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Quick links. Train depot Post your ideas and suggestions how to improve the game. Normally you would suggest me to separate Station 3 to 2 stations, one for each train or just moving the pump to Station 4 and the problem is solved itself, but I like to complicate things, to challenge myself and better understand mechanics of this game. So if the current station has enough Sulfuric Acid to keep miners working, disable the station.

So I don't have any solution to keep Train 1 blocked in Station 4 until Station 1 or Station 2 is enabled again. Solution: Add another conditions for trains, Wait for next station to be available, not skipping the disabled one. I believe that's an important point of contemplation. I can see the use for this, but I feel like there are a number of more pressing features that have been requested by people to improve trains and fix problems that aren't fixable through other reasonable means.

I feel like the better option is what you've already mentioned. Station 3 needs to be 2 stations, and that is where the sulfuric acid train should be parking at. I have a three car uranium train Whenever a station 1 or 2 opensthe trains will go there and come back to station 3 and waits.

Is that the actual behavior of your train? Then if you delete station 4 you may have train 1 waiting in station 3 for 1a or 1b to open preventing train 2 from unloading there right?

You do not mean train 2 unload in station 4 right? What you need if i understand is a way to put one train in a parking instead of having it go a loop which means that parking shouldn't be in its regular pathing because there is another train using the same pathing that doesn't need the parking and would be blocked by the first one.

There may be some things to test with the train ID. Each station has the possibility to read a train ID when there is one that is stopped.

Train Depot

Maybe you could still delete the station 4. For that I am thinking about modifying your station 3. First you need a way to know if train 1 is blocking train 2 or not, for that you can use " read signal " in a signal that you put where train 2 would be standing when blocked by train 1.

IF there is a train for say more than 20 secondit send signal O like occupied. Then you add another 2x2 train station called station 3 exactly like the one you already have, Just the rail piece before the one you have and having turned off by default.

Now you ask your actual station 3 to read train ID and to turn off when it receive the "signal O" while train 1 is there. If it receive "signal O" but train 1 is not there it means train 2 is first and train 1 behind so it will behave as it was behaving before for that train. When train 1 arrive at station 3 it will wait there in case of acid tanks full everywhere aka the problematic case until station receive "signal O". The train 1 that had nowhere to go because all the station on his path are disabled will find itself 2 tiles off the new station 3 for like 1 second, like the station temporarily move 2 tile behind where it is parked.

This will make him wants to leave the area and join the new station so basically loop around, letting the train 2 access the station. I am not sure this would work fine at first try i may be forgetting some conditions to make it properly function, and it does seems overcomplicated but hey sometimes you got this idea and you challenge yourself to realize it, that's how you discover the easier method and learn stuff i guess, and it feels good when it works.

Would that seems to help in the situation? Maybe you'd prefer to implement something around station 4.Privacy Terms. Skip to content.

Factorio Forums www. Quick links. I'll go ahead by adding my station designs in the next post. This depot is protecting the network against residual items pollution. When a train with left over cargo enters it will remove the depot flag, probably switching the stop into duplicate name error state, and hold the train there safely until all cargo is cleaned out.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Last edited by Optera on Mon Jun 25, pm, edited 8 times in total. My Mods: mods. To prevent timing issues stop output is some ticks faster than the yellow combinator it's waiting until train decoding signals are available before sending unloading signals. Unloading logic uses 2 times unload amount to prevent unloading provided material once a train is slightly overloaded.

To combat these effects I put together this signal filter. Version 1. Can anyone put together a simple depot for a train? I don't think I could play Factorio any more without it. That said, the serious lack of decent blueprints to go with it is rather painful. I spent probably an hour trying to find a decent loader and unloader, and ideally a hybrid blueprint too. At first I was looking for ones that would handle a mixed station, ideally even mixed storage chests; I was disappointed.

Once again, I was disappointed. Even the blueprints included in this forum simply fail to reliably deliver the proper amount of goods; supposedly they are tunable, but the tuning changes as your stack inserter research progresses. Rather than settle for barely adequate solutions, I decided to make my own. It isn't perfect, and I would absolutely love feedback. So far I've only got the 1-wagon loader done, but I'll post the rest as I get them properly working.

Also, to be able to truly handle any request, you need a way to grab the max signal. You can hardcode a bunch of checks, set up at each station, but I wanted it to be fully dynamic. I forked UsefulCombinators and made the Max Combinator operate without filters, and output the magnitude of the max signal. We'll see if its maintainers want to merge the pull request, but in the meantime, you can get my fork of it here. A way to pull a single signal from the list same signal from the station connection and the output connection would be great, but I can't figure out how to do it without hardcoding or using the UsefulCombinator.

Anyway, the station Start with all the chests full of copper ore or at least ish in each. Ask for a delivery of a prime number of ore is what I didor at least not a multiple of your stack inserter capacity. Watch as the train gets too much stuff, then fails to fully unload at the destination because there isn't room for the excess. This also isn't addressing the issues that arise if you have mixed types of items in the chests, and need of one type and of another, which the loader I designed can handle beautifully.

The unloaders have exactly the same problem, offer a train with items, order it to unload items, watch it empty itself, which will happen thanks to the problem with the loaders loading too much. Note that the loader configuration for loading the chests doesn't matter, I'm assuming I'll be able to keep the chests pretty much completely full.In other languages:. The Railway is one of the main transport methods in Factorio.

Although the installation of such a network can be complicated, and requires a large amount of resource and space, it is faster and more efficient than belts and robot logisticsespecially over large distances. Railway construction, however, is not understood instantly. It takes some time to learn the basics, such as automating transportation.

Learning how to manage and maintain upkeep of a larger train network takes time and experience. To build a railway, tracks also called rails must be built for the train to ride on. Typically, this is done via the rail plannerbut can also be done manually. Bear in mind that rails are placed on a two-tile grid, so a rail cannot be moved by only one tile. Locomotives can be entered and then manually operated by standing next to them and pressing the ENTER button.

Be careful when crossing tracks! Trains are one of the highest damaging entities in the game, and will kill most players instantly on contact. A safe railroad crossing like the example shown in the picture can be built.

factorio train depot

This works by restricting access to the tracks when an oncoming train has the rails reserved. When the player is on the rails, the signals are reserved by the circuit networkand the train must stop and wait until the player leaves the tracks.

When a player is inside the area crossing the tracks, the train gates are closed so the player can't get on the tracks outside the crossing. This is to completely ensure a safe crossing, and is often used on servers. The locomotives' inventory is only used for fuel. To attach rolling stock, whether a wagon or a locomotive, the player may either prepare to place one near an existing train, where a green graphic will show the player that the stock will be attached, showing a connection between the train and the new stock.

Alternatively, the player may manually connect rolling stock to trains with the rolling stock connect key, if the cargo wagon was placed far away from a train. Rolling stock can likewise be disconnected with the rolling stock disconnect key.

Train stations are the only place where trains can be loaded or unloaded when they are in automatic mode.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Factorio Store Page. Global Achievements. Ultra View Profile View Posts.

factorio train depot

The title might be confusing to some people so please allow me to explain my problem. For instance leave station x if the inventory is full, Then the train automaticly go to the next station in line.

factorio train depot

This not what I want for my train network. How do I set the train to go to a station if certain conditions are met instead of leaving a station if certain conditions are met.

For instance I want my train to go back and forth between mines until the inventory is full and then go to the ore station and unload. Im also smelting my ores at another area then my main bus I transport the plates using trains. Im also planing on building circuits at another place as well.

Factorio Tutorials: Setting up Oil Refining: Basic & Advanced

My plan is to have different productions at diffrerent areas and then transport stuff with trains. But I only want to send trains to where they are needed.

Do I need to use red and green wires? Im not good at using the circuit network are there any decent tutorials that explain what I want to do? Showing 1 - 15 of 15 comments. Lawlzer View Profile View Posts. Oh my god, this sounds amazing I have no idea how to do it, but it sounds amazing. Acarin View Profile View Posts. You're going to hate this, but if you are really serious about a train system similar to what you asked, you need to read and follow the entire thread below yes, all 20 pages.

Originally posted by Acarin :. I totally agree.Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Factorio Forums www. Quick links. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. My Mods: mods. Rejected features: Reoccurring requests that either can't be implemented or don't align with my vision for LTN. Composition signal is ambiguous outside a specific stop. Dispatch new order at request station viewtopic. Details explained in the topic. Button - Return all Trains to Depot viewtopic.

Relative Thresholds viewtopic. Workaround for this behavior. After you're done rearranging trains send them back to the depot in automatic mode to register with LTN again.

factorio train depot

Use Inventory Sensor instead to have fluids always rounded up. LTN uses a lot of update time in megabases Increase update interval in mod settings. At an update interval of 5 I'm serving over stations at only 0. Warning: Increasing update interval too much will result in requests being created faster than LTN is able to generate deliveries. Check if open deliveries accumulate with LTN Tracker when changing this setting. Board index All times are UTC.Privacy Terms. Skip to content.

Factorio Forums www. Quick links. A: "Ctrl-J" Calls an available shuttle to the nearest filtered if you have one set or currently selected station, "Ctrl-Shift-J" sends the last used shuttle to a depot. Q: Why does the mod report no available depots? A: The depot must be named exactly the same as configured in settings case-sensitive and belong to your force or it wont be recognised. A: Drop me a message in this thread or on the mod portal explaining your proposed feature and why you think its useful and I'll see what i can do Q: What do the OnExit modes do?

Last edited by themadgunman on Thu Feb 06, pm, edited 15 times in total. Re: [MOD 0. My Mods: mods. It works great, exactly like my custom thing. You could also add an option to change the depot name.

Great job thanks again for porting this to. Question: I want to do "positive filter", i. Quite simply, all my PAX stations start with A so they're sorted to topso I'd like to set the filter to exclude everything except stations starting with A. Setting the filter to simply "A" works, but of course excludes my PAX stations. Can you give a hint? So far, it seems great! You did really well with the user experience, which is honestly the most important part of this from a player perspective.

I did find myself surprised that when I summon the train control-click the buttonget in, and select a destination the menu doesn't close automatically. Not a big deal, just unexpected. If not, I'll try and figure out what is really going on. Anyway, I think that if I summon the train, select one destination, and while it is still moving select a different destination, it'll reroute dynamically and only take me to that second location. If the train comes to a stop, though, and I hit that second destination, it tells me no suitable train is available.

I kind of expected "I'm sitting in one" to count there, so if it was possible to check for that situation, it'd help those of us who can't remember if the north east gate, or the north west gate, is the one that just got eaten. Finally, TNfP had one nice feature: you could have it place a temporary train stop to pick you up from, and it would remove it once the train showed up. They used a planer, but I have no real idea what, if any, strategies would be best.

If you, too, would find this useful then perhaps you would consider adding something similar. Board index All times are UTC.Adds a new kind of train stop that can automatically build copies of trains using the circuit network.

Research it, then build it, supply it with locomotives and wagons, hook it up to your circuit network, and send it a T signal set to the ID of the train you want it to clone and it will go to work! It will copy the train schedule and cargo wagon filters as well, and automatically send it on its way when finished. When you place a train depot, a storage container is placed on top of it. This storage container can be connected to the circuit network separately from the train depot in order for you to manage its inventory.

You must fill this container with train parts e. If this container does not have the part that the depot wants to build next, the depot will wait until a part is available. The train counter is a combinator that sends a signal C set to the number of trains scheduled for the station name the combinator is adjacent to.

This implies that it must be placed next to a train stop in order to function correctly. If it can't find a train stop next to it, it will send a -1 on the C signal. Feedback and bug reporting is encouraged. Factorio Login with Factorio. How do I install make mods? Submit mod.

Train Depot by Pendarin. Automatically clones trains at new advanced train stations called train depots. The train to clone is set by a circuit network signal sent to the station. It can clone schedule and filter settings as well as the carriages. Also adds a combinator that sends a signal counting the number of trains scheduled for a station it is placed next to.

Check the mod portal for details on signals and usage. Trains source code Download. Send a -1 or other negative value to disable setting the train mode to automatic. Send a -1 or other negative value to disable copying cargo wagon filter settings. Send a -1 or other negative value to disable copying the train schedule. Note that doing so implies not setting the train mode to automatic. If this signal is not present, 0, or does not match any known train ID, the depot will stop building trains after completing any in-progress builds.

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