Creepiest things spotted on dashcam

Sinister Cult Caught on Dashcam. The video begins with a car driving along an isolated road late at night. As it rounds a bend, a mysterious man wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase and umbrella comes into view. The suited man looks oddly out of place all alone on the deserted road late at night. Suddenly a second, identically dressed man appears. They scurry towards a clearing where many more suited men are lurking in the long grass. Suddenly, the camera focuses on a figure further down the road.

He is standing in the middle of the road with a flare raised above his head. While the whole video is unsettling to this point, the creepiest part is yet to come. As the driver of the car focuses on the suited men, another figure appears to the left side of the car.

Only seen for a split second, he appears to be wearing some sort of mask and is carrying a long stick. Then, just as the figure appears, the footage mysteriously ends! Who were the mysterious suited men and what were they up to by the side this deserted road late at night?

Whatever it was, you can bet it was probably something sinister. If anyone has any more information about this footage or knows what happened to the driver after the video cut out, let us know in the comments section below. Ghostly Girl Crosses Road. As the car slowly makes it way over the icy road, a ghostly figure emerges from the right hand side and walks right in front of the car. Locals believe that the ghost seen in this video is actually that of a young bride who was killed in a car crash that was survived by the groom.

If you look closely, the ghostly figure still appears to be wearing her wedding dress. What do you think this dashcam has captured? Is it actually the ghost of the newlywed said to have died along this stretch of road?

Ghost Caught on Police Dashcam. Inthis dashcam footage emerged reportedly filmed by a police officer while on patrol. As the car travels along the dirt road a ghostly figure emerges from the thicket and starts crossing the road.

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creepiest things spotted on dashcam

And that girl in the end was talking truth like respect the paranormal things and do not mess with them, because they have more powers than you do. Honestly you can tell this videos of people walking around with a camera are fake because if they didn't know there were going to be a ghost then they would they have a camera they set it all up.

You are here: Home WTF! Spread The Viralist. Recommended For You. About the Author: FBE. The little girl in the blue jacket is at the phase that she thinks she's smarter than people. Wow that lady got drifted very good from the mysterius attack. The second one is just black flash hunter zolomon duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Dude that Ariana Grande look alike had 15 different speech impediments. Ghosts arent realā€¦ Demonsā€¦demons.

When I realized you were born in Asheville and something creepy happened there:Oh cool! Did that asian girl get beat with the broom to much or did she forget to eat her rice.Some dashcams include a camera to record the interior of the car in degrees, and can automatically send pictures and video. Here on Grim, today, we go over some of the creepiest creatures and events caught on dashcam video recorders.

Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in ! In this top list, we look at the scariest things caught on tape by a dashcam.

creepiest things spotted on dashcam

Enjoy my analysis of these scary videos. My Scary Older Brother Emirichu. Top 5 Unknowns. Mystery Spy Location Found. Bienvenue venue dans MA France les amis! Du vin? Merci le dumping social. Merci le genocide culturel. That truck driver should run over as many of those monkeys in the road no jury would convict him.

I wanna give the cab driver a hug. I think I need help. The truck driver encountered illegal immigrants wanting to reach the UK from France. They want to hide in the truck that is heading for the tunnel between France and the UK. These situations occur freguently. That cop shoulda wasted that dude. Would have only taken a second for that guy to unload his gun through the door and window. The second one ā€¦ He had an angel on his side that day!!!! This was a miracle!!! You are here: Home WTF!

Spread The Viralist. Recommended For You. About the Author: Grim. Millions of salute to that brave driver in the group attackā€¦. The makers of the first clip admitted to faking it later on.Motion sensing trail cameras are used by hunters to detect the movement of game in the wild. They automatically take photos when motion is detected. The photos these remote cameras have captured is nothing short of startling. From a UFO in the night sky to children lost deep in the woods, join us as we take a look at 12 creepy trail cam photos you have to see.

UFO in the Night Sky. When Mississippi couple, the Shattles, checked their trail camera for signs of game, they were shocked at what they saw. Taken in February, a number of unsettling images were captured on the families hunting camera. Over a span of 40 minutes, a series of strange objects appeared on the horizon.

They gradually got brighter and brighter until this image was captured. The camera shoots in infrared but inexplicably the deer are lit up. However, when the image is adjusted it shows that the deer is looking away from the camera. A CNN reporter went to investigate the site where the footage was taken.

There are no roads or clear explanation for the hovering lights. The farmer thought it may have been a government drone but other then that he is dumbfounded by the event.

Chupacabra on Camera. When this photo was captured by a trail camera in earlythe internet was a buzz with theories.

The strange, hairless creature surely is mysterious. Many thought it was proof of el chupacabra, a beast from American folklore that sucks the blood from helpless animals. Others thought it was a mutated, hybrid animal that had never been seen before. Whatever the case may be, it makes for a fascinating image.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dashcam

Spirit Captured on Trail Cam. In the summer ofa home owner in Northern Georgia was noticing strange lights coming from the woods at the rear of his property. After alerting authorities he was advised that it may be illegal raccoon hunters that had been spotted in the area. Frustrated, the home owner placed several trail cameras around the property to catch the intruders.

After reviewing some of the photos, the owner was stunned at what he saw.From a monster seen lurking by the side of the road to a taxi that stops to pick up a ghost, we count 10 creepiest things caught on dashcam. Creepy Creature Crawls Through Grass. It was captured at night along what appears to be a remote, dirt track. As the car stops, a bizarre figure emerges from the darkness and crawls across the trail. It looks humanoid, moves on all fours and appears to have pink or grey colored skin.

What could this mysterious creature actually be? If you have any more information on this video, let us know in the comments section below. Ghost Appears Twice on Indian Road. It was reportedly filmed on the way to Ooty, a town high in the hills of Southern India.

As the rider rounds a corner, a mysterious figure is seen standing on the road. The figure, which is only seen for a split second appears to be covered from head to toe in a long, red veil. The rider is shaken by the sighting as panic can be heard in his voice. While the figure could simply be a person walking along the roadside, its what happens next that is truly chilling. The rider continues down the dark road, occasionally looking behind to see if he is being followed.

Suddenly, the same figure appears again. This time its in the middle of the road right in front of him! Has this biker captured proof of a ghost haunting the roads of Ooty?

Or could it just be two different individuals wearing the same red clothing? If so, what are they doing walking down the middle of the road in the pitch black darkness?

creepiest things spotted on dashcam

What do you think? Is it actually a ghost or just a couple of people out for a midnight stroll? Yeti Spotted in Russia. In November,this unsettling dashcam footage surfaced that was reportedly captured somewhere in Russia. As the vehicle drives along a dark, snow covered road, a strange creature can be seen crossing the road in the distance.

Many believe that the mysterious beast could actually be a yeti. While the footage is dark and you only catch a glimpse of the creature, it appears to be covered in thick fur and moves with a lumbering gait, similar to a gorilla. What do you think this dashcam has captured? Does the footage really prove the existence of the mythological yeti or is it something else entirely? Unexplained Flash Lights up Sky. Ina dashcam captured this extraordinary footage in the night sky above the Sverdlovsk region in Russia.

The vehicle is seen driving along a highway just after pm. The road is completely dark except for a handful of tail lights in the distance. Suddenly, the sky lights up as a bright orange flash illuminates the surrounding area. It only lasts for a few seconds before everything returns to darkness once again.

While the cause of the blast remains a mystery, several theories have attempted to explain it. The most common being that it was actually an exploding meteor, similar to the Chelyabinsk meteor that hit the area a year and a half earlier that injured over people and damaged many residential and industrial buildings.These usually are great sources of evidence for crimes like burglaries, break-ins and more.

However, sometimes these security cameras pick up something unexplainable. This means that every once in a while, footage is deleted to make room for more footage. This makes it harder to make out things that are caught on camera.

10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dashcam

The base quality of a security camera can make it hard to fake in post. This means that most things captured on security cameras are real. As technology is advancing everyday soon we will have high quality filming through security cameras everywhere. A man began to notice that things in his house were out of place, and food was beginning to go missing. He feared that he had rodents, or there was a raccoon invading his house. In the middle of the night, he captured a woman crawling out of one of his vents making her way to his fridge.

She used kitchen chairs to make her way onto high countertops to reach the vent again, and throughout the whole process, she was surprisingly quiet. Not quiet enough however, because the man woke up. After reviewing the footage, he reported it to the police, and the woman was removed from his house.

10 Creepiest Things Caught On Camera | Teens React

Hotel guests started to complain that they were hearing loud noises in the adjacent hotel room. After several calls to the room, and hotel management attempting to make contact, they contacted the maintenance guy. He knocked several times, and unlocked the room. The room was pitch black, and he shined his flashlight in the room. He reported that all of the furniture was turned upside down. The management radioed back telling him to back off, as they called the police.

After the man left, a white mist can be seen leaving the room. The phenomena seems unexplainable. A man was walking down a hall when suddenly he was stopped by an invisible force. It was as if the man was pushed, and he attempted to brush it off.

He then sees a black figure standing in front of him, and freaks out rightfully so. The entity then pushes him over, and grabs his exposed foot and begins to manhandle him down the hall. Before you think the man is a goner, the entity lets go of the man, and he gets up to bolt down the hall out of the building.Remember to not miss our 1 spot from this list.

As always, you will be surprised at what we have in stores for you. Lets begin! People are freaking out about clowns these days for no real reason. This video was posted on YouTube by a couple of guys who ran into a pretty awkward clown. Our rule when encountering strange men in dark parks is to quickly and quietly get out out of there, especially if they have that crackhead vibe about them. This dude ticks all the boxes so buddy with the camera would be on his own before he ever got a clear shot.

Good thing for him his friend is a little more loyal because if he was on his own he might not have captured this footage before running in the other direction. After the guy notices our two videographers huddled together for safety, he begins staggering toward them. The video then cuts off and leaves us assuming that the guys behind the camera hightailed it to somewhere without creepy clowns wearing hoodies, basketball shorts, and flip flops.

The aliens have landed. That definitely seems to be the case in this next video. A security camera in Yosemite National park picked up this creepy footage inwhich features some otherworldly-looking creatures. They slowly creep in out of the woods and slink across the width of the frame over the course of a minute or so.

Looking like a pair of pants with heads attached at the waist, these unidentified aliens would certainly send shivers up the spines of anyone who actually came across them one night. Yosemite is the site of many supposed ET and UFO sightings over the years, with many citing its relatively quiet environment.

They seem to be forgetting a fairly recent study that proved that noise levels have spiked in recent years, due to human settlement in the surrounding area. These noise levels are having some serious impacts on both plant and animal life in the park and could eventually pose a very serious problem unchecked. Yosemite is also a notoriously crowded and busy park, with overwhelming amounts of campers and daytrippers taking over its expanse pretty much every day of the year.

Eastern Europe would undoubtedly be a much more apt location for ETs if they hope to remain hidden. Even so, this footage and many other videos like it beg to differ, stating emphatically that Yosemite, for one reason or another, is absolutely a hot-spot for aliens. We think that people are trying too hard to find their 15 minutes of fame. This next location is a little more appropriate when it comes to potential alien sightings.

The footage was shot at Posbank natural monument in Holland. Along the way they ran into another pair of hikers. Unfortunately the site was closed due to vandalismwhich put their plans for the day off a little bit. This is when they witnessed something pretty damn creepy that scared the entire group and shook them all up quite a bit.

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