Cat c15 engine oil leak

By mcman56December 31, in Pre Bikes. Is there a recommended process to make a C15 not a big oil leaker? When running, my C15 leaks oil on to the bash plate and then to the ground so it is unclear where it is leaking from. I don't see any obvious leaks from gasket areas. After parked for a couple of days, it starts to leak which I believe is wet sumping. All check balls and springs were replaced but during the rebuild most everthing was corroded so the condition of the ball seats is unknown.

There is a tube fitting on the head which I connected to the oil tank so there is no real breather They'd stick out of the side of the bike so there was no way I could forget to remove them when starting the engine.

This stopped the wet-sumping at least and therefore leaks when sitting in the garage. The leaks themselves could be anything from damaged gasket faces, wrong type sealant etc. If it spews out oil when running, a possible cause is pressure build up due to the venting system not working properly. Adding extra vents as is sometimes suggested doesn't cure this I've been assured by a BSA specialist so first thing to check is that it is venting properly from the vent in the bush on the crank where the cam is and through the airways in the casings on the clutch side.

I'm guessing its engine oil? Gearbox can leak from the seal behind the sprocket, kickstart shaft, or any of the covers, buts clear so should be easily identifiable. Primary can leak round the casing, seal behind clutch, but on mine oils red, so again easily identifiable. Side stand was moved to right to keep the clutch as dry as pos' so it wouldn't slip when starting. They all seam to wet sump, eventually. The ball valves and seats seam to be the problem, but on mine if I leave it on compression the pump position slows the oil so it takes a lot longer to fill the sump.

Any oil that gets blown into the casing below the points, should return through the tiny hole in the otherwise empty casing. Which oil are you running it on? I have a vent from one of the rocker covers, and you can feel it breathing. I have a short length of clear pipe attached and terminated under tank. I assume you also have a breather on the oil tank? Again on mine I had to reposition the outlet as on steep up hills the oil would come out. I change the gasket on the cover under the oil pump to a heavier home made one as I had a slight seap.

Hi if the engine is leaking oil it has to be a joint not sealing. If the engine is wet sumping it will fill with oil from the tank but not leak out,you can tell upon start up as the engine will smoke until excess oil is returned to the tank. Also the pipe to the head check it is a breather pipe and not the rocker box oil feed pipe. Are you saying that there should be a vent to air on the oil tank and another vent to air on the cylinder head?

I have these two connected together so they are trying to vent to each other and not air.Pearson4 Customer asked a question. The operator said that the oil pressure guage was reading 10 psi. He didn't tell me about the oil consumption until I had left the unit for the day.

I checked the oil level and it was a little low. It was recently serviced as well. I topped up the oil and ran the engine.

Cat C15 Acert / Engine Oil in coolant

The engine was cold and was at 30 psi on startup. As the engine warmed up the oil pressure slowly dropped to about 15 psi before I shut it off.

I hooked up a manual pressure guage and confirmed that the dash was reading the same as the guage. There are no external leaks on the engine. The operator also complained of excessive blowby from the road draft tube. I removed the valve covers and ran the engine. All looked good up top. I drained the oil and removed the oil pan, removed the pick up tubes and pump.

cat c15 engine oil leak

I dis-assembled the pump and there is a bit of wear in the pump but not so much as it should be down to 10psi. I checked all the piston cooling nozzles and all looked good. I rotated the engine and couldn't see any signs of broken rings in the cylinders and all had good crosshatch. I dropped one rod bearing cap and one main bearing cap.

I also removed the upper bearing shells and inspected. The bearings have normal wear and no signs of starvation or heat. I checked the bypass valves in the oil filter head in case they were stuck or plugged but they were clear and cleaned. Originally I was looking for low oil pressure issues and not oil consumption. The operator told me that it used 5 liters of oil in a day 8 hours. I was going to check the IVA oil check valve but now I'm concerned with the oil consumption as well as low oil pressure.

I did check the flash codes and the only code was a low coolant code. I checked the coolant and it was just a little below the float.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums.

Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Iceman Start date Sep 20, Iceman Veteran Expediter Charter Member. My 11 year old CAT finally had an oil leak at the front timing cover.

After pulling radiator etc. The back bracket mounts for the compressor had become loose and the vibaration of the compressor had loosened the front timing cover bolts.

He said that checking those back bolts every few months would have alleviated the problem. This was also a good time to change the belts, some hoses and the tension pulley.

If you are ever in search of a good mechanic in the Detroit area, try American Diesel in Romulus. Not much to look at but have always done good work for me. Full front cover re-seals on a CAT are a big job, and it is practically all labor. I'm surprised the front cover did not crack and need to be replaced. It sounds like it might have taken 3 hrs. The truck was in the bay all day almost 8 hours because they had to order a couple different alternators and mine of course had to be one that wasn't readily available and did not match the part number it called for usualy my luck.

Anyhow they only charged me wrenching time, and not six extra hours of door time. Unlike alott of other places do.

By the way, Farmington Towing came to the rescue and again the pricing was reasonable abbout Last edited: Mar 15, You must log in or register to reply here.I have a c15 Acert engine which has a problem of engine oil leaks into coolant. I have checked the oil cooler and changed with new onewater pump and also disassembled cylinder head for testing and checking.

Cat C12 Leaks oil in front of engine

The engine has never been rebuilt and it is in the first year of operation. We have also some other engines completely like it and with the same working hours and the same operating conditions but they are all well except just some problems about radiator core leaks.

Trans cooler gives a more brownish oil in the rad tank as opposed to the black of engine oil.

cat c15 engine oil leak

If you are sure its engine oil and the oil cooler was rechecked, next would be water pump or head. Both highly unlikely.

Skip to Main Content. Expand search. Search Search. View This Post. July 6, at AM. Hi friends, I have a c15 Acert engine which has a problem of engine oil leaks into coolant. I have checked the oil cooler and changed with new onewater pump and also disassembled cylinder head for testing and checking, I even did cylinder test with a diganostic tool.

There is no transmission cooler. So it is really strange for us. So I would appreciate any more guidance and help. Download Download. Show more actions. Login to answer this question. Ask The Community. All Rights Reserved. US - English.View local price, availiablity and more. Shopping At. Save time and remove the hassle - enter your equipment information once and then save it for future use. Contact Us about this item. Purchase of this product requires an additional deposit that is refundable when you return the old core to the selling Caterpillar dealer.

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The serial number plate is typically found on the back of the engine block. Save Equipment.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Cat c15 oil leak from behind fan mount????? Aug 4, 1. Hi guys!!! Help, mechanics wanna broke me!!! AlexCarHaulerAug 4, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided. There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Aug 4, 2.

Gasket goes around the stud. Fan hub comes loose and gasket slips. Remove studs and clean with brake cleaner and pack the hole with silicone and replace studs. Or replace the front structure set. DuramaxxedAug 4, Aug 5, 3. AlexCarHaulerAug 5, Aug 5, 4. The cover gasket. DuramaxxedAug 5, Aug 5, 5. Aug 5, 6.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Cooler

I had oil leak under the fan, later saw I was leaking are pressure going down the road. I put the fan on manual,the leak would stop.

Replaced the fan hub and all is good. I drove and worked on this for several days and got lucky. Aug 5, 7. THAug 5, Aug 5, 8. SuperhaulerAug 5, SARjoey and baha Thank this.

Aug 6, 9. AlexCarHaulerAug 6, Aug 6, Double nut it. Put two nuts on the stud and lock them together. Then use a wrench on the inner nut to screw it out.The oil cooler on any production vehicle is an essential engine component designed to keep modern cars, trucks, and SUVs running smoothly on the roads they travel daily. Whether you have a BMW or an older, yet reliable Nissan Sentra, the fact remains that the cooling system on any vehicle must be in working order during all types of weather and driving conditions.

Although most drivers never have interaction with their oil coolers, keeping them in working order will extend their lifespan. However, like any other mechanical component, they can and often will wear out. These types of coolers are usually of the water-to-oil type of heat exchanger. In most vehicles on the road, engine oil is fed to the oil coolers from an adapter that is located between the engine block and the engine oil filter.

The oil then flows through the tubes of the cooler while the engine coolant flows around the tubes. The heat from the oil is transferred through the walls of the tubes to the surrounding coolant similar in many ways to the operation of an indoor air conditioning for residential homes.

cat c15 engine oil leak

If the vehicle is serviced as required, including routine oil and filter changes, the oil cooler should last as long as the vehicle's engine or other major mechanical components. However, there are some occasions where staying on top of maintenance will not prevent all damage potential for an oil cooler.

When this component begins to wear out or has broken, it will display a few warning signs. Noted below are a few of these symptoms that can alert a driver that their oil cooler may need to be replaced.

One of the components that are part of the oil cooling system is the oil cooler adapter. The adapter connects oil lines to the cooler itself and another adapter sends "cooled" oil back into the oil pan.

freightiner oil leak and other trucks

Within the adapter is a gasket or rubber o-ring. If the oil cooler adapter fails externally, engine oil may be forced out of the engine. If the leak is small, you may notice a puddle of engine oil on the ground underneath your vehicle or quite possibly a stream of oil on the ground behind your vehicle. If you notice any oil leaking under your engineit's always recommended to contact a professional mechanic so they can determine where the leak is coming from and repair it quickly. As oil leaks, the engine loses ability to lubricate itself.

This could result in increased engine temperature and premature parts wear due to increased friction from the lack of proper lubrication. Similar to a loss of oil, an external oil cooler failure may force all of the engine coolant out of the engine.

If the leak is small, you may notice coolant puddling on the ground underneath your vehicle. If the leak is a large one, you will probably notice steam pouring out from under the hood of your vehicle. As with the above symptom, it's important to contact a professional mechanic as soon as you notice a coolant leak. If enough coolant leaks from the radiator or oil cooler, it can result in engine overheating problems and mechanical component failure.

Cat C12 Leaks oil in front of engine

If the oil cooler adapter fails internally, you may notice engine oil in your cooling system. This happens because when the engine is running, oil pressure is greater than cooling system pressure.

Oil is forced into the cooling system. This will eventually cause a lack of lubrication and can severely damage your engine. When the engine is not running and the cooling system is pressurized, coolant can be forced from the cooling system into the oil pan.

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