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Nembrini Audio proudly presents the new Analog Rack Bundlea collection of 13 classic guitar effect pedals revisited and redesigned for the new digital era. Nembrini Audio has taken the guitarists most preferred analog and digital effect pedals and has repacked it in new rack style plugins easy to use and extremely powerful at the same time, with the addition of a custom design tube preamp virtual circuit which gives color to the signal in a very special way.

Just insert one of the Analog Rack Bundle plugin in your tracks to hear its beautiful analog tube coloration! This collection is ideal not only for Guitarist, but for every Musician, Producer and Audio Engineer in search of the last milestone in Analog and Digital Fx plugin emulations!

Add to Cart. Release Version 2. BPM Sync, stereo spread circuit and a very juicy sound! This beautiful little beast is FREE too! Analog Rack Chorus : a very simple but powerful Chorus plugin inspired by the most famous Chorus pedals and rack effect units. FREE for everyone! Analog Rack Phaser : one knob for a fantastic Phaser Fx inspired by the famous orange Phaser 90 pedal. Analog Rack Flanger : a Fx plugin which let you apply beautiful Flanger Fx to each track with three simple knobs.

Analog Rack Tremolo : pretty simple and effective tremolo Fx plugin. Analog Rack Screamer : a very special overdrive pedal emulation inspired by the famous green stomp box. Analog Rack Fuzz : a custom design fuzz distortion plugin inspired by the glorious red Fuzz pedal. Analog Rack Compressor : a compressor plugin ideal to sculpt the dynamic of your guitar with an easy to use interface.

Analog Rack Guitar Equali z er : a 7 bands graphic eq plugin especially tuned for guitar, inspired by the compact Japanese eq pedal. Analog Rack Bass Equalizer : another 7 bands graphic eq plugin with selected frequency bands for bass guitar.

Analog Rack Cleaner : high pass and low pass filters in a single rack Fx plugin to clear up low-end rumble and high frequency noise.

FREE for all users! Analog Rack Noise Gate : a very simple but powerful noise gate plugin especially tuned for guitar and bass. This is another FREE plugin! Latest iLok drivers are recommended.Well that was pretty rotten to do. Bad enough to shamelessly steal but then to sue people for calling you on it is just pretty abysmal.

Suing people for forum posts about the similarity of your product to another, however, is quite simply over the line. I hope this stuff doesnt effect the company too much and that it doesnt slow down the testing and work on more new instruments and reissues alike. In the spirit of transparency I like to share the complaint which is now attached. Some time ago an employee of DSI had posted false and slanderous statements about our company on multiple forums. We put both the employee as well as DSI on notice and received a signed cease-and-desist letter from the employee where he assured us that he would refrain from such future comments.


In the reply of DSI, the company also stated that it has instructed all employees to stop making any derogatory statements against us. Unfortunately and despite the signed declaration, the individual working for DSI chose to continue to make slanderous claims and hence we were forced to take legal action.

It is important to understand that this is not a legal action against a mere individual but a representative of a competitor. If the employee had stopped his actions as agreed, the case would have never been filed.

We fundamentally believe in free speech and criticism as this is the only way for us to learn. However words do have consequences and those coming from competitors and the media can be very harmful. A litigation is always the last resort and we certainly do not enjoy action of this sort.

However we will not allow competitors to step on our Tribe. Behringer has been copying other companies since day one — it is how they got into business years ago copying more than one companies mixers. In fact amongst professional musicians it is and has been known as the place to get lower cost lower quality versions. If the courts uphold this — it is yet another anti-innovotion stance.

As long as greed rules the world is not a nice place for people with insight, creativity, or inventiveness. Exactly, DSI has 15 employees, Behringer is a multinational corporation with around employees. I took a tour of the Moog factory a few years ago, and was surprised at how they churned out so many synths with what looked like a dozen or less people. Most of the staff did stuff unrelated to the actual building of synths.

gearslutz new product

DSI subcontracts out to another local company for manufacturing, but DSI is only a little more than a dozen people. Oberheim is literally just Tom. Punitive damage. I was mildly interested in the Neutron but not anymore. Too many synths already to support a company that acts like this. Unless its just another clever ad campaign. Scratching my head on this one Uli mate…. This kind of legal nonsense goes on all the time and is nothing new, look at Apple and Samsung suing the hell out of each other on an almost daily basis, this is without even starting about Patent Trolls!

Invention gains customers not a legal team. Ridiculous he is fighting any battle with a music group that involves his work. Thanks in advance for the links. Lol, grow up. All no saints.

Dave Smith made great synths but invented nothing himself.Mac Pro systems tested with an attached 5K display. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of Mac Pro. All-new, completely redesigned Mac Pro delivers maximum performance, expansion and configurability.

Designed for maximum performance, expansion and configurability, the all-new Mac Pro features workstation-class Xeon processors up to 28 cores, a high-performance memory system with a massive 1. Pro Display XDR features a massive inch Retina 6K display with gorgeous P3 wide and bit color, an extreme 1, nits of peak brightness, an incredible 1, contrast ratio and a superwide viewing angle, all at a breakthrough price point.

Together, the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR are the most powerful tools Apple has ever put in the hands of pro customers and will change pro workflows forever. With Retina 6K resolution, gorgeous color, extreme brightness and contrast ratio, and a highly functional design, Pro Display XDR delivers the most comprehensive set of features ever offered on any display at this price point.

Smooth handles allow users to easily move Mac Pro around the studio. Mac Pro features an aluminum housing that lifts off for degree access to the entire system. Tremendous Processor Power and Massive Bandwidth Designed for customers who demand the ultimate in CPU performance — for workflows like production rendering, playing hundreds of virtual instruments or simulating an app on a dozen iOS devices at once — Mac Pro features powerful Xeon processors up to 28 cores, with 64 PCI Express lanes for tremendous performance and massive bandwidth.

It also provides over W of power along with a state-of-the-art thermal architecture to allow the processor to run fully unconstrained all the time.

Steinberg - New UR USB-C Audio Interfaces - Gearslutz @ AES 2019

State-of-the-art thermal architecture allows the Mac Pro processor to run fully unconstrained all the time. Enormous Memory Capacity and Expansion For pros working with the largest projects, analyzing huge data sets or running multiple pro applications, Mac Pro provides enormous memory capacity to meet needs as they grow. And with eight PCI Express expansion slots, which is twice that of the previous-generation Mac Pro tower, pros can customize and expand their system in ways never before possible in a single workstation.

Mac Pro features powerful Xeon processors up to 28 cores and delivers tremendous performance and massive bandwidth. Its groundbreaking graphics expansion architecture, the Apple MPX Module, features Thunderbolt integration and over W of power, both firsts for any graphics card. Mac Pro graphics options start with the Radeon Pro X.

With Afterburner, video editors using high-quality cameras that require the conversion of native file formats into proxies for easy editing can now use native formats right from the camera and decode up to three streams of 8K ProRes RAW video and 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video in real time, 1 virtually eliminating proxy workflows. Stunning Modular Enclosure with Degree Access The design of the new Mac Pro starts with a stainless-steel space frame with an aluminum housing that lifts off for degree access to the entire system.

The frame provides a foundation for modularity and flexibility, and incorporates smooth handles for easily moving Mac Pro around the studio. The housing also features a stunning lattice pattern to maximize airflow and quiet operation. For customers who want to rack mount their Mac Pro in edit bays or machine rooms, an optimized version for rack deployment will be available this fall.

Three fans move air through Mac Pro, keeping the system cool. Performance to Transform the Pro Workflow With up to 28 core Xeon processors, 56 teraflops of graphics performance and the groundbreaking Afterburner card, the new Mac Pro delivers performance that will transform pro workflows.

A number of pro app developers are seeing amazing results that have never been possible in a single workstation. For additional performance results for the all-new Mac Pro, see apple.Very recommended!

You must be logged in to post a comment. The Tuco Compressor is based on vari-mu tube technology with feedback topology. Although it has similar characteristics to the classic. Far away from studios. Once you engage it, it already has the tube character, with a little bit of tube. BY: LIC. This website uses cookies to provide you the best browsing experience on our website.

gearslutz new product

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Facebook-f Twitter Instagram.When purity is paramount. A linear phase EQ with unparalleled clarity. For mastering ears, and other discerning engineers.

Colleague Bob Katz recommended EQuilibrium, an insanely versatile tool, which Tischmeyer used for teaching. However, he could not find a satisfying alternative which would take the place of his original PEQ Orange. The idea was born to reissue this masterpiece and make it available as 64 bit in all common formats and for macOS. We just want to have it back in 64 bit and for Mac. As a power user, Tischmeyer had some other ideas in mind regarding the UI. He wanted to make it more flexible and faster to use because there is no other tool in the mastering chain an engineer spends so much setup time with.

The result? What I like too is that I have an overview of all Sections as opposed to just one Section at a time.

For clean up and control duties, bring the power and purity of thEQorange to bear for all your surgical equalizing tasks. The same applies to our thEQorange. The result sounds natural, and suddenly the stereo image opens up — not as a side effect of the EQ but rather more as a result of creating space so that everything falls into the right place instead of fighting against each other.

Furthermore, I use it as my preferred low cut to go. Yes, despite it is being a linear phase EQ. Most mastering engineers would not do that because of the fear of pre—ringing artifacts. For me, it is always a question of trade offs when it comes to the choice of a proper low cut in mastering.

This can create a kind of transient smearing because different frequency components of the same transient event do not appear at the same time any longer known as Group Delay.

This could be a very tiny delay but enough to create an unnatural sense which is why I tend to avoid minimal phase EQs for low cutting.But you may not know that they now make a virtual instrument, a loop player called Bass Master, available as a bit VST and AU plug-in. Bass is bass, right?

This recent addition to their product line is a clean looking loop player that comes with over MB of samples, some in stereo, some mono, all from Loopmasters who have been producing excellent professional quality samples for 15 years. Without even reading the manual I could see there are two layers for each sound, a Top Layer and a Sub layer, and to the right of the layer sample setting windows are an ADSR and A-R control for the Top and Sub layers respectively.

Some samples usually with Loop in the name loop indefinitely, although when used in the Top layer, can be made into one-shot sounds if the sustain setting is set below maximum. The Sub layer will always play an entire sample, looped or one-shot, but still has the attack and release settings for further sound shaping. Some of the looped samples have a separate key-release sound, which adds even more texture to the results.

This composite view shows the Top Layer loop selection window, its six categories and some of the samples in its Mid category on the left side and the ten Preset categories with some of the Smooth category presets near the middle. Above the Top layer loop selection window is a slider control marked Sample Start, and it does exactly that, moving the start point of the sample later in time and without creating any pops or crackles.

This affects only the Top layer, but when combined with the Sub layer greatly expands the sonic possibilities. To the right of this section is a Mixer section with two faders clearly marked Top and Sub, and of course they adjust the levels of the two layers. This switch will bypass subsequent effects for the Sub layer only, which yields a more distinct contribution from this source, though you can switch it off and send both layers through the effects for more variety.

But the next section is where it really happens! The Filter and LFO controls enable modifying the millions of possible sounds from the first two sections over time and frequency. Not only are there the usual filter types 13 of themkey tracking, cutoff frequency, resonance, amount controls, and filter ADSR envelope, but also a Pre-Drive level control that can greatly change the colour of the sounds by adding harmonics. This filter section can add a lot of motion to the basic sounds, even pushing resonance into self-oscillation if you like that sort of thing.

But my favourite controls are next, right below the Filter section - LFO. The phase control adjusts where in its cycle the LFO modulation starts when a note is triggered. And the Trigger switch controls whether the LFO starts at the same point whenever a note is sounded or is free running in which case the Phase control has no effect. One of my favourite finds was that the Shape control not only has the usual sine, triangle, saw, random etc. And every control can be varied while a sound is playing, and the effects take place in real-time with no clicks or zipper noise.

And when you move any control with a mouse, a small window pops up showing you the value of the parameter you are setting. Top notch programming!

gearslutz new product

There is still the entire lower half of the Bass Master to further process your sounds by this time I was wondering how I could possibly need any more modulations or effects! There is a Global section that affects the overall sounds with legato and portamento settings and glide time adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds. In case you forgot, portamento always glides from one note to the next, but legato only glides if a new note is played while the last note is still held.Which compressor on snare?

Why use robots in your studio? Our good friends at Tegeler Audio Manufaktur are running one of the coolest video-making contests we have ever seen!

sE Electronics

Want to participate? Click below for all details. Nonlinear Labs releases C15 Software Update. Eventide Releases Undulator Plug-In. Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Advertise on Gearslutz. See more of Gearslutz on Facebook. Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Hello can anyone help,i have the wpm gear4music in ear monitors, Playing in a 4 piece covers band and the sound from the in ears is really distorted when close to the mic, and the headphone Jack into the transmitter has to be slightly clicked out to get it both ears.

If fully in only in left ear. Is it this cause it's cheap? But seen descent reviews before purchasing. And help would be appreciated. See more. Mattias Lundberg. I just bought the se v7 and I do think I t sounds better than However, I'm having a lot of feedback problems which I didn't have with the sm Anyone else hade the same experience? What to do?

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