Cornice patterns

Cornice board patterns have been gaining popularity as a great project to put over your windows for some notewothy results.

Popular Cornice Board Patterns

One of the ways of improving the look and feel of a room in your home is installing what is called a cornice board. A cornice board is an inexpensive or easy-to-make window treatment in the form of a wooden box, typically with some ornate or colorful designs on it. Cornice boards come in various sizes, generally determined by the size of your windows. The variations in design typically range from simple or colorful paint schemes to ornate engravings on the wood, or even just quality wallpaper that may or may not match the rest of the wallpaper in the room.

However, there are some popular cornice board patterns that have been noted. Perhaps the most common cornice board pattern is some form of wallpaper. For most people who choose this solution, the specific designs often either directly match the wallpaper scheme of the rest of the room, or completely clash with it to really brighten up the window and draw attention to it.

Another common choice is to use wallpaper that matches the theme of the room. If the room belongs to a child, a fun wallpaper pattern might be a checkered pattern reminiscent of the checkered flag in auto racing. Other popular choices include fish, teddy bears and other such fun symbols. There are many possibilities when choosing wallpaper for your cornice treatment. Some of the popular patterns include some sort of colored, felt material, but many are paint designs, carving designs or a combination of both.

In the case of carving designs, the more popular patterns seem to be very traditional. Think rounded, consistent lines across the length of the cornice. The width and depth of the lines may vary, but you can gain further customization by switching from straight lines to curved lines, or even carve in a first name or family name into the cornice itself.

As you can see, regardless of whether or not you want to finish your cornice board with wallpaper, a felt fabric, customized painting or caving work, there are quite a few popular design options. The best and most popular methodology seems to be to mind the general theme of the room or the existing range of color tones, and start planning your cornice treatment based on that.

For a child's room, the common choice is to use something fun. Family rooms or adult rooms usually go with something more classic, like an ornate carving with a gentle color scheme, or perhaps some felt material to match the rest of the room.

Or perhaps take some time and come up with something truly original for you and your home! We welcome your comments and suggestions.Privacy Policy. Home Design Topics. Discover how you can use cornices in any space to add style and interest. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Browse Photos. How to Make a Window Cornice Make a Window Cornice Box Upholstered Cornice and Drapes Now Playing. Bigger Fireplace Italianate Warming a Cold Corner See More Cornices.

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cornice patterns

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Watch Live TV Don't miss your favorite shows. To sign up, please enable JavaScript.Be inspired by these custom toppers that put the perfect finishing touch on these designer windows. Home Design Decorating Window Treatments. Keep in mind: Price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. November 25, Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Photo By: Rachel Kay. Photo By: Jenna Buck Gross. Photo By: Susan Brunstrum. Photo By: Evaru Design. Classic Blue And White Bunk Room Monogrammed pillows and a classic blue and white color palate give this bunk room a fresh, preppy look.

A rope lamp base and navy striped rug make subtle nods to nautical style. A neutral palette is accented with deep blue tones in this Great Gatsby-esque great room. Cornices and panels form layers of linen that are trimmed with crystal geometric banding. From: Richard Gacek. This beautiful master bathroom with contemporary lines is a treasure in blue and brown. The dark brown vanity with a gray marble countertop is spacious and elegant and harmonizes well with the turquoise mosaic tile that frames the mirror.

A contemporary-styled blue and brown cornice over the bathtub continues the room's color scheme. Style abounds in this Asian-inspired bathroom in shades of turquoise and brown.

White tile with turquoise accents makes a unique and stunning statement in the shower, while the dark brown vanity and turquoise and brown cornice at the window add drama and depth to the space.

A custom cornice box and draperies frame the view in this contemporary family room, drawing the eye to the sweeping seascape beyond. A wide custom fireplace warms the space while a flat-panel TV is situated above for easy viewing. From: Payton Addison. The stone fireplace in this dining room extends to the angled ceiling, emphasizing the height of the space.

A custom cornice hides a Hunter Douglas shade, which can be lowered or raised to maximize the ocean view. A traditional oil painting offsets the modern vibe of the glass and metal dining table. This kitchen is a combination of traditional and modern elements.

Modern Cornice Design Ideas

The cabinetry, granite and hardware are very contemporary, but with the infusion of a custom rustic kitchen table, fabric dining chairs and cornice boards, the space becomes cozy.

The cornice boards were created in an unexpected bohemian patterned fabric with orange accents to add interest and pattern to the room. The hammered metal pendants hanging at varying height are copper on the inside and produce a warm glow. From: Erica Lugbill. This guestroom features twin beds with Craftsman-style headboards. The dark wood furniture contrasts with the pale bull walls.

From: Beth Whitlinger. This bedroom has Balinese-inspired carved wood decorations that give it an eclectic feel. The blue accents provide the room with a pop of color and make it an interesting, inviting space. From: Vanessa Helmick.

How to make ANY moulding with REGULAR router bits! (Crown molding, baseboards, picture frames, etc)

A plush red leather chair with matching ottoman sits diagonally across from a double bookshelf filled with books. A framed art print of Marilyn Monroe hangs on one wall, while the ceiling has been treated to look like an old world map with a grand chandelier in the middle.Modern cornice designs can help you beautify your home.

There are so many ways by which the cornice can be designed and the house can be made to look beautiful and that too without having to spend any extra money on an interior decorator. Cornice board can be used to add depth to the windows or to change the focus of the room.

You can design it in various different ways to suit your personality and your room. You can design your own cornice by just using one different shape rather than the customary box-shaped patterns.

Your child would love it. You can also choose to use car designs, balloon designs, star designs, or any other designs that appeals to you or your family. Be free to be creative. You can also paint the modern cornice with some designs or patterns that you choose. It can be some themes that you can connect with for your room.

This is a great way to express yourself, not only for your child but for your personal bedroom also. You can also cover the cornice with a fabric of your choice and make it look more attractive by applying different patterns on it or sewing in some designs or pasting some beads or belts on it.

Note that since this is far above your eye level, the beads or accessories must be big enough to be eye-catching. You can get a wrought iron cornice for putting over the exterior window. In this case, it is important that the cornice must be primed on all the sides so that it is sufficiently protected from the elements. Wooden cornices can be useful in the kitchen as well as in the dining room as racks.

Not only will they solve the purpose of storage, they will also make the room look very bright and attractive. They can be put on the wall using L-brackets which will join the top as well as the sides of the cornice. It is important to make sure that the cornice is fixed properly with the help of screws. There are so many ways in which you can design a cornice to give it a modern look and to give any room, any window, a special look.

cornice patterns

It only depends on your imagination as to how that will come about. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. View our Privacy Policy here. Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos. Modern Cornice Design Ideas.

Written by Doityourself Staff. Tools Y ou N eed A cornice board which could me made from plywood, Styrofoam, wood or foam. Measuring tape Fabric to cover the cornice board Kit with which you would like to decorate your cornice board Make Your Own S hapes You can design your own cornice by just using one different shape rather than the customary box-shaped patterns.Get those windows decorated - order fabric online.

No need to leave the house. The 12" Drop Height Avalon Cornice kit works great in most rooms and with all ceiling heights. The 9" Drop Cosmopolitan Cornice kit looks great in small rooms, small windows, short ceilings, kids…. The 15" Drop Cosmopolitan Cornice kit looks great with tall and vaulted ceilings, large windows, lon…. The 9" Drop Height Avalon Cornice kit works great in kitchens, kids rooms, with small to medium wind….

The 12" Drop Height Cosmopolitan Cornice kit works great in most rooms and with all ceiling heights. The 15" Drop Avalon Cornice kit looks great with tall and vaulted ceilings, large windows, long runs….

21 DIY Wood Valance Building Plans

This kit is a 32" extension kit for the 12" Avalon style cornice. Includes 2 - 16" extension pieces …. This kit is a 32" extension kit for the 12" Cosmopolitan style cornice.

Includes 2 - 16" extension p…. This kit is a 32" extension kit for the 15" Cosmopolitan style cornice. The 12" Drop Height Elenore Cornice kit works great in most rooms and with all ceiling heights. This kit is a 32" extension kit for the 9" Avalon style cornice. Includes 2 - 16" extension pieces a…. This kit is a 32" extension kit for the 15" Avalon style cornice. The 9" Drop Elenore Cornice kit looks great in small rooms, small windows, short ceilings, kids room….

Our bay window adapter lets you tackle those tricky bay window angles. Simply order this kit i…. Simply order this kit in conj…. This kit is a 16" extension kit for the 15" to 12" to 15" Tudor style cornice. Includes 21 - 16" ext…. This kit is a " extension kit for the 12" to 9" to 12" Tudor style cornice. Includes 1 - 16" exte….Wood valances have a classy charm about them and can instantly breathe life into a room.

Building and hanging them is quite an easy task. Our tutorials give you the step-by-step with pictures. They can be painted to sport a warm hue that looks bright with the walls as the background. You can have them over the kitchen sink window or the bedroom window or any place in your den that you want to highlight.

Wood Valance Instructions. You need to start by making the basic rectangular framework of the valance. The poplar wood valance would look awesome with curtains or vertical blinds.

This lovely wood valance would make your windows pop. The windows are the first things that you notice in a room and the cornice ensures that they are all decked up. DIY Wood Cornice.

cornice patterns

You can paint your DIY wooden cornice in deep or lighter shades of brown as per your taste. You can use them with curtains or blinds. It is customizable. For example, you can paint a message or your name on it. Wood Cornice Window Valance. The trim and scroll patterns on the wood valance make it look unique. It adds a touch of perfection to your living space.

You would be required to give some time for the paint and glue to dry. Otherwise, it is an easy project. Make Your Own Wood Valance. Enhance the motion of your window drapes by designing a closed top window valance. Unique Wood Valence Idea. The distressed pattern of this window cornice is an attention grabber. You can team them with drop cloth curtains. Rustic Wood Window Valance.

A wood valance over your kitchen window would look appealing. The rustic style of the window treatment would lure you into spending more time in the kitchen. Give your boring room a dramatic facelift by designing this lovely wood valance.

The white window treatment looks serene against the blue backdrop of the wall. You can paint it in any color of your choice, though. Charming Wood Window Valance Idea. Classic Reclaimed Wood Window Valance. Farmhouse Wood Valance Tutorial.I am thrilled with the result and how easy it was…and I think you guys will like it too!

The last you saw this space on our Three-Months In Home TourI had some curtains hanging in front of the tub on a tension rod.

cornice patterns

However, I never really liked this solution…it felt fussy and blocked the great light from the window and the clean lines of the tub. A few months ago, I made the case for putting up window treatments …even in a rental…even for a short period of time…even in the bathroom! To me, nothing else can finish off a space as quickly and easily as a simple curtain or valance; they just provide a lot of bang for so little buck!

Also, I really wanted to connect the bathroom to the adjoining bedroom by using up a remnant of the bird fabric I had leftover from making the curtains. Admittedly, so many of my projects are simply born out of a desire to use items from our last home sor more specifically…get them out of the garage! Did my bathroom need a window treatment? Certainly not. Note — if you are handy and have a nice arsenal of tools, you can certainly cut a shape from wood instead of using pre-made brackets.

Next, trim a piece of batting down to the size of your board, and place your board right-side-down onto the batting. Trimming as you go, use a staple gun to tightly secure the batting to the board all the way around. Take care to pull the batting taught and use as many staples as you need around the curves and corners. If your board is not going to sit tight into a nook, now is the time to attach some basic 1x4s to each side of the cornice board with L-brackets.

Be sure to wrap each one in more batting before securing. If your cornice box is longer than your fabric width, you may need to sew several pieces together.

Working carefully, wrap the fabric around the board, folding, trimming, and stapling as you go. Admittedly, going around curved edges and sharp corners can be tricky. Take your time, trim the fabric when necessary and use as many staples as you need! So often, I get caught up in big makeover plans or stalled out by indecisiveness.

Yet again though, I am reminded that a simple project requiring both a small time and cost investment can positively impact my home and my mood! I hope you all enjoyed this quick house update. Stay tuned!!! The rug. Oh I love that rug. And you are so correct. A small and simple thing can make all the difference in the world.

We are in the middle of switching around the kids rooms so they each get their own. Just so I can finish up the little projects that will make it all so amazing! Trying to figure out how you would have used L-brackets to hang this with no top lip or top board to attach the L- bracket to? Hi Megan I do love this idea and the way you use what you already have with some update!

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