Perun Moto. Pivot Pegz. Rally Raid.

best ktm 690

Rottweiler Performance. Seat Concepts.The all-new for KTM Enduro R is a study of how far a manufacturer can progress a model, via smart implementation of technology and high-end components, to successfully redefine the single-cylinder platform. In standard trim it was pretty breathless and felt, well, a little old hat.

A lot of modifications were needed in order to get the old bike to perform, but even then I never found it really inspiring. I have been somewhat frustrated by the lack of progress in this space. The Austrian manufacturer have thrown absolutely everything at this bike, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to build the ultimate big-bore single.

This, as you would expect, comes at a price. KTM certainly have their fingers crossed, but it is only a question that the fickle motorcycle buying public can answer. Those machines have a lot more overall touring amenity and creature comforts for the long haul, including plenty of luggage options, but neither bring the level of outright off-road performance to the ride that the KTM boasts as standard.

Not that you would really expect them to either, of course. The KTM Enduro R is a very well mannered motorcycle and, thanks to some brilliant ergonomics, it actually might be a real world touring option for many.

Despite the mm tall seat resembling a plank, it did not eat into my somewhat generously sized thighs at any point during my km initiation, which suggests that it might prove comfortable enough to equip the machine with some semblance of real touring credentials. It is light and slim so getting on and off it is a breeze in comparison to many adventure bikes. The Enduro R is distinctly minimalist, but I would still say that for the long haul, it would likely prove a more comfortable option than the biggest selling big single in Australia, the venerated DR As for performance, well, the current DR model was fairly basic when it debuted over 20 years ago, compared to the new KTM today it feels downright archaic.

But, the Suzuki is built down to a price, and that price is half that of the KTM…. And before I get the hate mail from the DR devotees, I might remind you that I have ridden my own DR across Australia and have had my arse punished over more thankm astride a DR, and was even silly enough to race one in Natural Terrain Motocross!

In fact, you can drop it back a couple of cogs and stand it on the rear wheel to amuse yourself from those speeds if you like, yes it really is that powerful.

best ktm 690

And thanks to an innovative dual counter-balancer system there is no big slug chug. But to make those sort of numbers via a carbureted bike you would have a hand grenade that chain snatched like all buggery, only worked above rpm, and would have been such a ferocious beast that it left you in a manic state sucking your thumb in the corner of the garage at the end of every ride.

This latest generation makes those big power numbers in an unstressed fashion, and requires no air-box cutting or modifications to unleash serious pull. It bangs hard right out of the box. This is not some incremental gain on what we have seen before.

No matter what the dyno charts show, the Enduro R heralds a new realm of performance for big singles when it comes to the overall riding experience. The numbers and the power are impressive, but thanks to those twin balancers, a cutting edge engine management system and a ride-by-wire throttle, it is also buttery smooth and unthreatening. It packs some serious grunt while remaining fuel-efficient, easy to ride and clearly sets a new benchmark for big singles.

Arnie level muscle dressed in a fine Armani suit. Grip is easy to find. Even on TKC80 rubber the flawless pick-up from a closed throttle sees the engine management system smooth those big pulses of power out well enough to find traction. They are still Clydesdale sized horses hitting that inch rear tyre, but these brumbies are wearing ballet shoes on their hoofs and somehow manage to tread lightly, while still slingshotting you towards the next corner at a prodigious rate of knots.

The standard gearing is very l-o-n-g, but the bike has no trouble pulling it. The bike is fitted with a high-end quick-shifter that works on both up and downshifts, and is programmed to also operate well at part throttle openings. Unlike the old tech systems that only really worked with the throttle tapped, it can be used even when dawdling about.The KTM Enduro R is an exciting platform with impressive dirt credentials and enough performance to get rowdy on any surface.

Twins chose a single-cylinder cc over a big twin because they wanted to showcase the depth of their catalog for this model, and also because they could see a recent trend toward smaller, more off-road-capable adventure bikes. The goal of the build was to demonstrate just how much you can improve the versatility and capability of the KTM Enduro with available aftermarket parts. Check out what went into the build below. We also provide a full build sheet for the bike, including pricing for each part:.

The first thing addressed on this bike build was the ergonomics. Ergos are a top priority because of the huge difference they make in riding comfort and control.

Anyone that has ridden a KTM Enduro can tell you that the stock seat is better suited as a torture device than a place to sit. To alleviate some of the vibes in the hands and help curb fatigue, the stock bars were swapped for a set of Fasst Company Flexx Bars. These high tech bars utilize polyurethane bushings elastomers and hinge points to flex and absorb impacts and vibration while you ride. They come with four different elastomer densities, allowing you to tune the amount of flex for your style of riding.

With the Flexx Bars cutting down vibration in the hands, Fasst Company Impact Footpegs were used to reduce vibration in the feet. A polyurethane layer between the base of the peg, that connects to the bike and the foot platform, works to reduce vibration.

With a larger footprint and robust traction screws, these pegs are designed to improve control and handling as well. Every motorcycle has quirks but thankfully on an established model like the KTM Enduro R, solutions are readily available for nearly every shortcoming.

These are some of the issues that were addressed during the Ultimate build:. The stock fuel filler neck on the is a magnet for dirt, dust and grime. It also requires an ignition key every time you want to add fuel.

The Factory Pro part is just an upgraded version of the stock transmission detent arm with a better ball bearing and stronger spring. This creates a better feel, fewer missed shifts and false neutrals that are a trademark of this model. A simple forum search reveals several accounts of rear sub frame failures on KTM Enduros.

With this in mind one of the first upgrades was changing out the upper and lower fuel tank mounts that represent the rear sub frame of the bike. Perun Moto offers a simple kit featuring beefier hardware that helps owners sleep better at night. Taking this oversized dirt bike and turning it into an adventure machine that can go the distance requires increased full range, better wind protection and improved lighting.

This system uses two wireless sensors that mount externally as valve caps to transmit pressure and temperature in real time to a compact remote display. This takes away any uncertainty related to tire pressure and how it is affected by temperature and altitude. The system allows for high and low pressure parameters on each tire with accompanying alarms as well. Two of the greatest downfalls of the KTM that really keep it from being a true adventure bike are fuel range and any type of wind protection, enter MST.

KTM 690 Enduro, which year?

MST is an Italian company specializing in rally conversion products. Their EVO2 kit offers a solution to both the wind protection and fuel range problem with a rally style ABS plastic fairing kit that incorporates Rally Raid fuel tanks. This transformative upgrade relocates the instruments to a more visible location on the rally-style navigation tower, while increasing fuel capacity from 3. To put it in perspective: A standard watt low beam motorcycle headlight has a reach of 88 feet while the watt Long Range Optimus LED from Cyclops produces feet of usable light in a 3.

Optimus lights were custom mounted one on top of the other behind the clear MST fairing.Team Orange's new middleweight naked has been the competition's nightmare and every rider's dream. Just how good is it? A new engine and updated design turn the already likeable Duke into an even more idyllic naked bike. The wait is over! Husqvarna's Vitpilen thumper is finally here, and it's a joyous combination of supermoto rowdiness and sportbike handling.

Our spies on the ground ferreted out what they could for the new bikes. Find offerings ranging from Supermoto to Sport-Touring from each manufacturer. Top speed is claimed to be We give you the back story of the Laverda Ghost as well as give it a good ol' Sport Rider test of this naked bike.

Many of the On the way up a A lot of new motorcycles were released at the recent EICMA show, but here are the ones we're dying to ride. Read more about the KTM Duke here. Larger displacement and higher top speed paired with timeless style and Even though the majority of motorcycles today use manual transmissions, there's a growing segment of automatic bikes out there. The E Those are all good things Wheeler is one of those individuals whose passion is evident not only by his long history in the sport, but also in the machinery he builds.

Ten Best Awards of the s showcased a generation of superbikes that rapidly evolved and adapted to a shifting marketplace. The upgraded Kawasaki EX sports enough attitude to warrant the Ninja label.

Check out our review following a road test. KTM's Enduro R is a large To top it all off, the Velocity and variety are both available in as the motorcycle space is full of motorcycles we're dying to ride next year. Available in Although engine performance may KTM-owned Husqvarna satisfied our supermoto needs Getting to see the KTM Duke in person—and hearing it run—really makes us want to ride it. How about you? While the Duke is a torquey KTM had 20!Discussion in ' Thumpers ' started by HicountryriderJun 25, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider.

KTM 690 Enduro - best year to buy?

Dismiss Notice. Become a site supporter for a free shirt and ad free viewing. KTM Enduro - best year to buy? HicountryriderJun 25, Looking for opinions of people that have s. I've been thinking lately about a enduro and wondering if it's worth looking for a or newer or am I better off without the ride by wire?

Not really sure of the changes throughout the model years. I would be using it for weekend trips and back roads exploring. I have a exc for the more adventurous stuff. MotomochilaJun 25, Joined: Sep 30, Oddometer: 1, Location: N 34 I've had three different years and they all hail ass.

Buy one that's in good shape and fits your budget. Farkles are your friend. Hicountryrider likes this. ADV Sponsors. Joined: Apr 7, Oddometer: 6, Location: Reno. After messing with my and a buddy'sI don't rate either better in terms of tuning flexibility or performance. IMO, most guys will be happy with dealer reprogramming if needed for mods like intake and exhaust.

I have no experience with the earlier cc s.RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U. Our goal is to provide the best possible shopping experience to every enthusiast who visits RevZilla.

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2018 KTM 690 Enduro R Parts & Accessories

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Why I sold my 2018 KTM 690 Enduro (thoughts on the 2019 model)

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Use the Shop By Bike tool to search for parts that fit your motorcycle. Saved Bikes. Clear All.After years of waiting the Adventure never came, and eventually fans of the old Adventure gave up hope. Updates like a more balanced motor will make the Enduro less vibey and more enjoyable to ride on the highway.

Fuel capacity was bumped from 3. Additionally, KTM claims to have performed a chassis modification that dropped the seat height, making it even more approachable for adventure-style riding. A little help from the aftermarket is still required to get it ready for longer journeys.

best ktm 690

With the announcement of serious revisions forthe popular dual-sport unites tarmac and trails like never before and is positioned for riders looking for a long-distance Enduro machine with addictive performance that also benefits from advanced electronic systems.

At its heart beats the new LC4 engine with more power and torque — 74 hp and In addition, the bike receives better suspension, a new chassis, a bigger tank and an array of technology-leading electronics. According to the orange marque, the evolution of the KTM Enduro R has meant retaining everything that was good about the previous model and building on that.

Under the new seat and fresh bodywork — both sharpened for style as well as better movement on the bike — is an all-new chassis.

Designed to be more confidence-inspiring and better suited to tackle everything from easy trails to extreme offroad obstacles as well as being a competent street bike. Complete with an enlarged fuel tank capacity, this revised dual-sport increases the range of trails you can ride to from home without a need to trailer or van it. The WP XPLOR shock absorber, connected to the single-piece cast swingarm by linkage, produces a progressive suspension character and high resistance against bottoming out.

Equipped with an array of top-level electronic systems, including lean angle sensitivity to braking and traction functions, it also boasts two different ride modes — Street and Offroad.

These can be switched from the handlebar to provide different behavior from the throttle response and traction control systems. Offroad ABS allows rear wheel lock-up and reduced ABS on the front wheel while motor slip regulation MSR is an engine brake control designed to prevent rear wheel lock-up — even on low grip surfaces — perfect for street riding.

It seems to be very similar but slightly gentrified. Previously the had a bigger tank than the but with the new change you get. Nevertheless, these bikes are still fairly similar.

To put it simply, this new will be better in literally every way minus losing 25mm suspension travel or if you just hate electronic rider aids. The KTM had the open chamber forks which are good. Loosing 25mm of travel is a big deal.

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