Best over the range microwave 600 cfm

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Some retailers, such as Home Depot, offer free installation if the purchase price exceeds a certain amount. Below are eight models in a variety of price ranges that perform well in our tests. There are some drawbacks to OTRs, however.

In the lab, we assess how fast and how evenly microwaves heat. For evenness, we put a bowl of cold mashed potatoes in a microwave, heat it for 10 minutes, then take temperature readings of the food in 20 different spots. We also incorporate ratings for predicted reliability and owner satisfaction—using survey results from members who purchased almost 58, over-the-range microwaves over the past 10 years.

When you tap on the glass touch screen, the options for time and cooking modes pop into view. In addition to looking good, it cooks well, earning an Excellent rating in our heating evenness test.

It's also first-rate at defrosting and operates quietly. A sensor prevents you from overheating your food. It's one of the better models we've tested for ease of use, and we found it easy to program straight out of the box, without consulting the owner's manual.

Its ability to heat things evenly is so-so; don't get this model if you tend to heat up large plates of food. Frigidaire is one of the more reliable brands of OTR microwaves, according to a survey of our members. It earns an Excellent rating in our heating evenness test, in which we reheat a dish of cold mashed potatoes. Speed of heating is also top-notch, and this microwave operates quietly. GE ranks in the middle of the pack for predicted reliability, according to our member survey.

It earns an Excellent rating on our defrosting test, in which we defrost 1 pound of ground chuck. The KitchenAid also aces the heating evenness test and is very quiet. It has a cooking sensor and comes with a rack, in case you want to cook two dishes at once. It's impressive at heating foods quickly and evenly, too. Plus, this microwave is one of the quietest over-the-range models in our tests.A microwave is an invaluable kitchen appliance and by far the most utilized in many kitchens.

For the light user, a microwave is used for heating, melting and probably making popcorn. However, there is that person who uses the microwave to cook light meals such as eggs, veggies, and pasta. Or even more fancy recipes like this microwave baba ganoush. Unlike a traditional oven, a microwave works by heating food from the inside rather than from the outside.

The microwave radiations it produces are absorbed by food molecules which causes the molecules to vibrate at a frequency of about 2. The vibrations cause frictions which in turn produce heat.

Microwaves are speedy, clean and safe. As such, they are popular in homes and in working environments. Since a microwave is not an appliance that you buy every other day, it is important to make the right purchase depending on your needs. The factors to consider when making purchases are the available kitchen space and your budget. Another important aspect to consider is whether the microwave will be used in a family setting because if it is then a feature such a child safety lock cannot be overlooked.

When purchasing a microwave, there are two options to choose from, that is a regular microwave and an over the range microwave. Over the range, microwaves incorporate a range hood onto the microwave oven. Due to the demand to have a minimalist looking kitchen, they have become quite popular. A good over the range microwave have a proper ventilation vent built on them to eliminate steam, smoke and kitchen odors through the vent is not as good as that one found in range hoods.

The specifications to look out for when buying such microwaves are the interior capacity, cooking power, convection cooking, exhaust fan airflow, and the price. Of course, the best over the range microwave will have a child lock. The main difference between a regular microwave and an over the best over the range microwave is that unlike a regular microwave which takes up larger counter space, an over the range microwave saves on counter space because it is built-in to the cabinetry above a stovetop.

Another difference is that a regular microwave is portable, compatible and does not require installation whereas an over the range microwave requires installation and as such, a larger model is not portable.

The best over the range microwave would, of course, come with a well-written installation manual. As stated above, for one to make a choice between the two options, one has to consider the available kitchen counter space they have and the budget they intend to use. If the counter space is small, then definitely an over the range microwave would work for them. When it comes to finances, a regular microwave is more affordable. However, the best over the range microwave though less affordable comes in larger sizes thus providing the convenience of heating or cooking more food at once.

Its sleek low profile design makes it fit perfectly over a stove. It runs quietly and has a pleasant-sounding alarm that goes off once it is finished with cooking.

For those who prefer to monitor a dish while it is heating or cooking, this microwave might not be the best option because the interior light is not bright enough. It emanates from a diode board which means that if it happens to fail, it might be harder to replace.

The user guide provided by the manufacturer gives a general overview and is not as detailed as you would expect so you will have to source a good electrician for installation should you buy it. Generally, this microwave suits a light microwave user. It is possible to overwhelm the CFM if a lot of foodstuffs are burned. Overall, it is one of the best over the range of microwaves which is easy to clean and to maintain. The microwave is easy to install which is made possible by the well-detailed manual which comes with it.

The presence of a sensor and auto heat capabilities makes it energy efficient and allows one to cook or heat food automatically. The multi-stage cooking feature means one can set different cooking stages each at a different time and power level hence preventing food from drying out. It would not be the best choice for heating large plates of food. A major downside, however, is the loud exhaust fan the loose door latch which if not handled carefully is bound to break.One of the most convenient kitchen appliances found in almost every home is the popular over the range microwave oven, more commonly known as an OTR microwave oven.

The 8 Best Over-the-Range Microwaves to Buy in 2020

The OTR microwave has taken the place of the countertop microwave and hood assembly, saving space by combining both products into one handy package. Power capacities can vary from watts for reheating or up to 1, watts for cooking full meals. Most of these models are manufactured with a recirculating or outdoor vented multiple speed fan assembly and have built-in lighting to illuminate the cooking surface below.

Many models have heat sensors built into the body that will automatically turn on the exhaust fan to cool the components and get rid of excessive heat if it recognizes an overheated interior cavity or too much heat from the cooking surface.

For more info on microwave features, check out our microwave buying guide!

7 Best Over-the-Range Microwaves to Complete Your Kitchen

Let's take a look at the top five models available on the market today and try to identify the best over the range microwave for you.

Learn more about choosing a new microwave in just 8 minutes! This is considered midsized in the industry, but don't let its "average" size fool you! It's large enough to hold a 13x9" baking dish thanks to the Many units offer smaller turntables at higher pricing, so the The control panel has auto sensing selections such as Popcorn, Potato and Beverages, while Optional Reheat and Defrost are also available at the touch of a finger and allow you to quickly prepare last night's leftovers or tonight's oven roast.

Additional features like an Add 30 Seconds button, kitchen timer, two-stage work surface LED lighting, an interior LED light, multiple power levels, and a body and cavity heat sensor complete this great package.

This Frigidaire OTR microwave offers great lighting and great cooking and venting power! With a one-year warranty covering parts and labor, this Frigidaire mod el packs a strong punch.

Also cooking with 1, watts, its distinct obvious physical difference compared to the previous model is the larger 2. The recirculating exhaust fan is rated at CFM for quick removal of smoke and odors, also incorporating a charcoal filter. KitchenAid's Cookshield Finish on the interior cavity helps make the microwave easy to wipe clean. KitchenAid offers a full one-year warranty of the entire microwave oven, a five-year parts-only warranty on Solid State touch control system parts and a year parts warranty on the stainless steel oven cavity and inner door liner.

Another brand worth considering is LG. The extendable ventilation system offered with this OTR microwave ensures coverage of your entire cooktop. You may have noticed that most over the range microwaves don't stick out enough to cover the entire cooktop surface, so they can have trouble pulling smoke, steam, and odors from the front burners. The LG ExtendaVent aims to solve this problem with a telescoping vent.

You can still operate the vent system as usual without using the vent in the slide-out position, too.

best over the range microwave 600 cfm

Other cool features include the EasyClean interior, a special coating that helps keep splatters and spills from sticking so it wipes clean with little effort. The microwave is covered with a one year full parts and labor warranty plus 10 years on the Magnetron.

✅Range Hood: Best Range Hood 2019 (Buying Guide)

EasyClean interior resists stains and buildup and is easy to wipe down. Let's start with the 1. We're already a step ahead of the average microwave! Then let's turn to its 1, watts of cooking power with 10 adjustable power levels, which is above-average in the industry and will cook and heat faster than its 1, watt competitors.

Be aware that due to the higher wattage, paying closer attention to heating instructions found on food packages is necessary. Its two lines of scrolling display make it easier to read cook times, power levels, fan speeds and lighting positions.

The two-stage cooking surface halogen lights are perfect for over the range lighting. The exhaust system features an astounding power-boosting CFM three-speed fan assembly with heat sensor activated cavity and surface detection will do a great job of getting rid of smoke and odors from your kitchen. The fan assembly can be adjusted for recirculation or outdoor venting. This GE model has a And how's this for handy controls?By SoundProof Consultant. Quietest Microwave Oven This microwave oven from Sharp will grab your eyeballs because of its features and functionalities.

The USP of this microwave oven is the 3-way ventilation system and the 4-way convection heating. A lot of my clients have given preference to this model over the high-end models because of its design, heat transfer techniques, performance, and quality.

It has an upper edge over its counterpart because of the convection cooking method. It is a heat transfer technique that moves hot air inside the microwave by using a fan. Microwave Design:. The sleek stainless steel all around the microwave gives it a modern and unique look and, the best part is that it will sync with any decor.

Just wiping the body of this microwave oven with a piece of cloth will do the needful and, you are good to go. The control panel comes with a 7 digit display and, each display is clearly labeled. You will not find any complexity attached to the control panel and, it's user-friendly and, easy to go. You can easily have an eye on what's happening inside the microwave oven using the LCD display which comes in 2 colors. If you are assuming that the interiors of the microwave oven can be cleaned in the same way as the exteriors, then let me tell you, at times, interiors can give you a tough time.

Depending upon the food that you are putting in the oven, you will get the output. Some are really easy to rinse off while others need an extra effort. Well, never try to uplift this quiet oven on your own, take help from family members for the installation process. Trying to do it alone can put you in trouble. Performance and Quality:. I have tried a couple of microwave oven before buying this little beast and, trust me when it comes to performance, I can't find many of its counterparts even close.

Well, it uses watts power and, the uniform distribution of hot air over the microwave causes food to cook faster. The best way to change the settings is to stop the cooking process. Other Important Features:. The reason why I brought this oven home wasn't the features that I have discussed before, but it was ONLY the quietness, anyways who doesn't love additional perks :. If you are a cooking maniac, then you will really love to explore the instant action keys such as defrost, warm, popcorn, fresh veggies, hot water, beverage, fresh roll etc.

best over the range microwave 600 cfm

Again, if you are a newbie to the world of cooking, then these instant keys can work in your favor and, at the touch of a button, you can operate it automatically. You can use an instant sensor setting for the type of food you wanna cook.

Just push the button and, rest will be taken care by the oven. Even though you get delayed for lunch or dinner, you don't have to worry, the oven keeps the food warm in the microwave for at least 30 minutes.

You can choose from the three language option for this interactive cooking system, i,e, English, French, and Spanish. Bottom Line:. Well, I started the quietest over the range microwave oven review with Sharp, a world-renowned company, in the kitchen appliances domain.

I hope you will like the advanced features mentioned above and, definitely, this is one of the quietest over the range microwave oven available in the market. Though the oven is portable still it may not be the one you are looking for.For an over-the-range microwave that combines function and value, this GE model is a popular option.

This microwave has 1. An "Add 30 Sec" button is useful for tacking on extra cook time or for giving your coffee a quick warm-up. With 1, watts of power, this microwave performs well and heats food thoroughly.

Available in black, stainless steel, or white finishes, this microwave will make a handy addition when it's installed above your cooktop. The onboard CFM vent fan helps to dispel smoke and odors from your cooktop, and you can select from two fan speed settings. Reviewers appreciate that the surface light has two brightness settings as well.

Over-the-range microwaves with sensor cooking provide efficient heating and reliable results. This GE Profile model combines sensor cooking technology with other microwave must-haves, like a variable speed CFM exhaust fan, 1, watts of cooking power, and a turntable that can be set to rotate or remain stationary. Reviewers find the sensor cooking to be a huge help in heating food. Many people report that this over-the-range microwave heats food quickly without over-cooking it.

The only common complaint is that the buttons require a firm push, which some users found annoying or difficult. An over-the-range microwave with convection cooking is a must-have multi-tasking kitchen appliance for many home cooks.

This convection over-the-range microwave has almost 2 cubic feet of space to quickly cook pizzas and pies or reheat leftovers and beverages. Reviewers say that the convection function of this model works great and find it is often faster and easier than heating up a full-sized oven.

An over-the-range convection microwave also makes an affordable substitute for a double oven configuration when space and money are limited. In addition to convection cooking, this KitchenAid microwave model includes other features that users appreciate, like a steam sensor, simmer function, and steam cleaning mode that makes microwave clean-up even easier. The LG Extendavent Microwave is one of the largest over-the-range microwaves on the market. With 2. If you rely on your microwave to reheat multiple servings or have oversized dishware or serving bowls, the extra space inside this microwave will come in handy.

There are many reasons that reviewers love the LG Extendavent, aside from its roomy interior. As the name suggests, this vented over-the-range microwave has an extendable fan that does a great job of circulating air over the cooktop.

Exhaust can be internally or externally vented, depending on your kitchen configuration. This over-the-range microwave for smart homes is loaded with tech-savvy features and an easy-to-use digital display.

While full-featured, over-the-range microwaves for smart homes are not always user friendly, this innovative model is easy to use. The scan-to-cook functionality enables you to scan the barcode of many different frozen foods with an app on your phone.

This information is sent to your microwave and triggers a series of step-by-step instructions from your microwave on how to perfectly heat that item. The Whirlpool WMLHS is our top choice for a low-profile, over-the-range microwave that saves space without minimizing function. This slim model fits in the space of most under cabinet exhaust hoods. With a standard width, you can still heat larger dishes inside this model—you just may need to turn the turntable off to do so.

This full-featured microwave is more similarly priced to a full-sized oven, but with the hefty price tag comes a long list of features and benefits.

This fully-loaded over-the-range microwave features convection capability, a broiler mode, and more than pre-programmed cook settings—including gourmet selections like salmon and shellfish. In addition, this model is equipped with GE Advantum, an instant heat halogen cooking technology. To highlight how effective halogen heat is, one user reports that you can cook a frozen pizza in 10 minutes flat no pre-heating required.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

Quietest Over The Range Microwave Ovens | An Unbiased Review

Modern designs are more efficient, sleek, and convenient than ever before. Over-the-range OTR microwaves represent the next step in integrated microwave design. These appliances cook your food while leaving your counter space free and keeping your kitchen well ventilated. If you're in the market for an OTR microwave, but you're not sure what features you need or where to start your search, we're here to help.

Our shopping guide dives into the facts and features to give you a good overview of what to look for. Relax, take a seat, and get ready to start cooking. OTR microwaves come in the same types as countertop models, but here is a quick refresher:.

Traditional: Traditional microwaves are used for heating, defrosting, and cooking. They can be loaded with features like cooking sensors, preset buttons, quick keys, multiple power levels, and a turntable. You are probably already familiar with this type of microwave. Convection: Convection microwaves do everything a traditional microwave does but with the option of convection cooking, which moves warm air throughout the interior of the microwave. Unlike traditional microwaves, these models can also toast and broil.

Convection microwaves have many features, adding to the overall price, but they function almost like a second oven. If that's something you need, it might be worth the steep price. Carefully measure the available space in your kitchen and then measure again. The width of OTR microwaves ranges from 30 to 36 inches, height from 14 to 18 inches, and depth from 15 to 17 inches.

OTR microwave capacity generally ranges from 1. Keep in mind that manufacturers typically advertise a larger capacity than is generally usable. It's also important to remember that microwave size and microwave capacity are two different things. Some large microwaves have a surprisingly small capacity.

Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell — developed the concept of electromagnetic radiation. Fans: OTR microwaves pull double duty. They not only cook your food but also remove odors, smoke, and steam from your stovetop — and some do a better job than others.

Models with multiple fans move more air and therefore vent better than models with a single fan. Auto-venting: This is another ventilation feature you might want to consider. Models with auto-venting have a temperature sensor that turns on the ventilation system when temperatures on the stovetop get high enough. It then automatically turns off the ventilation system once the stovetop cools.

This type of system can keep odors and heat from building up unnoticed. The turntable rotates while the food cooks, eliminating one of the downsides of microwave cooking — uneven heating.

Some models allow you to shut off the turntable for extra flexibility in how you cook your food. Power levels: OTR microwave power levels can be basic — low, medium, high — or as many as ten. The more power levels, the more precise the cooking.Looking for ways to clear some counter space? Switching to an Over the Range microwave oven might just be your best bet. An over the range microwave oven is essentially a vented microwave oven and hence it doubles as a range hood.

best over the range microwave 600 cfm

Besides clearing some countertop space, an over range microwave also lets you omit the expenses involved in buying a dedicated range hood. Despite their popularity, some of the best selling over range microwaves are poorly rated on online platforms owing to their inefficient venting apparatus. However, there are a few hand-picked models that hit the spot just right!

Furthermore, it features a stainless steel construction. The build quality is comparable to other overpriced models. Summarizing the looks of the product, it has an aesthetic finish that will give a high-end look to your kitchen. As discussed, this model from GE has a power output of Watts which is evidently high enough to save you some precious time in the kitchen.

With 10 different power levels, you get full control of the cooking temperature settings. This provision enables you to precisely cook meals to the desired levels of doneness. The microwave has an appropriately bright incandescent bulb and houses a The control panel is well distinguished and is augmented by a clearly readable LED display.

best over the range microwave 600 cfm

The venting mechanism is comprised of CFM exhaust fan making the microwave a powerful alternative to a range hood. Also, two incandescent bulbs on the undersurface of the microwave make for adequate cooktop lighting. This microwave oven graciously passes the checklist of essential and desirable features. Being priced fairly reasonably, this one might just prove to be a complete package.

Seamless exterior, contemporary design, meticulous cooking controls, huge interior capacity, yet reasonably priced, the GE PVMSJSS is truly one of the best over the range microwave ovens on the market. Precisely sitting at a spacious 2. The cavity encloses a Speaking of a modern design, the integrated door handle makes so much more sense than the ones attached on the outside. Completely eliminating the concern of cleaning under fine handle crevices, the handle placement also gives the microwave a more streamlined look.

Meaning, the microwave automatically adjusts the power and corresponding cooking times while sensing the steam levels inside the cavity as the recipe progresses. The Chef Connect being one of the most prominent features, this over range microwave is best coupled with a GE range. Beside a bunch of handy microwave cooking settings, the cooktop lights and venting apparatus are exceptionally acclaimed by existing users.

The pair of work surface lights can be set on the bright or night setting corresponding to requirements. Additionally, the venting apparatus is rated at CFM at the highest of the 3 fan settings.

On the downside, despite 3 incandescent bulbs in the microwave cavity, the heavily tinted microwave door makes for a very poor visibility. Unlike the other two convection microwaves from Sharp and GE on this list, this one from Bosch packs the good from both keeping their respective cons away.

With a spacious 1. Also, priced lower than the Advantium microwave, this one is a fairly economical convection over range microwave. The touch control panel located right beside the sturdy stainless-steel handle is well separated and is augmented by a clear LED display.

The convection mode renders it be used a secondary oven right above your range oven. Great looks and unmatched functionality at a decent price point, to say the least! The watt microwave is further equipped with sensor cooking options that remove guesswork out of cooking. Apart from these desirable microwave functions, the unit has LED lights inside the cavity and on the undersurface for adequate illumination.

The venting apparatus stands powerful at CFM and is convertible can be set to vent out or recirculate vapours in to the kitchen.

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