Interlocking tube coupling

Part Number: B4WK. Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here. If you are building a cage or any other type of tube work that you need to be removable our interlocking tube couplings are a great option.

These tube couplings will work great for roll cages, removable engine cages, exo cages or any other tube work that you might need to be able to remove on your jeep, rock crawler, side by side, etc.

This coupling is designed to be used with 1. The two halves of the coupling are designed to interlock so the bolts do not take all of the stress, making this a much stronger design than other couplings on the market. Quantity Add to Cart. Write a Review. Add to Gift Registry.

'Boss' Interlocking Hose Clamps

Description Customer Reviews If you are building a cage or any other type of tube work that you need to be removable our interlocking tube couplings are a great option.

Good product, best customer service! I ordered these and had some issues in the shipping process, not Barnes fault. I emailed Barnes and had the issue resolved immediately. No questions asked. Thanks for the awesome service.

Pros: The amount of material and machining involved in making these is unbelievable for the price. Pieces have a good tolerance; not loose, but not too tight. Exactly as expected. Shipping was extremely fast. I received a shipping notification a few hours after I placed the order, and they were here two days later. Cons: The packaging was a bit pathetic. They came in an unpadded or very little padding? The package was ripped open and one of the bolts was missing. Not a huge deal under a dollar at the hardware storebut still A friend ordered some spring perches from here around the same time, and his packaging experience was the same.

Arrived ripped and falling out. Improve the packaging, and this is a 5 star product, as I'm sure it was when it left your facility. Building a roll cage for the Jeep. I wanted to have access to the dash. With these bungs it makes it posdposs.

I will say this.We built a number of unique features into these that sets them apart! At TMR Customs we manufacture the world's best roll cage clamp! Gone are the days of threading in one fastener from the front side, and one fastener from the back side. Now you can mount our tube clamp extremely close to other components on your chassis without interference issues! No need to worry about stripping out the tapped holes in your clamps. The nylock nuts key into the machined pocket, eliminating the need to hold them with a wrench or socket when tightening.

This makes it much easier to align the clamps, especially after they have pulled from welding, or the tubes have slightly tweaked from a roll over or crash. United States Country. Our Return Policy. Very nice quality, I enjoyed pulling them out of the box and seeing that there were no burs, it wasnt covered in oil, it was immediatley evident that these folks take pride in there work!

I will be shopping at TMR again very soon!! Thank you Joe. We take a ton of pride in the parts we manufacture so it's nice to know it's noticed. Have a great day! These allowed me to be able to remove the front section of my cage if I need to for other work.

Awesome product. I also used the smaller clamps for my custom Datsun. Really like the chamfer edges for easy removal. We are building a removable front end including the rad support for easy removal of the Hellcat motor.

We have used these for my removable door bars on my 70 Datsun. Many of my friends have been using them for there removable cages. Close menu. Axle Rebuild Parts. Axle Truss Kits. Differential Covers. Disc Brake Components. Drive Flange Kits. Transfer Case Supports. Dimple Dies. Weld Spacers.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Adjustable clamping levers replace hardware in applications that require frequent adjustments and repositioning. They allow users to quickly adjust components without the use of tools.

Vibration isolation mounts are suitable for the elastic mounting of machine units such as motors, compressors and pumps as well as use on machine doors, elevators, and other applications where a cushioned axial stop is desired. Established inRuland focuses on the design and manufacturing of high performing shaft collars and couplings.

All products are carefully manufactured in Marlborough, Massachusetts factory under strict controls using proprietary processes. Our latest technical article " How to Choose the Best Hex Key Set " discusses the different types of hex keys on the market and what selection factors one should consider when shopping for a new set. Modular mounting systems are highly customizable systems that can be found in many different industrial, food processing, and packaging environments. They are used to mount sensors, coolant hoses, screens, and more.

Double Wide. Heavy Duty. Thin Line.

interlocking tube coupling

Set Screw. Bearing Locknut. Beam Couplings. Bellows Couplings. Controlflex Couplings. Disc Couplings. Jaw Couplings. Oldham Couplings. Slit Couplings. Friction Bearing. Needle Bearing. Drill Stop Kits. Spanner Wrenches. Torque Screwdrivers. Torque Wrenches. CNC Tool Shelves. Star Knobs.A coupling or a coupler is a mechanism used to connect rolling stock in a train.

The design of the coupler is standard, and is almost as important as the track gaugesince flexibility and convenience are maximised if all rolling stock can be coupled together. The equipment that connects the couplings to the rolling stock is known as the draft gear or draw gear.

Compatible and similar couplings or couplers are frequently referred to using widely differing make, brand, regional or nicknames, which can make describing standard or typical designs confusing. Dimensions and ratings noted in these articles are usually of nominal or typical components and systems, though standards and practices also vary widely with railway, region, and era. The basic type of coupling on railways following the British tradition is the buffer and chain coupling.

A large chain of three links connects hooks on the adjoining wagons. These couplings followed earlier tramway practice but were made more regular. Buffers on the frame of the wagon absorbed impact loads, as the train over-ran a slowing locomotive. The simple chain could not be tensioned and this slack coupling allowed a lot of back-and-forth movement and banging between vehicles. While acceptable for mineral wagons, this coupling gave an uncomfortable ride for passenger coaches, and so the chain was improved by replacing the centre link with a turnbuckle that draws the vehicles together, giving the screw coupling.

A simplified version of this, quicker to attach and detach, still used three links but with the centre link given a T-shaped slot. This could be turned lengthwise to lengthen it, allowing coupling, then turned vertically to the shorter slot position, holding the wagons more tightly together.

Higher speeds associated with fully-fitted freight made the screw-tensioned form a necessity. The earliest ' dumb buffers ' were fixed extensions of the wooden wagon frames, but later spring buffers were introduced. The first of these were stiff cushions of leather-covered horsehair, later steel springs and then hydraulic damping.

The link-and-pin coupling was the original style of coupling used on North American railways. After most railroads converted to semi-automatic Janney couplersthe link-and-pin survived on forestry railways.

Interlocking Tube Couplers

While simple in principle, the system suffered from a lack of standardisation regarding size and height of the links, and the size and height of the pockets. The link-and-pin coupler consisted of a tube-like body that received an oblong link. During coupling, a rail worker had to stand between the cars as they came together and guide the link into the coupler pocket. Once the cars were joined, the employee inserted a pin into a hole a few inches from the end of the tube to hold the link in place.

This procedure was exceptionally dangerous and many brakemen lost fingers or entire hands when they did not get them out of the way of the coupler pockets in time. Many more were killed as a result of being crushed between cars or dragged under cars that were coupled too quickly. Brakemen were issued with heavy clubs that could be used to hold the link in position, but many brakemen would not use the club, and risked injury.

An episode [ which? To avoid the safety issues, Karl Albert, then director at the Krefeld Tramwaydeveloped the Albert coupler duringa key and slot coupler with two pins. Cars to be coupled were pushed together, both couplings moving to the same side.

interlocking tube coupling

One pin was inserted, then the cars were pulled to straighten the coupling and the other pin inserted. This operation required less exact shunting. Due to the single-piece design, only minimal slack was possible. The system became quite popular with tram systems and narrow gauge lines. During the s most cities replaced them with automatic couplers.

But even in modern cars, Albert couplers get installed as emergency couplers for towing a faulty car.Display Options. Already know the part number you need?

interlocking tube coupling

Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly. If you are an international customer and would like to change the currency that prices are displayed in, you can do so here. What is this? Tube Clamps, Interlocking, 1. Wall, Chromoly, Each. Loading Tomorrow Estimated International Date Loading Today. Diameter, Each.

Tube Diameter, Each. Accessory Bracket, Aluminum, Clamps-On, 1. Accessory Clamp, Aluminum, Black, 1. Accessory Clamp, Roll Bar, 1. Roll Bar Clamps, Window Net, 1. Diameter, Aluminum, Black, Pair. Roll Bar Clamps, 1. Tube Diameter, Aluminum, Black, Each. Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required!

Roll Bar Clamps. Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Search Within Results. Narrow Your Results. Loading, Please Wait Sold individually.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

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We reserve the right to withdraw or to alter the specification of any product without notice. For more information, please consult our Terms of Business. Our hand rail systems are comprised of galvanised tube and malleable iron pipe clamp fittings, providing a total solution for use in a range of applications.

Implementing grub screws and tightened with hex or Allen keys, our systems are ideal for use as handrails and safety rails, bicycle racks, structure support, hanging rails, trolley bays and much more. Our fittings and fixings also include a swivel range for sloped applications, or where awkward angles need to be accommodated. Home Key Clamp Handrail Systems. Key Clamp Handrail Systems. More Info.

interlocking tube coupling

Useful Info: Our hand rail systems are comprised of galvanised tube and malleable iron pipe clamp fittings, providing a total solution for use in a range of applications. Pipe Clamp Rails. Short Tee - Long Tee - Adjustable Tee - Adjustable Cross - Wall Plate - Base Plate - Plastic Plug - Ground Socket - Retro Fit Clamp - Gate Eye - Gate Hinge - Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket - Structural Offset Side Palm Fixing - Structural Flush Side Palm Fixing - Offset Swivel Tee - Short Swivel In-Line Tee - In-Line External Tube Connector - In-Line Internal Tube Connector - Retro Fit Clamp on Tee - Combination Socket - Pipe size is an industry designation, not the actual size.

View information about how to measure threaded and unthreaded pipe and pipe fittings. Also known as KF, QF, and NW fittings, these fittings are for high-vacuum applications, such as vacuum coating and heat treating, leak testing, and analyzing gases. For high -vacuum systems with tube sizes too large for quick-clamp KF fittings, choose these bolt-together fittings.

Use these fittings at pressures up to 9, psi. Also known as instrumentation fittings, they are made to tight tolerances for use in high-precision applications. Fittings have two anti-torque rings that compress the gasket to prevent rotation and reduce particle generation in high-vibration applications. Polished to a 15 Ra and under finish, these fittings have a mirror smooth interior.

They are also known as ultra-high-purity fittings. The flat face of the fitting connects to a tube adapter so you can slide the tubing and fitting sideways to disconnect in cramped spaces. They are also known zero-clearance fittings. Butt-weld fittings allow for a smooth, flush connection that provides maximum flow.

Twist these fittings onto high-vacuum tubing to quickly make sealed, high-vacuum connections without the need for clamping, welding, or tools. An alternative to bolt-together fittings, these handle larger tube OD sizes and have higher vacuum ratings than quick-clamp fittings.

Also known as ISO-K high-vacuum fittings, the clamps have claws that grab hold of fittings with flanged ends. A built -in shut-off valve stops airflow when the fittings are disconnected from tubing. Made entirely of nickel-plated brass, these fittings have better corrosion resistance than unplated brass fittings. Use at pressures up to psi. Designed for use in welding applications, these fittings are flame retardant. They have a special seal that reduces friction to allow for continuous rotation.

You don't need a clamp to secure these fittings to tubing. They have a nut on the barbed end that tightens to holds the tubing in place. Made of stainless steel, these fittings have better corrosion resistance than brass fittings.

Color-code fittings for easy identification. These aluminum fittings have good corrosion resistance, but are lighter in weight than brass.

Aluminum fittings have good corrosion resistance, but are lighter in weight than brass. The nickel plating on these fittings provides better corrosion resistance than unplated brass fittings.

Couplings are plastic, which is lighter in weight than metal couplings. Lighter in weight than metal quick-disconnect couplings, these couplings are plastic.

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