Formula vee bodywork

The Lazer is undoubtedly the best looking Formula Vee on the market. Simply put, the Lazer is a Formula Vee that just plain looks like a racecar!

Formula Vee Racing in the USA

However, the Lazer definitely is NOT all about looks. Attention has bee paid to every aspect of the car, resulting in an all-around great racecar that holds many records and can win on any track. The Lazer is an aerodynamic, great handling, easily serviceable, and ergonomically-designed purpose-built racecar that is just as functional as it is beautiful.

The Lazer package can be customized to fit your needs and fabrication skill level. You can order the Lazer as a complete ready-to-race car, roller, slider, or even just a bunch of parts. Hendricks Racing is all about trying new and innovative ideas.

If you have ideas, see something you like on another car, or want to try a completely new and outlandish system on your Lazer, Hendricks Racing will make it work!

Want a Lazer Formula Ford? BUT for estimation purposes, the following approximate values should be expected:. Includes chassis, body, and all Lazer-specific hardware shifter, steering, suspension, etc. Basic kit plus all required assembly hardware bolts, plumbing, electrical, etc. Everything but the engine Complete kit plus VW parts. He then campaigned the Lazer throughout the Central and Midwest Divisions in with Jerry, winning poles and races and setting many lap records.

The season ended at Atlanta with Steve on pole by 0. Unfortunately Steve spun due to oil on the track and finished 12th, but still set a new lap record, which stood until when it was broken by Bill Wallschlaeger Jerry Knapp passed away in early due to complications arising from Leukemia. The MKII met all its expectations, proving to be a competitive car capable of running at the front of the pack at any track in any division, but Campbell Motorsport continued to search for improvements, such as increasing interior cockpit area.

Through slight redesign and improved construction methods, Campbell Motorsport was able to increase foot room, improve the shifter assembly, completely enclosed the fire system within the fuel cell cover, and make the Lazer easier to service, enter, and exit as well as add a tall roll bar option, which extends the roll bar above the bodywork like many current FC cars.We also have rare original parts, such as radiator ducts, that we have pulled molds from and are now available for the first time in many years.

As the '60s drew to a close, sports racing cars used ever-wider tires that necessitated the addition of fender flares and body alterations, some of which were neither effective nor attractive. One thing leads to another. One of our cars came to us with modified LeGrand Mk18 bodywork. So if you have a LeGrand Mk18, or just want to dress your car to look like one, help us help you!

When we fitted the new Upgrade bodywork to our yellow car, the original bodywork became 'surplus to our needs' as they say. Now, it's not feeling the love. Fully painted and ready to fit, it was made new from original-style molds by Hugh Klienpeter for this car in the late '90s and has never been in a shunt.

Comes complete with headlight covers and bronze-tinted windscreen, just like in the photo. What's New? Website Page Check out the 'What's New? Home Gene Beach What's New? New Vintage-style Beach Bodywork. New Upgrade Beach Bodywork. LeGrand Mk18 Bodywork. Used Bodywork. How to Reach Us:. Message Board. Login Logout Edit page.FVee Registry.

What is a Formula Vee? A Formula Vee is a purpose built single seat formula race car. It is a restricted class based on running gear from a - Type 1 VW Beetle. How restricted you ask? If you have specific questions about FV cars or how to become involved, drop an email to the webmaster link below or see our ' find out more ' page or check our LINKS page if you are interested in making the move to FV.

How can I get started? Why did I choose FV? With the bodywork. Engine: The engine is the 40HP, air cooled, horizontally opposed power plant. The best flowing heads are from the model years with some parts interchangeable to ' The earlier heads do not flow as well and are not competitive.

Rules allow the heads to be ported and polished as long as the valve diameters and port diameters remain stock. Crank is lightened to 16 lbs and optimized for the stroke. Flywheel is lightened to 12 lbs. Rods and pistons are lightened. Typical rings are Dykes for 1st and 2nd with stock oil scraper. Cam is optimized to stock specification.

Cam followers are lightened.

200kg Downforce @ 180kmh - Driving the Thomsen Motorsport Full Aero Formula Vee!

A windage tray is used. Intake manifolds have the heat riser removed. The outside diameter is stock and the minimum weight is 24 oz.


A paper thin venturi is used. Throttle plate is a minimum thickness and diameter. Throttle shaft may be machined. Sophisticated engine builders spend a LOT of time on these last 2 parts. Later model case is used. Stock gear ratios are the only ones allowed. Two final drive ratios are popular 4.

Due to the construction of the gearboxes, a complete transmission swap along with chassis alignment needs to be done for different track configurations. Front suspension: One set of springs are removed from the beam and replaced with a solid sway bar. A ride height adjuster is typically welded in the beam. Spindles are modified to use an offset bushing as the stock arrangement yields positive camber. Some model Vees mine included — Protoform cut off the steering connection to the spindle and a welded plate that reduced ackerman is used.

This helps turn in characteristics. Front shocks using a special kit are mounted behind the upright reducing drag. The higher performance front shocks have an extension limit improving turn in on low speed turns.This Autodynamics Formula Vee racer looks to have been sitting for a while, though logbooks are included as part of the sale.

Condition looks to be pretty good, with solid fiberglass bodywork and a straight frame beneath as shown in the full ad. VW suspension, brakes, steering and drivetrain means these are cake to wrench on, and running costs are about as low as it gets for open wheel racing. Regulations usually keep things pretty mild on these cars, as demonstrated here by a single carb setup. By continuing to use this site and Bring a Trailer, you agree to those Terms of Use and acknowledge the Privacy Notice.

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Cheap Open Wheel Racing: 1966 Autodynamics Formula Vee

Got It!Many of the top drivers of the day participated in the Nassau Vee races, and probably had a hell of a good time doing it. That is, until the final lap, when Gurney pulled out, overtook Foyt, and passed the chequered flag. However, a protest was unofficially lodged on this 'two-engined, eight-wheeled' sedan driven by Foyt and Gurney, and on inspection, it was found that the car driven by Gurney and been 'tuned beyond permissable limits'.

Yet another example of what a great driver could do with Gene's creations. Morgan Wilson, driving a Beach Mk5 in the S2! Go Morg - Gene would be proud of the way you kept his car competetive! It is with great sadness that we note Bruce's passing after a short illness in fall It was such an unfair draw in someone so young and young at heart.

Bruce was always in tiptop shape and well known as one of the happiest warriors at the track. A friend to everyone he met, he is greatly missed. A lesser number of Formcars and Autodynamics were also purchased. Less than two years later, who should turn up at the '66 Bahamas Speed Weeks but a German factory team headed by Jochen Rindt, with one of these 'brand new' cars, the AustroVau. Aside from the VW medallion on the front of the cars, they look strangely familiar somehow What's New?

Website Page Check out the 'What's New? Home Gene Beach What's New?

formula vee bodywork

Formula Vee. Nassau domination. Other Donimations. Northeast Domination. Be honest, now. How many of us have done this?!! Pacific Northwest Vintage Domination. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery How to Reach Us:. Message Board. Login Logout Edit page.The cc engine, 4 speed transmission, link pin front suspension, drum brakes and steel wheels are stock, modified stock or or equivalent parts.

The chassis is a tube frame design and the body is generally fiberglass or aluminum. The intention of this class was and still is that the average person could race and maintain the car with minimal expenditure, and it has proven itself successful for over 55 years. The class is not only about controlling cost but to enhance competition by controlling technological advances and emphasizing driver ability.

Maintenance cost varies significantly and will be mostly related to tires and amortization of the motor rebuilds if you don't have crash damage. On the good side, a lot of crash damage can still be fixed using junk yard parts and a lot of laborbut 'race ready' parts can be purchased from a number of entrepreneurs around the country if you want to skip some of the labor stuff.

The minimum weight is pounds with driver. One of the most interesting aspects of the class is that, cars built for the class 30 years ago can still be competitive today - that says a lot about class and rules stability as well as cost containment. FV was also third in competition number ranking across all SCCA classes in '07, '08 and '09 and continues that reign today.

Although conceived and implemented in the US inthe world wide class of FV truly took off in when Formula Vee took hold in Europe. It proved very popular as a low-cost route into formula racing and quickly gravitated to other parts of the world. Today's FV series is still strong and is generally one of the largest classes during any racing weekend. The best way to learn more about Formula Vee racing, is to offer to offer to help a racer out as a member of their crew.

There is always work to be done to get race ready and no one will turn down a free helping hand and you get to get your hands dirty on a real life race car. One of the current goals is to create and maintain a registry of all active Vee drivers in the United States - including all sanctioning bodies beyond SCCA. This website will attempt to be a central repository of information about the class. Please register if you are an active racer, involved in a team or interested in getting closer to the FV sport.

Are you currently racing or crewing FV? Sanctioning body. About Formula Vee. Want to get started? FV Registry.You can also list all of your scripts. To create a new script, you need to POST a string containing at least the source code to the script base URL. All you need is a valid source code and your authentication variable set up as shown above. See the list of available input types. Example: "my new script" outputs optional Array A list of variables with their name, type, and optional description, defined in the source code of script, that will conform the outputs of execution.

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formula vee bodywork

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formula vee bodywork

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