Explanation for ford f 150 5 4 triton engine

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Everyone sees these late model F's with the 5. It does have some common reoccurring problems you should be aware of. These problems range from easy to change coils, to the dreaded spark plug, all the way to the scary and expensive timing chain issues.

This article is mainly written with the 5. This article is written so that the easiest repairs are first, and the harder repairs are last. So keep reading or skip to the bottom to get to the juicy parts. The most common thing we need to mention, but it is the easiest to fix, is the ignition system.

The 5. COP systems are now very commonplace in the automotive industry. The general consensus is that this type of ignition system is the most efficient design offering independent control, but the coils do suffer from failures likely related to heat. Most trucks will need multiple replacements in it's lifetime. The most notable tend to be failures of the coil boot, the piece of rubber that covers the spring that goes from the coil output prong to the spark plug.

These deteriorate with age and weak spots in the rubber can cause the spark to jump to the plug well instead of the spark plug. These wells can also fill up with oil or coolant and that can also affect the performance of the coil.

Sometimes the ignition coil can fail internally as well. The most common symptoms of this issue is cylinder misfires under load accelerating or most notably cruising around 55mph in overdrive. It will cause a light jerk or bucking that some say feels as if you may have transmission issues.

explanation for ford f 150 5 4 triton engine

They are pretty easy to replace though. Generally at the Ford dealership, we will diagnose the cylinders with the misfire and replace the plug and coil for those cylinders. Spark plugs are a whole different animal on this engine. They decided to place each of these sensitive coils upon a specialized spark plug that tends to break when removed. Due to the design of the combustion cylinder, essentially these engines are semi-hemispherical, the plugs needed to protrude down through the head to the combustion chamber.

The situation is slightly ironic since earlier 2 valve 5. These plugs generally last around k miles but they are a bear to remove when you do go to replace them. More details are available in another article I wrote which include step by step instructions on Replacing the spark plugs on the 5. Be wary of driving with this engine if you are experiencing a misfire of any kind.

Some people ignore the felt misfire or think it is a transmission issue. At the dealer, we generally see these trucks go a long time with this misfire condition.

Eventually, the truck will start to backfire through the intake and even fail to accelerate to over 30mph in severe cases. If this happens, likely you have a catalytic converter that has been damaged due to misfires. Always be on the lookout if you have a converter failure because engine drivability issues kill catalytic converters.

explanation for ford f 150 5 4 triton engine

As this model ages, a very common issue in these trucks equipped with a 5. This specific vehicle platform uses a module to control fuel line pressure by pulse width modulation of the fuel pump.

The fuel pump driver module is located under the vehicle exposed to the elements. Specifically, on a F, it is located above the spare tire attached to the frame.The Ford 5.

It was a popular option all the way from its inception in toin all of its iterations. Today, it is still one of the most alluring options on the used car market, but before you start searching for the perfect driving mate with a 5.

My research included all versions of the 5. It seems that problems with the ignition system did affect all versions at one point in time. As it turns out, the 5. Problems emerge when rubberized covers on the coil boot deteriorate and cause the spark to hit the plug well instead of the plug. It is not unnoticed that some of the coils can fail internally due to liquid penetration. The problem does not require a massive investment, as the coils are rather simple to replace at any Ford dealership.

Ford technicians will diagnose the problem, identify misfiring cylinder sand replace the spark plug and coil where needed. This problem is typical for the Ford F with a 5.

Failure of the fuel pump driver module usually cuts off the petrol feed to the engine which, of course, causes the engine to turn off, thus cutting power to all essential systems. In the first place, the problem happens because the fuel pump driver module is directly attached to the steel frame. As its surface is exposed to the elements, salt, water, and dirt build up on its aluminum casing and cannot be washed away as it is in contact with the steel frame. Over time, vibrations, salt, and water do irreparable damage to the casing and dirt enters the driver module causing short circuits and making permanent damage to the smart junction box.

As the fuel pump driver module is attached to the frame at the rear end with only two screws, replacing it is a DIY job. After Ford recognized this problem, they offered a slightly redesigned replacement part which is not in direct contact with the steel frame. Thus the dirt and salt build-up is evaded. Symptoms of the damaged fuel pump driver module are as follows:. The engine sounds strange? You can hear a lot of knocking noises on acceleration, cold startup, or when you let off the throttle.

While causes for such sounds can be numerous, owner experiences have shown that the most likely reasons can be blown out tensioners, a loose timing chain, and cam phaser breakage. Bear in mind that cam phasers are part of the Variable Valve Timing system which is an important component of the 5. Having all these parts working correctly is crucial as all of them affect moving parts of the engine and, more or less, keep the engine from tearing itself apart. Timing chain rattles are most noticeable at the very start.

So, listen carefully for any unusual rattles after a cold start. If you can hear rattles, the timing chain may have become loose due to the blown out tensioner.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Ford Triton engine made its debut in and was offered in many pick up, van and SUV applications. The Triton family of engines included the 4. This featured Ford F 5. This 5. Tri Star remanufactured 5. For total peace of mind you can also upgrade to our 'No Fault' Warranty Supplement, call for details. Rebuilt 5. Used engines incorporate no updates and are extremely susceptible to failure due to mileage already being on the engine with questionable maintenance records.

Used and rebuilt 5. When shopping be sure to ask if you're getting a used, rebuilt 5. Be sure to use our online lookup or call our engine experts to ensure proper fitment for your application. The 5. If you have any questions or need assistance, please give us a call at or contact us today! VVT actuators cam gears installed.

These are extremely crucial to the 5. Timing covers are checked and machined for straightness to ensure a good seal. All engines are simulation tested and black light checked for leaks during testing. Unlike some competitors, the tape used for micro-polishing cranks at Tri Star is only used once and in only one direction. Reusing tape back and forth can cause fine metal particles to become impregnated in the journal and cause premature failure.

Engines are checked for good compression, oil pressure, and black light checked for any leaks before packaging Engines are provided with a written warranty which clearly outlines coverages.If you are still a fan of a Ford 5. Well, none is. But recently, we can hear more and more complains about the famous Triton drivetrain. Definitely, power and durability are advantages, but it still depends on which model you want.

Transmission plays a major role in power distribution. The most famous vehicle that used this engine was Ford F truck in its eleventh generation. Now, the drivetrain is discontinued and there are no details if the unit could come back. The V8 unit appeared for the first time in Modular mill replaced a 5.

Depending on usage, the Triton powertrain can deliver horsepower. We are talking about the 4-valve model, the most recent editions. Before that, Ford was using 2- and 3-valve systems.

The last one was a part of F lineup with outputs of hp and lb-ft of torque. We are listing this one as No1 problem because of many reasons. First of all, blows of the spark plugs became almost a common problem. But, it is not all about plugs, but the damage it causes. Treading of the head takes first hits. Later, it causes problems with ignition. As reported, the most common blown happens on the third and fourth cylinder.

The solution was not cheap — to replace the entire engine head. Another possibility is to install an aftermarket system. But, what about reasons? Experts say the number of treads in the head of the spark plug is not enough.

So, your spark plug blew. You need to replace it. There we will find the next problem of the Ford 5. Park plug was secured excellent in its housing. So secure, it is very hard to remove it. If you push too hard, the plug would snap. Again, this is not the only difficulty you can face.

Fragments can find the way to engine cylinders. After spark plugs, fuel pumps are causing the most headaches for owners of vehicles with Ford 5. Well, this part is more expensive. Corrosion is the main reasons leading to failures. Also, some of the other parts could corrode because of that. How to make sure your F truck or Mustang works fine?

Check out the engine room frequently.The Modular engine received the name from its design and sharing of certain parts among the engine family, starting with the 4. The name was also derived from a manufacturing plant protocol, "Modular", where the plant and its tooling could be changed in a few hours to manufacture different versions of the engine family. Modular engines used in Ford trucks were marketed under the Triton name from — while the InTech name was used for a time at Lincoln for vehicles equipped with DOHC versions of the engines.

The engines were first produced in Romeo, Michigan then additional capacity was added in Windsor, Ontario.

5.4L “Triton” V8 [3 valve]

In the early s, then-Ford Motor Company chief operating officer Donald Petersen challenged Ford's vice-president of design, Jack Telnackand his staff to come up with new vehicle designs that they could take pride in. The result was an abandonment of the boxy styling that had dominated Ford products for years and the adoption of sleeker, more aerodynamic designs like that used for the highly successful Ford Taurus.

In the second half of the s, Petersen, now chief executive officer, sought to update Ford's decades-old V8 architectures, challenging Ford senior engineer Jim Clarke to do for Ford's V8s what Jack Telnack did for Ford's vehicle design. The objective was to develop a new V8 engine that would surpass Ford's earlier V8s in every meaningful way, from power and efficiency to emissions performance and smoothness of operation. Clarke and his engineers studied engine designs from major European and Japanese automakers and sought to develop a V8 that was technologically advanced and power-dense, yet also dependable with no major service required beforemiles of use.

This square configuration was chosen primarily for its positive noise, vibration and harshness characteristics. The engine would utilize features such as a chain-driven, single-overhead camshaft valvetrain with roller finger followersa deep-skirt cast-iron block construction and cross-bolted main bearingsall benefitting long-term durability. In the interest of reducing overall engine weight, aluminum-alloy heads and pistons would be standard and all major engine accessories would be mounted directly to the block, resulting in a more complex block casting but eliminating the need for heavy mounting brackets.

Tight construction tolerances were used in shaping the engine's cylinder bores with narrow piston rings fitted to the engine's pistons.

This would serve to improve engine efficiency through reduced friction and reduce the engine's oil consumption, while also promoting cleaner emissions. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the new engine's design was the number of variations of the engine that could be made to suit different needs. This resulted in the creation of an entire family of engines consisting not only of designs utilizing single- or dual-overhead camshaft configurations, different displacements and different block materials, but also different cylinder counts.

In addition to the various eight-cylinder engines produced, ten-cylinder engines eventually entered production.

Ford 5.4L Triton Common Problems in Trucks

Six-cylinder derivatives were also explored, though never built. With the wide array of engine configurations possible within this architecture, Ford developed a new, modular tooling system for producing different engines quickly and efficiently in the same factory.

Referring to this method of production, the name Modular was given to the new engine family. Three years later, in the third quarter ofthe first Modular engine, a 4. To the credit of Jim Clarke's engineering team, the new V8 engine in the Town Car compared favorably to its pushrod -based predecessor. In spite of having a smaller displacement, the 4. Following the Modular V8's debut in the Town Car, engines using the Modular architecture would go on to replace older V8 designs in Ford products, eventually becoming Ford's chief gasoline V8 and V10 architecture.

The engines were also offered with both aluminum and cast iron blocks, depending on application. The 4. Deck height for the 4. Cylinder bore spacing measures 3.This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium hexavalent compoundswhich are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Everyone offers a warranty, but you want a warranty you can trust. At Factory Direct, you get a written guarantee that says we'll be here to stand behind our product.

If another manufacturer offers a warranty that's too good to be true, it probably is. An engine is a huge investment and if you're talking to a shady online seller that has a warranty even they can't understand, or they won't even provide a written warranty, you may as well have no warranty at all.

We offer a variety of coverage explained in easy to understand terms to suit your needs. Try to find that at the shady online retailers! Returning your core engine has never been easier.

Every Factory Direct engine is shipped in a plastic reusable shipping container. Money back in your bank account and a fresh core for us to rebuild. You can schedule your core pickup online or via email and you'll have a return bill of lading sent to you within 24 business hours.

explanation for ford f 150 5 4 triton engine

If you send us back a like-for-like core you get full credit back, no questions asked! This 5. Originally developed with 2 valves per cylinder, Ford increased this in the 5. The most common failures of the 5. To improve the design and alleviate these issues all Factory Direct Engines include new OE variable valve timing VVT actuators, an updated high volume oil pump, new VVT screens, and cam bearings with tighter clearances to reduce VVT oil pressure problems.

All Factory Direct 5. Remanufactured engines provide the best value when compared to rebuilt engines or used engines. While a used or rebuilt 5. Both used and rebuilt engine options do not include any updates to correct original design flaws like our remanufactured engines do. The 5. Also remember that all remanufactured engines are not created equal. At Factory Direct, our 5. Satisfaction Guarantee. Low Price Guarantee. Hassle Free Core Guarantee. An initial core deposit is required for this product.

The core is your old engine. We want the core of your old engine so we can remanufacture it. You can contact us when it is ready for shipping and we will come and pick it up. If you do not have a core engine to send back, we will need to charge you the core amount up-front and this core charge is non-refundable. A VIN is composed of 17 characters digits and capital letters that act as a unique identifier for the vehicle.

No two vehicles in operation have the same VIN.The 5. While the engine is one of the best Ford has ever engineered, based on warranty repair numbers, it does require care and proper maintenance, like all engines. Use professional quality oil filters. While purchasing economy oil filters may save a few dollars, you will be greeted on cold starts by a rattling noise that continues until the engine reaches operating temperature.

All oil filters are not made the same. If you were to dissect quality oil filters, such as a MotorCraft, Wix or the Napa Gold Line model, you would see an anti-flowback valve installed within the filter. By doing so, the valve train is lubricated instantly at start up, instead of seconds later after the oil pump has circulated the oil from the oil pan to the top of the engine. Dissect a cheap oil filter and essentially what you will find is a filter medium akin to a coffee filter, wadded inside a tin can.

If you notice the ticking sound on start up, make sure to change your oil as soon as possible and use a good-quality oil filter. Protect the engine with the factory-recommended-weight oil to keep valve ticking noises at bay. Your 5. Once you have installed the thicker oil, you will most likely experience a ticking noise that does not dissipate when the engine reaches operating temperature.

The longer the engine is operated with the wrong oil, the louder the noise will get. The synchronizer, which controls the timing for the top end, will ultimately become damaged and need to be replaced. As soon as you discover this ticking noise and know you have used the thicker oils, have the oil replaced immediately with the recommended weight.

In the unlikely event your 5. Worst-case scenarios on high-mileage engines translate to full engine replacement. In extremely rare cases, the 5. This is usually accompanied by a loud bang and a hammering noise that beats in rhythm with the engine.

If this happens to you, have your truck towed to the nearest qualified repair facility for repairs. Attempting to drive it in this state can lead to an under-hood fire.

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