Convert image to silhouette

It really is very simple to do, and since I was just working on a project this week using this method, I thought I would share it with you! It opens up SO many possibilities!! Browse your hard drive to find the image you want to use. I designed an arrow in Photoshop that I wanted to use in a project, and needed to change it into a cut file first. For example—if you had a pumpkin with stripes, and you only wanted the outline of the pumpkin and not the stripes, you would select the outer edge option.

If you wanted the pumpkin and the stripes, you would select trace. You can see that there is a red outline around the black arrow. Click on the black part, and it will move—you can separate the two from each other. For even more Silhouette tutorials and projects, head to my Silhouette collection! And head to the Silhouette website to check out all of their awesome machines, software, and more!!! I have always stayed away from tracing as I thought you actually had to trace around the object with your mouse!!

This is SO helpful, and just in time for some pumpkin projects I need to do! Thank you!

Prepare a Black and White Image for Cutting

Once again you saved the day! I did not know what the trace function was for. This is amazing!! I love that I can take an image I already have and trace it to cut in the Silhouette. Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! Dear kierste Do you think that this softwere can convert jpag to ngc file? Thank you Zohar. Thank you for the fast answer.A while back I decided to diversify and convert some of my files over to SVG.

This would mean that users of cutting machines such as Cricut and the Brother Scanncut would be able to use my designs too. I eventually hope to have all my Silhouette Files converted.

Generally it involved downloading New programs, Screenshots, converting to PNG and all sorts of other tricky methods. Ta Da! It an online converter and you can find it right here. Go and explore. The developer advises that there are some known issues.

Read through the issues in the link so you are aware of the problems that may be encountered. I have noticed:. The Conversion Web app is copyrighted to Ian Wadsworth and he generously allows users to convert up to 10 Silhouette Studio Files each day, however if you have more files than that to convert, you may purchase Credits.

Her blog has now been archived but Sandra has a YouTube channel where she shares many interesting projects. Take a peek. No transfer of the image licence is implied by using the converter, that remains with the original copyright owner of the image file.

Converting files designed by other people with out their permission would infringe on their copyright, even more so if the new SVG files were then shared. Cheers Pam. Hope that helps. Hi there, Using your advice, I accessed this site and have used it regularly for months.

Can you advise why I would receive this message??? How strange Carole. I emailed the link to my daughter and it also works on her MAC and Iphone. You could also turn off your Virus protection momentarily to see if the page opens just in case that is blocking the site for some weird reason.

Perfect and thanks so much to the software owner for providing this. But the software interface from Brother is so much less than Silhouette. This conversion tool lets me enjoy the best of both. Papercraft blog for Cutting Machine users. Comments This works very well! Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks so very much. How do you use this on a mac?? Good luck.Set Page Size to the size of your cardstock, either using the sliders or entering the dimensions directly. Check Show Cut Border.

Make sure your entire design fits within the cutting area, indicated with a red box. Click Select Trace Area. Your cursor will change to crosshairs when hovering over the image. Adjust the Threshhold slider until the entire positive area of the image the part you want to cut out and keep is highlighted in yellow but NOT the negative space the part to be discarded.

Your image will now appear to revert to the normal, unhighlighted mode. To see the tracing results, which are outlined in red, click on the original image and drag it off to the side. If the red outline looks correct, you can delete the original image.

The Silhouette will use the red path as the cut line. Set the page size and display settings. Open the Trace window from the upper right. Click and drag to create a rectangle encompassing the entire image. First Name. Last Name. Select newsletter s Main newsletter monthly Technology newsletter quarterly.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: March 29, References. If you find yourself in need of stencils, decorative outlines, or a background-free cut-out of an image, don't fret! You can easily create a cut-out from your favorite JPEG using Silhouette--a free photo editing service for both Mac and PC--after downloading the relevant software.

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Together, they cited information from 6 references. Learn more Explore this Article Downloading Silhouette Software. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Part 1 of Navigate to Silhouette's download site.

Convert Any Image To Black/White Vector Silhouette - Photoshop - Illustrator

Silhouette America is a suite of software made specifically for photo editing; you can use this software to create a cut-out image from a standard JPEG- or GIF-format photo. Find the "Silhouette Studio" option. This should be on the left side of your screen; you'll be downloading the "Basic" edition of Silhouette, which is free to use.

Select your platform from the drop-down menu.Here you can find 15 Convert Photo To Silhouette Free popular freebies - photos and images of all kinds and sorts totally ready for download. Feel free to choose any of these Convert Photo To Silhouette Free pictures that fits your web designs or other graphic projects best.

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convert image to silhouette

Convert Image To Drawing. Convert Photo To Clipart. Convert Picture To Clipart Free. Convert Picture To Clipart. Photo To Clipart.It is the fourth icon over and looks like a blue stack of papers. Click on the Create New Blend button first.

convert image to silhouette

I recommend just filling the box with your picture. Just click on the picture and drag the corners to re-size. This sounds space-age and scary. You can move each individual dot to make it as precise as possible. If everything looks good, click on Apply Mask. Click anywhere on the color band to change the color. Slide the slider to black in order to create a silhouette image. And now we are moving on to part TWO of our tutorial! They are still on sale but only briefly, so score one while you can at a discounted price.

I deleted the inside image and was left with the following outline. You can now size this image to your desired specifications. Step 2: Print your silhouette image on your double sided adhesive paper. This paper is like double sided tape. Step 3: I created a cute heart cut-out on a cardstock card.

I flipped the heart upside down and used the ruler feature on the Silhouette to align my heart properly on my card. Step Peel off the yellow backing from your silhouette image and stick to the inside of your card. Peel off the front paper from your image to reveal the sticky tape surface. Spread generously over the sticky surface. Share this:. Here are the updated instructions. Step 1: Go to website. Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!

How to easily convert a PNG or JPG file into a Silhouette cut file

Carry on the superb work! This is awesome-thanks so much! Do you know how to take out a part inside the vector mask. For instance if you were doing a large letter B, how would you remove the inside parts of the letter?

Does that make sense at all?? I can not thank you enough for explaining this step by step. It really helped and I was able to get the job done. I work as an Intervention Specialist with Autism children and my classroom theme was the chalkboard look since they are sensitive to bright things.

I found some silhouettes of children that I enlarged on poster board and added color within the hair bows, bow ties and so forth, but it is still subtle for my students. Now I can also continue to create things for my classroom as well as my home.Photo manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop, allows you to edit your images, removing flaws, adjusting colors and sharpening detail.

You also can apply a wide range of effects to your pictures by mastering a few simple techniques. Once you have mastered the basics, you can experiment by adjusting the color and other elements of your silhouette.

Remove Image Background and Turn It Into Silhouette (for Free!)

Draw around the section of the picture you want to convert to a silhouette by clicking around the section until it is all marked out by a dotted line. Repeat the process for the remaining sections of your picture or for any other pictures that you want to convert to silhouette.

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convert image to silhouette

Photo Credits silhouette image by Alistair Dick from Fotolia.

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