Ford ranger years to avoid

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When the Ford Explorer replaced the Bronco II in the automaker's lineup, it quickly gained popularity with consumers. In fact, the first-generation Explorer sold more thanunits per year — outselling the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chevrolet S Blazer by a significant margin — and more thanunits a year by the end of the second generation. Ford sold more Explorers than all import SUVs combined.

Ford Ranger Years to Avoid

Byit was the ninth best-selling vehicle in the U. The Explorer has changed quite a bit over the years, and today it faces increasing competition in the three-row SUV category. To answer that challenge, Ford recently released a completely new version built on a rear-drive-based architecture, and even offers it in high-performance ST and fuel economy-conscious hybrid flavors. As the new Ford Explorer arrives, here's a look back at the Explorer through the years.

Where the Bronco II was a two-door, the Explorer came in both two- and four-door configurations, the latter no doubt increasing the SUV's appeal with families. Power for the first-generation Explorer came from Ford's 4. The engine was mated to either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. Rear-drive was standard, and four-wheel drive was also available. Initially only available in four-wheel drive, a rear-drive model was introduced in Although it shared its sheetmetal with the Explorer, the Navajo was given a unique grille and front bumper, exterior trim, taillights, and wheels.

Interior changes were even more subtle. Two trim levels were offered, with the base model featuring power windows, locks, and mirrors. An available premium package included air conditioning, cruise control, a pop-up moonroof, and more. The Navajo was only offered for one generation.

Although the Ford Explorer Sport was based on the regular four-door Explorer, the two-door model rode on a wheelbase 10 inches shorter. Initially a trim level, the Explorer Sport eventually became its own model.

The Explorer Sport lasted for the first two generations of the regular Explorer, the second-generation Sport outlasting the second-generation four-door Explorer by two years with a face-lift.Last updated: 16 March The Ford Ranger name has been used on three distinct model lines since its creation, being used on and off sincewith the somewhat iconic pickup truck being sold for 29 years.

Keep reading to find out more about Ford Ranger car insurance costs and how you could save on your premiums. To provide you with an example of how much insuring a Ford Ranger could cost, we ran several quotes from a variety of insurance providers. To run these quotes, we used the following information:. Our advice includes:. As standard, the Ford Ranger comes with an array of safety measures, designed specifically for the model. ESC, or electronic stability control, is there to keep your vehicle balanced, no matter the terrain.

In addition, it also has a traction control system and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

1998-2011 Ford Ranger Buyer's Guide (Common Problems, Options, Specs)

As previously mentioned, the safer you can make your vehicle, the lower your premiums may become. For optional safety extras available to the Ford Ranger, visit the Ford website or contact a Ford dealership. Be sure to shop around for the best deal for you as going for the easy option and sticking with the same insurer could mean you end up paying over the odds for insurance that you might find cheaper elsewhere.

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Please don't interpret the order in which products appear on our Site as any endorsement or recommendation from us. Please appreciate that there may be other options available to you than the products, providers or services covered by our service. Car Insurance. Millie Spark. Ford Ranger insurance cost Bottom line. What's in this guide? How can I save on my Ford Ranger premiums? Ford Ranger facts How safe is the Ford Ranger?The Ford Ranger is returning to showrooms in January for the first time in eight years, but whatever happened to the last one?

Not the last-generation Ranger, but literally the final truck to roll out of the Twin Cities Assembly Plant in December before Ford turned out the lights for good. The first truck founder Otto Orkin bought after incorporating in Georgia was a Ford, and the Orkin Rangers became an iconic symbol for the brand.

So, when the company heard that it was going out of production, it asked Ford if it could order the last one. Ford was happy to oblige, and the truck that Orkin ordered is still on display at company headquarters in Atlanta.

Nevertheless, after outfitting the regular cab truck with equipment and sending it on a couple of service visits to christen it, the company took it out of the fleet to preserve it as the last true Orkin Ranger. It then put the extended cab truck to work in Gainesville, Ga. So the last original Ford Ranger is no more. At least as far as anyone knows. As countless classic car find stories have proventhe only way to say for certain that a vehicle has been destroyed is if you were the one that did it.

Meanwhile, the Ranger Orkin held on to is technically not the last. Unfortunately for Ford, like many former Ranger fans who needed a new small truck back then, Orkin announced in that it would be switching to the Toyota Tacoma as its primary vehicle, which it still uses today. But now that the Ranger is back, will Orkin return to it?Introduced in early for the model year, the Ranger is currently in its fourth generation.

Developed as a replacement for the Mazda-sourced Ford Courierthe model line has been sold across the Americas; Ford of Argentina began production of the Ranger for South America in Through its production, the model line has served as a close rival to the Chevrolet S and its Chevrolet Colorado successor and their GMC counterpartswith the Ranger as the best-selling compact truck in the United States from to From toFord retired the Ranger model line in North America, concentrating on its full-size F-Series trucks.

For the model year, Ford introduced a fourth generation of the Ranger after a seven-year hiatus. The first mid-size Ranger in North America, the fourth-generation Ranger is derived from the global Ranger T6 to fulfill North American design requirements. Ford of Argentina has produced Rangers in its General Pacheco facility since ; sincethe facility has produced the global Ranger T6.

For the model year, the Ford Courier was introduced as the first compact pickup truck sold by Ford. Following the rise of the compact truck segment during the s, Ford entered into a partnership with Mazda to market the Mazda B in North America; the Courier would become the first of several jointly manufactured vehicles between the two companies from the s into the s.

Along with minimizing the risk for Ford of developing a vehicle in an unfamiliar market segment, the partnership provided Mazda with critically needed funds. While sharing the cab and chassis with its Mazda counterpart, to increase its sales potential in North America, the Courier adapted design elements of the Ford F-Serieswith twin round headlamps, silver grille, and "FORD" lettering on the hood above the grille. Inthe Courier and B later B were redesigned with a larger cab, redesigned pickup bed, and tailgate.

Following their importation to United States, pickup-truck beds shipped separately from Japan were installed before shipment to dealers. InFord commenced development on "Project Yuma" as a replacement for the Courier.

Project Yuma was centered around quality and fuel efficiency. During design, the body underwent extensive wind tunnel testing, to meet a planned 20 MPG fuel efficiency target on its own, the standard front bumper spoiler added 1 MPG [6] ; its 0. After selling nearly one million F-Series trucks ininFord had yet to gain a profit from its redesign of the F-Series.

Aroundthe Project Yuma truck took on the Ford Ranger name, adopting the name of the mid to upper-level trim used by the Ford F-Series and Bronco since In anticipation of the compact truck line, marked the final use of the Ranger trim for the F-Series and Bronco replaced by XLS for The final Ranger produced on December 16,ended 86 years of production at Twin Cities Assembly as well as the production of all compact pickups in the United States.

InFord made its first plans to end production of the Ranger in North America; although its high productivity spared it from The Way ForwardTwin Cities Assembly built in was the oldest Ford factory worldwide.

The model year was the final model year for retail sales, with a shortened model year for fleet sales; the final North American-market Ranger a white SuperCab Sport produced for pest-control company Orkin was produced on December 16, As one of the best-selling and most popular compact trucks on the road, the Ford Ranger has won over the nation for nearly 30 years.

Launched inthe Ranger was intended to be a domestic answer to the poplar import mini-trucks. Available with either a four-of six-cylinder engine, each 4x4 platform received a Twin Traction Beam front and leaf-sprung solid-axle rear suspension.

With much of the competition opting for a more traditional IFS A-arm setup, the Ranger's TTB front end stood out as a more durable and easily modifiable suspension system. The coil-sprung TTB front end served the Ranger until latewhen it was replaced by a torsion bar and A-arm configuration.

While Ford has continuously improved the power and performance of the Ranger, the basic platform of the truck has remained the same throughout its long run.

The most notable change arrived in with the introduction of the FX4 package. They fitted the Ranger with a grippy all-terrain tire, a Torsen limited-slip rear differential, skidplates, Bilstein shocks, and a spline 8. Though most any Ranger can be built into an off-road juggernaut, some of the compact Ford platforms will get you more on- and off-road performance right out of the box. Compiled here is a guide of what items we think are the most desirable in the Ranger platform.

And while we may not have placed your super-rare four-cylinder diesel Ranger at the top of the list, we feel our picks best suit someone looking for an easily buildable Blue Oval compact.

Ford Ranger

Engines Things to look for: The unveiling of the 4. While the 2. As the years would progress, the hp 4. Though the 4. While some say you should avoid the 3.

Yes, the 4. Things to avoid: There were quite a few engine options available for the Ranger during the early years. For our money, stay away from the four-cylinder unless you have big plans for a V-8 swap or it's the very rare turbodiesel model.

Also, although we still like the 3. Transmissions Things to look for: Manual versus automatic is mostly a driver preference, and in the Ranger world both have pros and cons. The late-model automatic transmissions 5R55E that came behind the 4.

There have been a few changes for the manual transmission suppliers and types throughout the years, but the newer R1-HD five-speed seems to be the best model yet. Though they might have a few more minor issues compared to the autos, we're still a big fan of the manual.

Things to avoid: The early pre-'95 auto transmissions were not known to be extremely reliable. Although the manuals weren't anything to write home about either, they're likely the better option when you're looking at some of the older trucks. Leaky seals and failing slave cylinders are usually the manual transmission's downfalls, so be sure to check for leaks thoroughly before you buy any used Ranger, manual or automatic for that matter. Though both are aluminum housing, chaindriven cases, each had a slew of variations that ranged from electronic and mechanical shifters to a small variety of yoke and flange mount options.

Since we're partial to the '90 and newer trucks, we suggest looking for a truck with a that's equipped with a mechanical shifter. Both cases have the same 2. Things to avoid: Electric shift on a transfer case is never especially attractive to us. If you're looking to get more gearing from your truck, know that your options are currently limited to a DIY doubler or an Advance Adapters geardriven Atlas II transfer case. This is largely due to the limited support for the Ranger transmission's spline output shaft.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Ford Ranger is a solid all-around compact truck with a reliable history of few recalls and complaints. Very few people report major problems, as the truck is considered a fairly low key model. That consistency comes with a few trade-offs. The Ranger is not where you go for major truck innovations—Instead, you get reliability.

A little history review: The Ranger was first introduced to the American market in to compete in the compact pickup truck market. It was the basis for the Explorer SUV, and the line has continued ever since. Then, the model was revived inushering in a new period of growth for the line.

Some people report driving overmiles with earlier models, and easily driving overmiles.

ford ranger years to avoid

The 3L and 4L V6 engines tend to eschew fuel economy in favor of performance. Many models of Ranger have historically had problems with airbag deployment in collisions. A crash is a worst case scenario, but you want a safe vehicle in the event of a worst case scenario. As with most vehicles, rust is always an issue, and the Ranger can be vulnerable to it. It can cause the frame to crack, and can dramatically decrease the value of the vehicle. Especially with automatic transmissions, the engine often outlasts the transmission.

An important thing to note is that all vehicles can end up suffering from transmission and rust issues, as these are directly related to the care and maintenance the vehicle receives. With 7 recalls, this was a more reliable model but had gas mileage issues and some reported engine problems.

What's Wrong with the Ranger?

The,and models are some of the most highly regarded trucks out there, and you likely can spot one if you look out your window right now. Make sure to utilize a registry service like CarFax to get those vehicle history reports!

The first thing you want to do is check for rust.

ford ranger years to avoid

A rusty frame can create enormous problems for the vehicle, so take a look underneath and check out the frame. Next, you should probably take the truck to a reputable mechanic, to see if they can identify anything like leaking fuel hoses, cracks or holes in the transfer case, bent or dented driveshafts, and a number of other problems and issues. Get in touch with one of our camera experts, or start browsing our products to find the best ones for you. Swipe to the left.

Ford Ranger Years to Avoid. Airbag issues Many models of Ranger have historically had problems with airbag deployment in collisions. Rust As with most vehicles, rust is always an issue, and the Ranger can be vulnerable to it. Transmission issues Especially with automatic transmissions, the engine often outlasts the transmission.

Leave a comment. Stay in touch with our Newsletter sign up. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:.With its robust design and spacious interior, the Ford F is a great vehicle for transportation and leisure.

With proper maintenance, F models generally give users years of reliable performance. Over the course of seven decades and more than 13 generations of trucks, Ford is the automotive choice for millions of drivers.

As popular as Ford trucks remain, each model has had its share of problems, though. Whether the issue is aesthetic or mechanical, it is crucial to understand these issues so that you can be better prepared for any common maintenance needs or know what to look for when considering the purchase of a used Ford F For the Ford F, common problems range from interior mishaps to issues with functional components.

ford ranger years to avoid

Ford F problems in models also include engine problems. Ford truck transmission problems have frequently arisen in newer F-Series models. Ford F problems in have prompted a large recall over a faulty transmission gear indicator. Though intended to enhance the technological options of the console, the feature has been found unreliable by many owners.

Consequently, vehicle buyers have threatened the automaker with a class-action lawsuit. The litigants claim the glitchy characteristics of MyFord Touch have disabled certain vital vehicle commands.

For example, complaints have emerged that the prompts of the feature fail to enact the defroster or rear-view camera on Fs. Other reported problems with the feature include diminished temperature control and navigation. One of the biggest problems with F-Series trucks has been a frozen door handle latch issue. In subzero temperatures, the latch will often fail to engage with the door striker. Consequently, the door might fly open when the truck is in motion.

Ford issued a statement saying they would augment the trucks with water shields over the latches to remedy the issue. A transmission issue with the Ford F has led to a recall of 15, trucks. According to the automaker, the speed gear in its trucks is intended to keep the vehicle in the same gear, regardless of the shift-lever position. Unfortunately, the feature has resulted in gearshifts that disengage from the transmission and render the vehicle incapable of shifting.

In the worst-case scenario, the shift lever might read the truck as parked while the transmission is still in motion. Electronic throttle bodies have been a long-reported issue in Ford vehicles.

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