Drop seeder

With a large capacity hopper and a heavy-duty frame for optimum stability, you can spread up to 10, sq.

Scotts® Turf Builder® Classic Drop Spreader

Fully assembled and pre-calibrated, the Classic Drop Spreader comes ready to treat your lawn immediately. Turn rate control to correct setting listed on the back of each Scotts product. Overlap swaths slightly by lining up the arrow on the hopper with the wheel track from previous row. Safety Data Sheets can be found at scottsmsds. Need an answer to a product question? Skip to main content.

Customize by ZIP Code. Featured Articles. Important Lawn Maintenance Projects for the Fall. Winter Lawn Care Tips. Featured Products. Key Features.

drop seeder

Maximum Coverage and Accuracy. The large hopper holds up to 10, sq. Design for Precision.

Seeding system in action - Snippet

Built to Last. Heavy duty frame for optimum stability. Learn Gardens Product Specs.

Broadcast Spreader vs Drop Spreader; Which is better?

Overview Large capacity hopper holds up to 10, sq. How to use Turn rate control to correct setting listed on the back of each Scotts product. Coverage area Up to 10, sq. Category Spreaders. Push Spreaders. Product Label This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use. View Label. Lookup spreader settings. Related Products.

Learn More.With Land Pride's line of Solid Stand Seeders, you're assured of getting the job done with exceptional results. FSP Series Spreaders. Agitator extension comes standard. The spread rate, capability, and range of hopper capacities make FSP Spreaders well suited for applications on farms, golf courses, food plots, park systems, athletic fields, campuses, and smaller municipal or commercial operations.

They excel at spreading sand or salt for control of ice and snow. PFS Series Spreaders. PTS Series Spreaders. The spread rate capability and range of hopper capacities make the PTS Series Spreaders well suited for applications on farms, golf courses, food plots, park systems, athletic fields, and campuses.

Land Pride's FPS48 Food Plot Seeder is a highly versatile full component package designed to open and break up soil surfaces by discing the soil for seedbed or planting preparation. It can also be used to spread fertilizer, lime, gypsum and other soil conditioning amendments at distances ranging from 4 ft. The spin spreader can also be used in the off-season to spread sand or salt for winter icing or slick snow conditions.

Their narrower widths make them effective in seeding applications on residential lots, grassy medians, or rights-of-way adjacent to sidewalks, community parks, sporting facilities, and golf courses. Unlike wider seeder models, these units will do a more effective job of planting in areas where undulations, moguls, and depressions are prevalent.

OS15 Series Overseeders. The three way seed-to-soil contact system provides great germination and emergence with the solid advantages of a full-width seeding pattern. Your choice of straight or curved knives slice into the ground creating slits to receive the seed.

Fluted seed cups precisely meter the desired amount of seed in a broadcast pattern, delivering outstanding metering accuracy. PS15 Series Primary Seeders. The PS Primary Seeder is perfect for the hometown landscaper to do lawns, community parks and areas between the curb and sidewalk. They also perform better than larger models in areas where light moguls, undulations and depressions exist. The main seedbox is equipped with our standard fluted seed cups and agitation to seed most turf type grasses, as well as a variety of other seeds from peas to alfalfa.

PS20 Series Primary Seeders. The bi-directional seed cups allow the seed to travel forwards or backwards. The dual skid hitch and 3-point hitch make this a great tool for rental yards. Only available through Kubota Dealers. Buy Apparel. Take us more places than just the field. Find apparel, hats, cups, bags, bar stools, and more in our apparel store.

Email Newsletter Sign up to receive occasional updates. We will never share your information, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Kubota Dealers in Canada.This sign is made out of a 4-foot length of Eastern Red Cedar log; the letters are carved with a chain saw.

I made this sign about 15 years ago below is a photo. Hope you like it! Can't get through? Call this number: Also, supply chain disruptions may cause delays in shipping. Charges for this service will be a bit more than for shipping by truck freight call for a quote to your specific locationbut delivery will be with a pickup truck and trailer, if needed that can get to most any location — unlike a semi-truck.

Also, scheduling of the delivery will be more flexible, to better meet your needs. Call for a delivery quote! Typical of all the tools we carry from R2 Rinaldi, this is a very well-built implement. It even has an adjustable full-width brush running over the top of the mesh-roller to keep it clean of dirt which would then pick up seed. NOTE: when used in conjunction with the harrow, additional front-weight will have to be attached to the engine bumper, as the seeder and harrow combined add a LOT of weight to the rear of the machine.

See our Tractor Accessories page for weights. Note: attaching this seeder to some tractor models may require removal of the tractor PTO shift lever, which comes off with one cotter pin…since this is not a PTO-driven implement, the lever is not needed for this implement anyway.

Retail business hours are by appointment yes, weekends, tooso the more notice you give us the better we can set our schedule to fit your schedule. We are occasionally out of the shop doing deliveries, demonstrations or displaying equipment at trade shows. BCS Compost Spreader. ET Vegetable Seeder.

drop seeder

March 15 - October November 1 - March Weekend hours by appointment. Note holiday hours at left.As a gardener, one of the crucial tool that you must have is a spreader. Spreaders are used to spread lawn products such as grass seeds, fertilizer, and salt among others on the lawn. There are different types of lawn spreaders on the market but they are broadly categorized into Broadcast and Drop spreaders. As a new buyer, you will often find yourself in dilemma when it comes to choosing the best lawn spreader that matches your lawn requirements.

Why should you buy a broadcast spreader over a drop spreader? A drop spreader is designed to use gravity to drop the lawn products in a row accurately.

They are ideal for small-medium lawns where no extensive work is required. Why should you buy a drop spreader over a broadcast spreader? Now that you have understood the pros and cons of broadcast spreader vs drop spreader.

There are a few factors that you need to consider when purchasing a lawn spreader which include. Getting a good lawn spreader will make your lawn maintenance work easier. You will be able to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Best Hand Held Spreaders. Tow behind Spreaders. Cordless Electric Weed Eaters. Best Electric Lawn Mowers. Best Cordless Leaf Blowers. A versatile freelancer with a great passion and experience in Gardening and Landscaping, sharing valuable tips on modern gardening practices, product reviews and latest Innovations.

Table of Contents show. Broadcast Spreader Vs Drop Spreader. Broadcast Spreader; 2.Notify me when this product is available:. For quick seeding of your Bootstrap Farmer cell or Bootstrap Farmer trays. Only guaranteed to fit Bootstrap Farmer! Individual drop seeder plates can be found here: Drop Seeder Plates. Instruction Manual. Seed plates with smaller holes than the bottom let's them drop right down! Bottom Drop Hole Plate size: 7mm only size available for the drop bottom plate.

If you are unsure what size best fits your seed, you can ask us and we will do our best to compare what we have on hand and documented thus far. If you have ruler, measure the seed at its widest. Type: Greenhouse Kits. Hi Guys I'm looking for a seeder for my micros, my flats are a little bit bigger 10x23 can you help me with it.

All the best! We designed our seeders specifically to fit our trays. While they may be able to work with other brands possibly, we can't guarantee it as we haven't tested it with other trays ourselves. In order to ensure the correct operation of the drop seeder, we only have designs for the size of the trays that we manufacture.

drop seeder

If we ever have a cell tray I am sure we will produce a drop seeder for it though! Your drop seeder has been out of stock for awhile, just curious when it will be available or if you are no longer going to carry it. It should be ready in about 4 weeks. We had to make some last minute design changes. This would be a huge help seeing how I don't really want a vacuum seeder and have an unpowered green house. Is there anywhere else I might find this product if you no longer carry it?

You would be a life saver. Thank you in advance. Sorry for the late reply. I think think one slipped through the cranks. We are about 4 weeks to having this available. Drop Seeder. Add to Cart. If a seed appears to be 3.Want to keep your lawn immaculate? Taking care of your yard requires a lot of hard work. The best drop spreader will make your life easier.

These handy gardening and landscaping tools distribute fertilizer, seed and feed mixtures, grass seed, ice melt, and sand.

As you push the spreader along, seeds or fertilizer are dropped via the holes at the bottom of the hopper. Within this group, there are certain hoppers that stand out due to their value, capacity, frame, spread pattern, and size. Brand Model Coverage, sq. Features We Love. The Scotts Turf Builder not Scott singular is a classic hopper that gets the job done.

However, the tool is also available in 5, 15, or 20 meter sizes. The materials are not fancy, but they are heavy-duty and stand up to the test of time. With a inch spread coverage, lawn lovers feel confident working a yard, knowing that every inch is getting equal seeds and fertilization.

This is different than with a broadcast spreader or hand-held broadcast, as it covers a medium-sized area with a precise application. Recommended For This spreader is an absolute fit for homeowners who have small to medium-sized lawns. Pros Easy-to-use Ships fully assembled Holds 10, square feet of seed or fertilizer Compatible with multiple materials such as salt or pest repellents Cons Cost is a bit high No warranty Difficult to use in snowy conditions Sale Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader Large capacity hopper holds up to 10, sq.

The hopper can spread seed on your lawn from spring to fall from this broadcast spreader. It is a larger capacity broadcast spreader, but whether you are a professional or not, the special features for this hopper make it a great buy for anyone who loves their lawn. The poly hopper and spreader plates are also rustproof. Landscapers typically keep this spreader around for many years without losing any durability.

Agri-Fab also provides a guide for keeping your lawn fertilized and thick throughout the year, so you know exactly when to spread herbicide, nitrogen fertilizers, grub controls, and other lawn care products. This allows you to spread any material with this heavy-duty hopper.

Drop Seeder

Recommended For As a tow-behind, this is a good spreader if you have a ride-along lawn mower. This is best for professionals or those who have larger lawns who plan to use it for each stage of lawn maintenance. Pros Rustproof construction Works with any material Large capacity Easy to use Set controls for precise spread Cons Important accessories are sold separately Higher price but no warranty Agri-Fab Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader pound hopper capacity saves time refilling on larger acreage lawns" Durable rod linked on-off control with precise settings".Plus, with the bookies pricing up for the major golf tournaments already - now is an excellent time to secure some value bets for next year.

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drop seeder

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