Chinese scooter headlight wiring

Make no mistake about it…there is no great deal of expertise in building a drive system for an electric bike. It is not rocket science…. Wires are a messy problem. Where as the rest of the technology industry is going wireless, it seems that ebikes have just as many wires as ever.

Commercial ebikes keep getting better…DIY components have pretty much stayed the same, with only one or two exceptions. Lets take a look at typical commercial ebike, and see the one sure way a commercial ebike can put a DIY bike to shame:.

Notice the lack of handlebar clutter, which you can think of as a riders feng shui. But lets just focus on how that nitty griddy of how that ultra neat handlebar wiring is planned out and finally made. First it starts out a schematic:. Here is the schematic of how the front connectors fork out from one connection coming from controller:.

According to Tora, owner of Juiced Riders who is one of the few ebike manufacturers who is open about the way he sources in China:. Through out the commercial ebike industry, quick connectors are becoming a hot item. Check out the latest generation with steel connectors:. Much of this is possible because most commercial bikes are low-power and can get by on thin-gauge wires.

Also, because commercial ebikes are designed with 3 components selected to work with each other, it is really possible to have super tidy wiring solutions, with no extra wires protruding out of the controller. Home builders of course do not have access to low price China workers to build there controllers for them. Most home builders i know spend more time building than they do riding.

I am one of the few people I know who does not know how to Solder, and do not count soldering as one of the skills I want to pick up. There is a big separation in thinking between the leaders of the DIY scene, and what is actually selling in the real world.

The kits that seem to be selling the best are kits that are easy to connect such as the bionx kit with the motor and controller built into hub fewer wires and other kits which are overpriced Chinese kits with good support, clean websites, and quick connectors. These kits are easy to install, and its easier to hide the integrated wiring system.

Look at this Ebike builders Inspiring Pics for a breath of fresh air before we continue with wiring headache discussion. Cruise control! Cruise control on an ebike is ugly and wirey…and the idea that you are going to ride a powered bicyle and you dont want to get your wrist or thumb tired pushing on that throttle is pathetic. Lets ban it!!! A proper throttle. All we have to choose from currently is chinese junk. Where the rest of the world is going wireless, the DIY ebike world is stuck in the wire age.

Scooter Wiring

Hall Sensor wires — 5 small wires that communicate with the controller on the timing of the motor. This enables a smoother and more efficient operation for brushless motors. One of the largest producers of ebike kits is BionX read reviewwho have installed the controller inside the hub motor which greatly reduces the number of wires. Many people complain that this makes the Bionx harder to upgrade, but the BionX is a really sweet solution, given that it has half the wires of most kits:.

Another kit that has a super quiet sine wave controller installed and is considerably faster than the bionx is the Golden Motor Pie4. It is highly recommended you buy a kit with quick-connects if you are not into soldering. You could run without hall sensors, which would mean less wires, but the compromise is…the motor can be a bit more jittery at start up. Some DIY Ebikers run without hall wires, not only to reduce wire clutter, but also to make their ebike more dependable…hall wires are a common failure point.

Running without hall wires make a lazy ebike builder forced to pedal a little bit to get his rig going.Scooter Parts We provide massive selection of moped scooter parts for the famous brand moped scooters, such as Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Roketa moped scooters. Voltage Regulators.

Scooter Wiring

Spark Plug. Chains and Sprockets. Engine Assembly. Spark Plugs. Engine Covers. Starting Chains. Oil Rulers. Fuel Diaphragms. Drive Wheels.

Cylinder Parts. Ignition Coil. Starter Motors. Magneto Coil. Singing Sparking Relay. Hydraulic Brake Assembly. Brake Shoes. Brake Pads. Brake Discs. Battery Chargers. Air Filters.As part of regular scooter maintenance, scooter owners should always include checking and replacing the headlight bulb regularly.

Doing so helps ensure your scooter will have a reliable light source, especially when traveling at night. The process is easy but one fatal mistake can occur if a rider is not careful: touching the bulb with your bare fingers. Using the steps below will avoid this mistake and its consequences. How to Replace the Headlight on a Honda Rebel. Loosen the headlight trim ring by unscrewing the pair of bolts on the lower portion of the ring, with a screwdriver.

Lift the trim ring and headlight assembly upward until the ring releases from the tab on the headlight shell. Disconnect the headlight from the wiring harness. Squeeze the legs of the retaining latch together and flip the latch open. Pull the bulb out of the headlight and discard it. Place a new bulb in the headlight assembly and lower the retaining latch. Squeeze the latch legs together and lock the latch into place.

Reconnect the wiring harness to the headlight. Slip the upper portion of the headlight assembly and trim ring onto the headlight shell's tab. Lower the assembly into the headlight shell. Secure the trim ring and headlight assembly by inserting and tightening the pair of screws in the bottom of the trim ring.

How to Change the Headlight on a Chinese Scooter. Unscrew the screws anchoring the plastic headlight protector onto the body of the scooter. There will be two to six screws, and they will be located around the perimeter of the scooter's headlight. Remove the outer plastic headlight protector by carefully popping it out of its plastic moorings. Remove the outer plastic headlight protector by unlatching the plastic clips that hold it into place. Reattach the outer plastic headlight protector by latching the plastic clips that hold it into place.

Unscrew the anchoring screws holding the entire headlight compartment using a hex or standard screwdriver. Remove the entire headlight compartment by gently pulling it free from the body of the scooter.

The back of the compartment will be connected to the electrical systems of the scooter through either a plug or a series of wires which you will need to disconnect. Insert the replacement headlight compartment and anchor it to the body by rescrewing the anchoring screws. How to Change a Headlight in a Suzuki Katana. Park the motorcycle on a smooth, level surface and turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position. Reach under the front fairing and grasp the rubber boot on the back of the headlamp assembly.

chinese scooter headlight wiring

Twist the boot from side to side, until it can be pulled from the headlamp assembly. Pull the boot and headlight bulb away from the headlight. Remove the old headlight bulb from the wiring harness connector and rubber boot. Insert the prongs of a new headlight bulb into the wiring harness connector. Slide the rubber boot to the base of the headlight bulb. Place the headlight bulb and rubber boot onto the headlamp assembly.

Press firmly on the rubber boot to seat it onto the headlamp. Turn the ignition switch on and check that the headlight is illuminated. Check the bulb's connection with the wiring harness if the headlight does not illuminate. How to Replace a Headlight on a cc Scooter.Connect the positive wire from the headlight to the headlight switch and the positive wire from the ignition switch. A wide variety of scooter headlight options are available to you, There are 4, scooter headlight suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

When driving a Chinese scooter at night, the greatest tool you have for indicating your presence is your headlight. The turn signals and brake light works. Don't know your model number? Can't find your part? We have hard to find parts for most Roketa models in stock. Note: Instruction is not included,professional installation is highly recommended. Scooter Headlight Desk Lamp. On just about all bikes, even those with AC powered headlights, the brake light and turn signals operate off switched DC and so provide a tap point for auxiliary LED lighting power.

In Store view. K TM Foxi Wiring: This wiring is functionally identical to Cimatti, with a hi-lo headlight, console type light and horn switch, external ignition ground running the brake light, and a secret toggle switch under the headlight. Original factory equipment - OE fit and finish. Scooter light bulbs for your scooter headlight or turn signals are now, almost without exception, in universal sizes for most current and recently manufactured monsterscooterparts.

Changing the headlight requires different steps on different types of scooters. Amazing pendant lighting made using vintage or vintage style scooter or motorcycle headlamps. Ben Branch December 29, This will complete the lighting coil circuit and will work. At first, I thought it was just the bulb going bad, so when it finally went out I replaced it with another, but still, only the high beams work.

No more problems and a steady 12V at the headlight. VMC Chinese Parts is dedicated to providing you with low cost replacement parts for your Chinese-built ATV, dirt bike, pit bike, scooter, moped and more! With over unique items in our inventory, VMC Chinese Parts is the only source you need to keep your Chinese-built machine on the trail or on the road! Most new scooters would have a full charge and it would be displayed on the battery The headlights on a scooter are bright enough to allow you to ride in the evening.

Our Scooter Headlight is quality assured and comply with international industry standards. Chinese Motor Scooters: problems and solutions. If individual connectors, check that the colors match at each connector.

For full size street legal electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds. Variety of cc scooter wiring diagram. I neglected to for a couple of weeks and the English weather proceeded to tarnish the headlight If you do buy a scooter from a Chinese manufacturer, be prepared for some trouble during things like myWire Length: 24cm.

The wire guide features an 11 pole stator On a Tank 50cc scooter, the headlights and dash illumination lights run off the AC side of the stator, the battery has nothing to do with the function of those lights.

Motopartsmax offers Lights for all Chinese and branded cc Scooter, including baja, taotao, roketa, sunl, coolster Taotao ATM 50 yes garbage Headlight doesn't work at all, I've taken the front apart to check the wiring and everything is together, it just won't work.

Two-wire connector three-wire connector four-wire connector headlight switch horn switch steering switch start switch three plug Scooter air filter GY air filter heroic air filter empty filter. I just casually opened the headlight and found that the poor 35W bulb looked more like car H4 55w lamps. It uses electronic circuit breakers, making fuses obsolete. Site for Chinese Exporter. There are many safety features as well as convenience specialty features available on modern gas scooters.

Wiring Diagrams for Lifan cc Engine. Also, looking back on this video, if you're doing the bulb replacement alone, you might want to tether the front plastic to the handle bars to keep it from stretching the wiring.If you're looking for a place to learn about scooters, discuss scooters, diagnose a problem with your scooter, or just to kick back and watch a scooter project come together, you've found the right place.

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chinese scooter headlight wiring

Shop at one of the largest online retailers and it will help support us. Donations of any size are sincerely appreciated and accepted through PayPal. We make a profit on all items sold in the 49ccScoot. All rights reserved.Old wiring harnesses are fully of corrosion, broken wires, and poor continuity than can cause you all sorts of electrical headaches.

chinese scooter headlight wiring

While you can often find OEM replacement wiring harnesses or aftermarket harnesses that will work, these can be pricey. Here are the basic steps for how to wire a motorcycle:. You can use these free wiring diagrams to help you build your own motorcycle wiring harness from scratch.

If the wiring harness that came with your project motorcycle is junked or became rat food while it was sitting you have the option of wiring the motorcycle yourself. These often come in a variety of colors to help with your custom harness. Standard automotive wires will work fine. Look for AWG wires, which contain a higher copper ratio.

To begin, it will help to already have the replacement electronics that you need. Begin by drawing all the major components — battery, alternator, lights, ignition system, etc. With the wires roughly routed, turn the handle bars to see the limits. Measure twice cut once holds very true for motorcycle wiring! If you want to add indicator lights or dummy lights in your gauges, you can follow the same logic as for the critical components above.

Power from the keyed power wire to the component and ground as necessary. From the ignition switch you can run another smaller amp fuse to your lights. You can use heat shrink to keep the wires neat and route them with zip ties. Double-check that your harness is not getting pinched by anything — seat hinges, gas tank, steering stem, etc.

You can turn your lights, signals, etc. Watch to be sure the wires are not getting too tight as you go through your checks. It looks bad, and can cause electrical issues if the wires get damaged or disconnect.

Jonway YY50QT-6 Scooter Parts

Precise measurements are extremely important here. When wiring internally through the handle bars, you should solder your connections to prevent bullet connects from coming lose. I do want to re wire it but for now, just want it to start up and run. Is there a wiring system for that?Looking for details concerning Scooter Wiring Diagram? You may be a professional who intends to look for recommendations or fix existing troubles. Or you are a trainee, or perhaps even you who just would like to know about Scooter Wiring Diagram.

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Chinese scooter headlight wiring

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Below this web site there is likewise a Scooter Wiring Diagram photo gallery, if the image over is not nearly enough for you.

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chinese scooter headlight wiring

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