Hilversum population

hilversum population

A small Jewish community existed in Hilversum as early as the first half of the eighteenth century. At the time, the community prayed in a private home in the Kerkstraat, near the Groeststraat.

Inthe city fathers of Hilversum approved the statutes of the Jewish community and in the leadership of the community received permission to build a public house of prayer. The consecration of the new synagogue, located on the Zeedijk, took place in Beginning inthe Hilversum community was granted the use of a cemetery located on the Gooise Vaart. This cemetery remained in use until when the community obtained ground on the Vreelandseweg for a new cemetery and was cleared away in Official organizations of the Hilversum community included a seven-member synagogue council and a council for assistance to the poor.

Voluntary organizations included a burial society, several charitable societies, and a study fellowship. A women's society provided for the upkeep of the synagogue and for the support of needy new mothers.

The Jewish school was located in a building on the Zeedijk that also served as the residence of the community's teacher. Inthe building was renovated and two full stories were allotted to the school. Early in the nineteenth century, most Jews in Hilversum worked as traders or butchers.

Jews also were visibly represented amongst the market and street vendors of Hilversum. In the field of manufacturing, two members of the Jewish De Rood family each opened carpet weaving factories.

hilversum population

By the end of the nineteenth century, the rise of industrialization caused the number of Jews in Hilversum to grow and also led greater professional diversity among them. By far the largest increase in the Jewish population of Hilversum occurred between and Hilversum and surroundings was the site of a number of central medical and social facilities maintained by Dutch Jewry.

These included the S. Rudelsheim Foundation and Beth Azarya home for retarded children, the Beth Refu'a sanitarium, and the children's health colonies of the Friedman Foundation. The De Bergstichting for adoptive children and children from needy families was located in the nearby town of Laren.Hilversum is a medium-sized town in the Gooi area of North-Holland in the Netherlands. Once called the Garden of Amsterdammost travellers still come over to cycle and hike through the surrounding forests and heath.

The city is also known for its modern architecture, with Dudok's Hilversum Town Hall Raadhuis Hilversum being the most significant design. For Dutch people, Hilversum became synonymous with the Dutch media industry since one of the first and tallest radio aerials was built here in the s to broadcast worldwide on shortwave. Unlike most of Western Netherlands, Hilversum is actually in a hilly area with the soil mostly consisting of sand.

The city is between the major cities of Amsterdam and Utrechtand most travellers visit it for a relaxing day off from the urban madness. The forests, lakes and heathlands surrounding the city can best be discovered by bicycle or on foot. Most of the lands are property of the Goois Natuurreservaat Foundation GNRa non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the nature reserves. Another goal is to connect nature reserves that have been separated by motorways and other human-made structures. For this end, the wildlife crossing Zanderij Crailo was completed inand it currently is the largest wildlife crossing in the world.

It connects the Spanderswoud and the Bussumerheide heath, and is part of a larger programme to connect nature reserves from the Utrecht Hill Ridge to Naarden. The city itself is also green and breezy with trees pretty much everywhere. A total of different types of trees to be exact, the largest variety of species in the Netherlands. Typical for the city is the way forests and city building naturally blend into each other.

Hilversum has been called a 'villa village' villadorpfor its many villas with large surrounding gardens. The botanical garden Pinetum Blijdenstein is the most remarkable one, with an enormous collection of rare and endangered trees and plants, some of which are exotic.

It is also home to one of the most complete collections of conifers. Hilversum is one of the first inhabited areas of the Netherlands, as shown by earthenware from the early to mid-bronze age BCE. This prehistoric civilization is called Hilversum Culture and is characterized by the use of cremation burial under round barrows set in round barrow cemeteries.

The urns show similarities with the Wessex Culture of Southern Britain, where the population might have migrated from. In the early Middle Ages, Hilversum was an agricultural area. Aroundthe first bricks were laid, but no official mention of Hilversum was made until Then called Hilfersheemetymologists explain the name of Hilversum to derive from Hilvertshem, which means 'houses between the hills'.

First the town was a part of Naardenwhich is also worth a visit for its medieval remains, but it received an official independent status in Daily life was characterized by farming, raising sheep and wool manufacturing. Economic growth came in the 17th century when Holland became one of the richest trading nations in Europe.

Canals were built to indirectly link Hilversum with Amsterdam, though fires in and destroyed most of the town. A railway link to Amsterdam in aided a substantial textile and tapestry industry. Rich traders from Amsterdam built themselves large villas in the wooded surroundings of the town, which still characterize the city. One of the families moving in were the Brenninkmeijers, currently the wealthiest family of the Netherlands.

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Many of these wealthy families were Catholics, giving Hilversum a relatively Catholic demographic compared to the Protestant surroundings. As Hilversum never got city rights, locals still refer to the town centre as 'the village' het dorp. In the early s, modern architects W. Dudok and J.SinceBussum has been part of the new municipality of Gooise Meren.

Bussum had a population of 33, in and covered an area of 8. For a long time Bussum was not more than a hamlet situated amongst the heathlands of Het Gooi and was first mentioned in In this time, Bussum was a large heathland with many small farms, sheep pens and forests as is shown on old maps.

Since Bussum is situated near the fortified town Naarden it was governed by Naarden from onward. In Bussum was inhabited by about people, which made it the smallest village in Het Gooi. Bussum became independent from Naarden inyet it was not until the arrival of a railway line in that Bussum began to flourish. Two train stations were built in the town, that still exist today: Naarden-Bussum and Bussum Zuid Dutch for Bussum Southboth on the connection between Amsterdam and Hilversum.

The stations and the road network fostered the town's status as a satellite town of Amsterdam, allowing for reverse commute also to Hilversum. From untilBussum housed the first Dutch socialist colony after the example of Thoreau 's Waldenset up by the writer and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden.

InBussum hosted the first Dutch national TV broadcast and the national TV studios were located there until Bussum was set to merge with the local municipalities of NaardenMuiden and Muiderberg on 1 January In Octoberthe combined town councils chose the name Gooise Meren for the new municipality, the other options being Naarden-Bussum and Naardingerland.

The last municipal council of Bussum consisted of 23 seats, which were divided as follows :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Town and former municipality in North Holland, Netherlands. Coat of arms. CBS Statline in Dutch.

Retrieved 12 March Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland in Dutch. Het Waterschapshuis. Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 1 January Archived from the original on Retrieved Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Located in the heart of the Gooiit is the largest urban centre in that area. It is surrounded by heathlandwoodsmeadowslakes, and smaller towns. Hilversum is part of the Randstadone of the largest conurbations in Europe. Hilversum has one public library, two swimming pools Van Hellemond Sport and De Lieberga number of sporting halls and several shopping centres such as Hilvertshof, Winkelcentrum Kerkelanden, De Riebeeckgalerij and Winkelcentrum Seinhorst.

Locally, the town centre is known as het dorpwhich means "the village". Hilversum is often called "media city", since it is the principal centre for radio and television broadcasting in the Netherlands, and is home to an extensive complex of radio and television studios and to the administrative headquarters of the multiple broadcasting organizations which make up the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system.

Hilversum is also home to many newer commercial TV production companies. Radio Netherlandswhich has been broadcasting worldwide via shortwave radio since the s, is also based here. The following is a list of organizations that have, or are continuing to, broadcast from studios in Hilversum:.

One result of the town's history as an important radio transmission centre is that many older radio sets throughout Europe featured Hilversum as a pre-marked dial position on their tuning scales. Dutch national voting in the Eurovision Song Contest is normally co-ordinated from Hilversum. Hilversum has a variety of international schools, such as the Violenschool and International School Hilversum "Alberdingk Thijm".

Earthenware found in Hilversum gives its name to the Hilversum culturewhich is an early- to mid-Bronze Age, or β€” BC material culture. Artifacts from this prehistoric civilization bear similarities to the Wessex Culture of southern Britain and may indicate that the first Hilversum residents emigrated from that area. At that point it was a part of Naardenthe oldest town in the Gooi area. Farming, raising sheep and some wool manufacturing were the means of life for the Gooi in the Middle Ages.

In Hilversum received its first official independent status. This made possible further growth in the village because permission from Naarden was no longer needed for new industrial development.

The town grew further in the 17th century when the Dutch economy as a whole entered its age of prosperity, and several canals were built connecting it indirectly to Amsterdam. In and large fires destroyed most of the town, leveling parts of the old townhouse and the church next to it. The town overcame these setbacks and the textile industry continued to develop, among other ways by devising a way to weave cows' hair.

In the 19th century a substantial textile and tapestry industry emerged, aided by a railway link to Amsterdam in From that time the town grew quickly with rich commuters from Amsterdam moving in, building themselves large villas in the wooded surroundings, and gradually starting to live in Hilversum permanently.What are the postcodes of Hilversum?

On this page you will find postcode information about Hilversum and extensive geographical and demographic data. Hilversum has 9 districts and 42 neighbourhoods. You can also view the postcode data of Hilversum by neighbourhood and district. A few postcodes of the place Hilversum.

How many postcodes Hilversum has? Hilversum has 2 postcodes. Via the 4-digit postcode number you will find every postcode of Hilversum.

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How many streets does Hilversum have? Hilversum has streets. See the list of all streets of Hilversum on the page overview streets Hilversum and find the corresponding postcodes. These are all postcode numbers of Hilversum, find the underlying postcodes per postcode number. In total Hilversum has 15 postcode numbers. Hilversum is a place in the municipality Hilversum in the province Noord-Holland.

Hilversum has 2 postcodes with streets and Hilversum is divided into 9 districts and 42 neighbourhoods. Hilversum has a total surface area of 4 km 2 of which 73 km 2 consists of water and 4 km 2 of land. In Hilversum there are in 41 households with 87 inhabitants.

Below you see a number of districts in Hilversum, the complete overview with the districts of Hilversum can be seen on the page district overview Hilversum. In Hilversum a total of 9 districts can be found.

hilversum population

Hilversum has 42 neighbourhoods of which a number of neighbourhoods are shown below. See the page neighbourhoods overview Hilversum for an overview of all neighbourhoods in the place Hilversum. Read more about our cookies on the page: privacy policy. View and configure cookie settings. Home Provinces Places Municipalities Contact. Hilversum postcodes and streets The overview of the postcodes and streets of Hilversum. Neighbours and districts of Hilversum Overview of the neighbours and districts Hilversum.

View and configure cookie settings You can change your preferences for the following cookies: essential functional analytic marketing save.Population, 95, Hilversum has plants for the manufacture of electrical equipment and enterprises of the pharmaceutical industry.

Hilversum, Netherlands

It is the center of radio and television broadcasting in the Netherlands. Hilversum developed as a garden city in the 20th century around the radio station and has become an important center of modern Dutch architecture. The city has notable structures designed by W. Dudok, as well as the Zonnestraal sanatorium β€”29, architects J.

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Duiker and B. Bijvoet and the radio station β€”61, architects J. It is the center of Dutch radio and television broadcasting; the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is there. Manufactures include chemicals, machinery, carpets, metal goods, telephone equipment, and furniture. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Her office is located in Hilversum, the Netherlands - about 20 minutes outside Amsterdam.

Zoonotic Endocarditis in a Man, the Netherlands. Ericsson signs global partnership agreement with Endemol International B. Foodborne trematodiasis and Opisthorchis felineus acquired in Italy.

hilversum population

Encyclopedia browser? Full browser?Hilversum is a municipality in North Holland. It is a smallish city, with a population of just under 90, people. It is quite a hill covered area that has easy reach to woods, forests, lakes and large green areas. Starting in the early 20th century, the name Hilversum has been connected with Dutch broadcasting. The industry has grown from its simple beginnings to the collection of broadcasting and multi media organisations that are based there today.

The earliest signs of habitation around the Hilversum area go back as far as the Bronze age. Although it was not until the early 14th century that a mainly agricultural community was known to have existed there. But the town was not an independent entity in its own right until the early 15th century.

This allowed the townspeople of Hilversum to make their own decisions as to industrial and economic development of the area, with the result that the town grew quickly in terms of both industry and also, population. But in the early and mid 18th century there were huge fires that burnt most of the town to the ground. Rebuilding however was swift and prosperity soon returned in the shape of, mainly textile industries to which Hilversum had traditionally been home.

In the railway came to the area and brought with it improved transport links that brought about more expansion in the town, with not only goods being transported to Amsterdam more quickly, but also, as the transport allowed reduced journey times, wealthy workers from the capital moving into the more green and pleasant surroundings of Hilversum.

But this growth in the newer industries was happening while the traditional manufacturing base was in decline. Due to this, there was a large jump in property prices and meant that many workers moved to other areas. There is a train station in the airport and there are good road transport links as well. Train travel in the Netherlands is usually quick, clean and on time and Hilversum is no exception to this.

There are 3 train stations in the town, Hilversum Noord and Hilversum Sportpark, but most trains arrive at Hilversum central station. There are usually about 4 trains an hour From Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol airport. There are also fast trains from Berlin and Hanover, as well as Utrecht and Amersfoort. If you are travelling by car, there are lots of hire car agencies in both Schiphol Airport and central Amsterdam.

Hilversum is easily accessible from the A1, A27 and A2 motorways. It is not always easy to get around Hilversum by car, due to the traffic and lack of parking. Also when you do find somewhere to park the prices can be very high. There are good bus services in in the city making it very easy to get around without the need for a car. If you are not travelling too far then you can do like the Dutch do and take a bicycle. Although there are some hills in the area, it is still easily accessible by bike and you can hire them in the town fairly easily.

If you would like to travel by taxi, there are several taxi ranks in Hilversum, including one at the station. It houses a good and varied collection from the local area, featuring the industrial and agricultural aspects of the town in both its recent and medieval history.

The Sound And Vision Experience is a well put together museum, recording both the radio and television history of the Netherlands and has many different displays from the Dutch media from its early beginnings to the present day.

postcode Hilversum

The tower of the The Great Church, is the oldest building in the town, being built in the late 15th century. The rest of the building was rebuilt in the late 19th century. The church has been burned down several times, but is now fully restored. The Hilvertshof shoppingcentre, along with the Kerkstraat, are the best places to find the large multinational and national stores that you would expect to find in any large Dutch town.

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