Ebikemotion tuning

We design and produce our own e-bike platform and electronic components adapted to your necessities. We design elements that are part of system control, monitoring and propulsion of an e-bike with the OEM. We manufacture in our companies all elements of our e-bike system. Plastic, PCB, Assembling, wiring, etc. We develop all software and firmware platform, APP, diagnosis and control systems.

We help manufacturers to create their own solutions based on our product or integration with third-party products. The X35 System offers a broad range of components and accessories so that the manufacturer can create its eBike.

As a platform, it requires the development of a custom-made frame. For its manufacturing MAHLE ebikemotion has exhaustive documentation with drawings, details, alert points, 3D files, and a team of expert engineers in integration who review each one of the projects before they are launched on the market.

The efficiency of a display comes from being able to see it in high contrast conditions outside and with back-lighting.

Derestrict your Electric Bicycle !

The design should be attractive, but without forgetting the importance of showing the data efficiently, so the right data is shown at the right time. The power comes from using an ARM Cortex A7 processor, running nothing less than Linux, allowing us to run graphical applications unlike anything seen in the sector or in modulars. It can works single alone or in combination with Smartphone APPs. So there is a version with a keypad on the display for road handlebars and one with a separate keypad for flat handlebars.

Compact solution to create a USB Charing point close the handlebar area. With 5VmA it can charge the smartphone, power supply extra lights, etc. Designed from the beginning for e-bike using and full integrated with MAHLE ebikemotion Product Family it includes all functions that your users desire. We have designed by the point of view of UI customization and to create a gateway between users, e-bikes and the OEM to keep all of them connected.

The best solution starts by establishing the convenient control and diagnostic process and easy way to do them. Now your product is more accessible, more reliable and more secure in your commercial transactions. Marketing One2One and user loyalty tools based on the information that our devices collect will give to you a new opportunity of business and services. MAHLE ebikemotion is synonymous with Innovation In MAHLE ebikemotion we are constantly looking for ways to adapt to the requirements of different profiles of our customers, innovating in every new development.

Free tuning method.

APP for Smartwatch is a clear example of this philosophy. We have incorporated the Smartwatch technology our APP to interact in a more minimalist way with our systems. Always simple and easy to use is best. With a single flick of the wrist, the user can see without displays your speed, level of attendance, distance and time ridded as well as the remaining battery. Almost always all we need to know.

MAHLE ebikemotion Web OEM Backoffice help to you to create your e-bikes, assign to them parts with serial numbers, control the assembling, update and create process to control each part from factory to dealer. We have included in our hardware and software tools and services to activate e-bike components installed in factory or replaced in dealers.

ebikemotion tuning

That means more control and best service in your product. The OEM web backend based also in user profiles gives to you the possibility to build better services now and in your coming future. That means efficiency and performance. Many special calculations in relation with range, medium consume and odometer are done by the controller.

It need to be Smart! The components, assembling method, connections and final product are High End, you just need to see and test to convince.The computer bicycle platform based on smartphone most advanced of the market. Wilier Cento10 Hybrid: Design and exclusivity ahead of its time. January 17, When it seemed that Wilier had hit a high point in the world of hybrid road bikes with the Cento1 Hybrid, the Italian halberd brand aimed even higher with a spectacular lightweight hybrid road bike design, the incredible Wilier Cento10 Hybrid.

The most innovative bike of today that is ready to lead the high-end e-bike market for many years. Its extreme lightness is noted with a weight of around This reduction in weight is also reflected in the battery life, reaching up to 4. Another point to be noted is the increase in driving safety that Wilier has achieved in this development, innovating and achieving a fantastic integration of our iWoc ONE on the handlebars, making any interaction with them when driving safer and more functional.

There is no question that the Wilier Cento10 Hybrid will be one of the greatest models in the future of road bikes over the next few years, and here at MAHLE ebikemotion, we are extremely proud to have participated in this development. By adminebm. Cannondale Supersix Evo Neo November 18, Spectacular is the perfect word to describe and sum up the latest bike from Cannondale with the MAHLE ebikemotion hybrid system. Its aesthetic style and the sensations it provides make this bike perfect for riding.

Made from BallisTec carbon and with an efficient aerodynamic design, this bike minimises wind resistance as much as possible. This can be appreciated in every part of its frame, from the handlebar to the rear axle. The geometry of this ebike, significantly influenced by that of rigid competition models, together with its efficient micro-suspension system and the potential to fit wide tires, allows for a smooth and enjoyable ride without even slightly sacrificing the precise handling needed to go round every bend, providing an endless amount of great sensations.

Our X35 MAHLE ebikemotion system, with its perfectly integrated battery and highly popular lightweight motor, provides invisible assistance with optimal autonomy so it can handle any kind of road. The rider can personalise their bike with up to three different levels of assistance, so it can be adapted to suit any kind of cyclist or route, providing support whenever you need it and without ever feeling cumbersome.

By Simplon. A minimalistic ebikemotion motor hub drive as well as a Wh battery on the down tube ensure constant support uphill. And its low weight is quite impressive as well: The Kiaro Pmax weighs in at only By Wilier.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ebikemotion x35 speed limiter "fix". Thread starter Karl Start date Aug 1, Karl New Member. I'm considering the Orbea Gain with the rear hub motor Ebikemotion X35 v. There is a sensor in the right rear dropout and 20 magnets in the cassette lock ring. Do you think removing 10 of the magnets every other one would allow the bike to theoretically go at twice the speed not allowing for the physics of resistances?

Bruce Arnold Well-Known Member. Karl said:. I'm still not understanding. It would seem like the software needs a sensor to tell it how fast the bike is going in order to turn off the motor when the max.

The Orbea Gain has the sensor in the right dropout and the magnets in the cassette lockring. Unless the software is using GPS data, the wheel revolutions would be the best indicator of the speed. If the wheel size can be programmed, then that would be the easiest method to delimit the speed.

Rear wheel removal for Bianchi Aria ebikemotion road

The problem I'm having is that stealthy eBikes are just becoming available in the U. I only want to gain a few mph to about 20 mph, which the Orbea distributor said would be the case for bikes coming to the U. However, since that is not carved in stone, I want to know that I won't be stuck at 15 mph. Ed B Member. Good news that you heard the Orbea has a 20 mph limiter I can ride at 15 mph without a motor and need just a bit of help climbing and going faster.

The Bianchi distributor said yesterday that they expect more bikes by the end of November Aria eRoads have arrived here. I'm a loyal Bianchi fan for over 50 years now and I don't mind paying a little more for a bike that I really like. If I need to, I think there is a fair chance that removing magnets in the cassette lock ring may be a viable hack to increase the speed limit.

Also, the dealer has the app to program the bike and I might be able to get the app or have them do it for me. The bad news is that I'll probably get my bike just before Oregon's winter hits. I think there is a fair chance that removing magnets in the cassette lock ring may be a viable hack to increase the speed limit. Sounds reasonable So it seems the cassette lockring magnets could detect both speed and pedaling.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

We offer you highly recommendable tuning devices to make E Bikes faster in an easy way. Many Electric Bike owners are fed up with the power cutting off when they reach the speed limit. All tuning devices we sell got one big advantage: You can undo the tuning at any time if you want to restore the original specifications of your electric bicycle — for example, if you want to drive legally on public roads again Important: Despite the Corona crisis, we are not stopping business.

We continue to take orders and will dispatch the goods immediately. Of course, support requests will continue to be processed.

Some manufacturers report occasional delivery bottlenecks, but our stocks are still well filled. Ride away from the crisis! The E Bike Tuning Shop offers high-quality tuning tools for electric bicycles.

All tools are very reliable and have been thoroughly tested by our team. Proceed as follows:. Some tuning tools only double or take away the speed limit, others allow very detailed setting options - for example, there are modules where you can customize the amount of maximum motor support individually.

In the meantime, there are even many tuning modules that you can easily control via your Smartphone! Our Electric Bike Tuning Comparison gives you a first overview of the functional scope of the individual tuning tools. Most recently, most tuning tools also display the correct speed in the bike display. In our product descriptions you will find detailed information about the respective tuning modules. We are sure that you will have a lot of fun with our tuning products outside the areas where the traffic regulations apply!

Here you get a first overview of interesting tuning solutions:. It offers correct speed values in the display and lots of other useful parameters via the smartphone app. You can also enter the exact circumference of the wheel.

Of course, you can restore the initial configuration whenever you want.

ebikemotion tuning

Special feature: The dispaly of the MountainTuning Tool can be used as an alternative E Bike display to the existing iWoc - this means the MTT can display the current speed when you are riding! The best E Bike tuning product you can get! BluePed Euro : Yamaha Powerdrive motors have the advantage to enjoy the probably most extensive electric bike tuning.

Use the Smartphone app to configure the Blueped module individually. The electric bike display will still show the correct values speed etc. There is a really great amount of setting options. Innovative electric bike tuning for Yamaha Powerdrive motors! Many other features are also included. Of course you can restore the original configuration of your engine at any time! Greenped Euro : An optimal tuning module for Yamaha Syncdrive motors.

Use the Greenped app to get access to your electric bike via Bluetooth — this allows you to use a very wide range of setting options more than most other tuning tools. You can also determine the wheel circumference individually. Another advantage: While you are riding, the Smartphone app can show you many useful parameters that go far beyond what the normal Yamaha display can offer you.

Very good electric bike tuning for Yamaha Syncdrive engines! BlackPed 99 to Euro : The new generation of electric bike tuning tools: The convenient electric bike optimization via app and especially the connection between Smartphone and electric bike. After the installation of the BlackPed module, you can make wireless settings — for example, you can set the speed at which the tuning shall be activated or adjust the wheel sizeForums New posts Search forums.

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ebikemotion tuning

Ebikemotion x35 speed limiter "fix". Thread starter Karl Start date Aug 1, First Prev 2 of 21 Go to page. Karl New Member. Glad you could find a replacement part. Guess I need to use a lower power setting. Ed B Member. I'm still waiting for my Orbea M20i supposedly production delays of about 2 months and another v large dealer told me they sold their entire allocation so its all special order at this point which is out about 3 months But a very large California dealer told me that there's a long-range plan to upgrade the max US speed to 25mph 40kpm although i wouldnt hold my breath for it I have no idea if this is Orbea specific or across all eMotion X35 bikes and believe it will depend somewhat on the performance history and durability of the existing setup.

I'd guess it also might require the external water bottle battery. PD New Member. Karl said:. I'd like to hear any updates on the lockring, thanks. To increase speed decrease wheel size in the app.Eplus is a new multifunction smart controller that is easily installed in the ebike motor crankcase. The controller reads the data from the engine in real time and, via Bluetooth technology, sends data to the app, which the client installs on their smartphone.

Back in the days, u would improve car performances with a chip. This is a similar thing for E-bikes. How is this legit? Included: a cover lettering that warns you that there is an anti-theft system on the bike. Calories, cadence, heart rate only using a low energy bluetooth compatible heart rate monitortotal and partial path travel, average speed, power in watts and torque, pedaling time. Speed, timing, distance, gradient, altitude, pedal power, engine power, current and average cadence.

Features only available with Advanced Evolution under development. Record and store workouts and paths by making them available in the app for later analysis.

The release of the speed limiter in public places such as roads, squares, cycling tracks is prohibited by law. Therefore, it is possible to activate the unlocking in local places such as circuits, slopes and private properties. Activating this feature on the device may invalidate the bicycle factory warranty. The manufacturer declines any responsibility for any damage caused to the assisted pedal bicycles on which the Eplus system is mounted.

The manufacturer declines any responsibility for damages to people or things caused or in any way related to the use of Eplus. If u own some of the mentioned ebikes u can check manuals here. You must be logged in to post a comment. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Privacy and Terms.

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Login Members Site-Wide Activity. FITNESS Calories, cadence, heart rate only using a low energy bluetooth compatible heart rate monitortotal and partial path travel, average speed, power in watts and torque, pedaling time.Forums New posts Search forums.

What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Free tuning method. Thread starter RoadWrinkle Start date Apr 6, RoadWrinkle Active Member.

This method requires no device and can be done in minutes to defeat any speed limiters while introducing no extra stress on the motor: 1 Remove the wheel speed magnet sensor one allen screw from the inside edge of the lower frame arm.

ebikemotion tuning

With the sensor cable still attached, simply move the sensor to the outside edge of the frame so it aligns with the end of the crank arm. Attach the magnet from the spoke to the inside edge of the crank so it aligns with the sensor. Now the system will measure your pedal speed which is always much slower than your wheel speed; so the system thinks your wheel is moving much slower than it is and thus CONTINUES to provide power assist even above 28 mph you can get assist up to about mph.

You can use a piece of packing tape to secure both the sensor and the magnet because they are very light; it would also be easy to attach them more permanently. You should not encounter clearance issues between the crank and the sensor. If you are concerned, mount the sensor on the top edge of the frame arm, as long as it still intersects with the magnet on the crank it will work. This method does not effect any of the other features of the drive system, so torque sensing will work as normal, shift sensing as well on the Bosch systems.

Battery range would be effected as you would be using juice at a higher rate of consumption. No tuning method will make your bike more powerful; all they do is allow your motor to give you assist at a higher top end speed. IOW, you will not be able to climb easier because it does not change motor performance.

Last edited: Apr 6, Lenny Well-Known Member. RoadWrinkle said:. I understand, thank you for posting a video with more detailed instructions on how to do what you suggest should not be done. Also, fairly easy to attach the sensor and magnet to the new locations in a secure way and protect the cable. Once the consumer puts up the k for a good ebike, everyone would agree they now own the bike and can make whatever modifications they want.

These tuning methods do not make the bike go any faster than it was designed to; the proof of that is that most manufacturers offer other models that have no restriction with assist to 28 mph, and use the same drive system and components as the restricted bikes. Most methods can be easily reversed so riders can choose which terrain and riding areas are most appropriate for the extra assist.

US manufacturer's must meet class one standards and sell speed compliant bikes for legal use on public trails, but perfectly legal to get assist up to the 28 mph limit while riding to the off-road areas and on private property trails. So consumers will continue tuning their ebikes, IMHO. TrevorB Active Member. Doesn't work with bosch or Shimano, both will give error after a few minutes.

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