J frame holster

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j frame holster

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Our holsters, made just for you. This ensures that when you order from us, you will receive the highest quality holster around, that will be more durable and last longer. We instill the importance of quality and customer support in the High Noon Holsters team. We appreciate the loyalty in our customer base and we welcome all new visitors and customers who visit our website. We thank you for your business with the hopes that High Noon Holsters will always be your destination one stop shopping for the best holster in America!

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5 Best J Frames For Concealed Carry

Contact Call Us P.One special need for revolver guns with hammers is to protect your side from the hammer by means of our Side Guard. Go to the linked pages to see more information on holsters for your Charter Arms Revolvers.

OWB Recommendations: The Slide - Great concealment pancake style holster that makes the small J-frame very concealable and comfortable to carry all day on your belt under a t-shirt or other cover garment.

The Side Guard protects the gun from you and you from the gun especially the hammer. Very stable small holster.

Quick Clip or Quick Snap - These holsters are a reinforced opening holster that work very well for revolvers. Another benefit of this smaller holster is the connection point is just behind the cylinder to make it much more comfortable to carry. This holster is choosen by many revolver carriers.

Min Clip or Min Snap - Smallest and thinest holster with a single piece of leather. These holsters work well for appendix carry and those that want the least bulk for carrying their revolvers. The connection is just behind the cylinder to minize bulk. Has all the benefits of the Quick Clip or Quick Snap.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If a person prefers a compact revolver to a slimmed down compact auto, then J-frame concealed carry may well be the way to go. Snub-nosed Smith and Wesson revolvers were THE concealed carry gun for a long time, and are still some of the best. Whether you're looking for a primary carry gun, deep concealment pistol or reliable backup, there are few inexpensive concealed carry revolvers as good as a J-frame.

Here are the best of the lot for concealed carry. It's optimized to conceal easily, to carry easily, and to use easily. Usually, a concealed carry gun has some compromise built into it at some point. The doesn't. For starters, it's one the Airweight models, as it's made with an aluminum alloy frame and barrel, with a stainless steel cylinder. Unloaded weight is a scant 15 ounces, so it can be easily carried all day.

Hammer-fired pistols can easily snag on clothing during the draw, which is why many concealed carry revolvers are hammerless double-action-only, meaning the trigger pull is long and tough. However, the has a shrouded hammer and can therefore be cocked for single-action operation without compromising the concealability nor ease of shooting. The synthetic grips do a good job of soaking up recoil, and the sights are low-profile for an easy draw.

Capacity is 5 shots of. It has every refinement one could want from a concealed carry revolver and can be obtained for not very much - which makes it as close to a perfect concealed carry revolver as one could possibly get. Some people just won't settle for anything less than a. It's slightly larger than the standard J-frame, as it has a slightly longer barrel 2. However, what does the slightly larger dimensions and weight increase over the base models get you?

Naturally, being chambered for that round also nets the ability to shoot. The Model 60 is hammer-fired, so one does have to take that into consideration, but the hammer is not as obtrusive as it would be on other pistols. Additionally, the sights are low-profile, for a smooth draw from concealment.In this article, I will discuss the best J frame holster. J frame revolvers are small, typically five- round cylinder revolver. Larger revolvers are designated as K, medium L large or N extra-large frames.

J frame guns will typically be chambered for. There are also some.

The Best J Frame Holster (for IWB, OWB, Ankle, Pocket & Shoulder)

While semi-autos are the sidearm of choice for police, Federal agents, military, and armed civilians, there is still a thriving market for revolvers. Semi-autos carry up to 16 rounds, and can be re-loaded quickly by swapping mags. However, they are also prone to jamming, and having so many rounds available can make for sloppy marksmanship. I own three revolvers, A Ruger SP Gear Garage Co. Flag Kydex. Considerations for choosing the best J frame holster include high quality, safety as measured by Retention level and a fully covered trigger and trigger guard, comfort, concealment, and a smooth draw and re-holstering.

Your holster should last for years. I noted the well-worn faded and scuffed leather holster worn by a VT Chief of Police, which attested to his many years on the job. Your J frame holster must be comfortable enough so that you will make it part of your EDC Every Day Carry or off duty carry without hesitation, and you should forget you are even wearing it until you need it. The trigger and trigger guard should be covered by the holster to minimize the risk of an accidental discharge when you draw your weapon.

Your J frame holster should be unobtrusive under your clothing if worn concealed, and you should be able to return it to the holster smoothly, without fumbling and looking. J frame guns are by definition, small and concealable. The holster for a J frame gun should be small, lightweight, and unobtrusive. A pocket holster is another option for concealed carry. The OWB holster carries to gun either displayed or concealed under a coat or jacket. Or long t-shirt or sweatshirt.

The pocket holster is minimal alternative to putting the gun in your pocket, where it could snag when you try to draw it, or slip and slide out of place with movement.

The ankle holster holds the gun against your ankle, under your pant leg for maximum concealability, and is very accessible while sitting. It may take practice to draw, and you can either reach down for it, or raise one leg like a crane to access it.

Holsters of any kind will also help separate the law abiding armed civilian from the low level thug. If you are stopped by the PD as to why you are carrying a firearm, you will have a lot more credibility if your gun is on a holster, instead of shoved down your pants like criminals tend to carry.

A gun stuck in your waist band is also a bad idea because you can lose it, you will have to reposition it if you have to take your pants down to relieve yourself or for other activity, and you may shoot yourself if you go fumbling for it.

This is an ambidextrous, brown leather, suede lined, Level I Retention holster with rugged double stitching, a sweat shield, and a black steel spring clip. It will cover the trigger and trigger guard of a J frame gun. Like all leather holsters, it will require some breaking in before it fits your gun and molds to your waist comfortably. It retails for under 50 dollars which is very reasonably priced. This holster is a good balance of price, function, and simplicity.

This is an ambidextrous black neoprene band, black surgical grade elastic, Level II retention holster.Modern semi-autos have been trying to replicate the durability, reliability, and safety that comes organically to the design of the revolver. This is an article about which holsters make the most sense for carrying a J-Frame revolver and why the J-Frame is such a good concealed carry firearm.

j frame holster

Part of the reason is its diminutive size, but heavy firepower, and still easy handling. Part of it is, of course, the legendary build quality, reliability, and durability of the platform. Produced continuously in different model ranges sincethe J-Frame was the first to use a coiled mainspring, which has become an industry standard for small revolvers. Currently, the powerhouse.

A J-Frame holster will hold only the smallest carry revolvers like the J-Frame, which has about ten unique basic model ranges, not including varying material options, sighting options, and barrel lengths. Generally, for. First, and most importantly, you don't have to worry as much from a safety or re-holstering perspective — the double action trigger pull weight and difficulty near impossibility under normal conditions of a negligent discharge or accidental discharge makes the safety aspect a back seat consideration.

This allows you to focus on more important concealment-centric considerations and overall build style and options for the holster. These are our recommendations for the best J-Frame holsters:.

The Best J Frame Holster (for IWB, OWB, Ankle, Pocket & Shoulder)

Through the lens of above listed considerations, we have reviewed some of the best J-Frame Holsters available in the market. This is the simplest holster on the list, and one of the finest construction methodologies for a revolver, though we might disagree that an IWB is the ideal revolver situation. The design is also legitimate though, and the great retention from the cone-shaped sleeve design means you're getting one of the best IWB fits of any revolver holster, especially with the textured nap of the sued material which keeps the holster stationary during a draw cycle.

Simplicity wins the day here with this design and for anyone who absolutely needs IWB carry, this is an obvious top-tier contender. If you are fed up with all the new-fangled tech, add-on, happy gun culture or the poor-quality imports that flood the market in every hot new product segment, this is the holster for you — provided you need an IWB inside waistband holster.

The simple sleeve design cradles your high-end J-Frame in a blanket of soft conforming suede that helps to keep the holster in place during your draw and makes sure you can avoid printing with the front half of your revolver inside of your waistband.

The quality of construction is unmatched nowadays in the industry at this price point and Relentless is relentless about their customer support and service. While it would have been preferable from a durability perspective to have a Kydex gun component, this is decidedly a Fobus holster, and their durability is pretty amazing already.

The seriousness of the design of this holster is hard to match. The form-fitted plastic that contains your J-Frame allows good tension control and positive locking for your firearm. The paddle attachment secures the holster to your hip on an OWB configuration and is comfortable and strong. The lifetime warranty is amazing, and the draw is smoother than just about any other revolver holster.

From an innovation and technology perspective, few holsters can compete with the Fobus J3 variant. Easy maintenance rounds out a bevy of features many competitors are jealous of. The bulk on this holster is outweighed by the innovations it brings to the table. It is a seriously well-thought-out holster for those who want to carry a revolver in a modern implement.

The sure engagement on the trigger guard for the retention of the gun and the smooth draw potential means you are getting a very premium holstering and de-holstering operation. The lightweight and adjustability for a hip holster are very good. The anti-snag sight channel helps to get a clean, fast draw.Bobby Mac is a recognized specialist in snubnose revolver holsters.

This pancake type offers a good balance of speed and retention. When I first became a peace officer more than thirty years ago, most of us carried a J-frame as a backup on duty and as a primary off duty. The J-frame is the right combination of reliability, portability, and power. A semi-auto would jam at the first shot. This makes the revolver a top choice for backup use.

But there is another advantage often left out in reports concerning the J-frame: the two-inch barrel J-frame may be brilliantly fast from leather.

With a properly designed holster, the J-frame practically leaps into the hand. At close range, the short sight radius is fast on target. I would never say the J-frame is easily mastered, but the type may be used well.

The Gould and Goodrich ankle holster was designed for rugged police duty. Should you carry anything less? This holster even laces into boots if necessary. I have noted that many shooters come to my class with a handgun that is a non sequitur to the problem at hand.

But some come to the class with a good choice. Among these are the young shooters who have recently qualified near the top of the class with a snubnose. It can be done, and when you have mastered the J-frame.

j frame holster

During my last few years in police service a rookie officer took a matter to the chief that he and I disagreed on. His wife had purchased a stainless Walther PPK. I did not allow him to qualify or carry the piece. This rookie asked the chief to intervene.

Maxwell Smart did indeed carry a concealed hammer. Firing a snubby. Two discoveries: Most hollowpoints other than Hornady Critical Defense plug with fabric; and you will need a new pocket holster. There are three types of snubnose. By far the most suitable for concealed carry is the concealed hammer version. Then there is the choice of frame material.

I find steel frames most comfortable to fire and the aluminum frame handguns more easily carried. When it comes to holstering the J—frame, some folks just drop the gun in their pocket. You need a good holster. The choice in J-frame holsters is wider than that offered by, say, Commander. This is simply because the J-frame.At Galco Gunleather, we know the importance of having durable leather gun holsters that make it fast, safe and easy to draw and re-holster your EDC firearms.

Those values are why Galco Gunleather is the ideal site to shop for an incredible variety of leather gun holsters, ammo carriers, and other gun leather accessories! We carry a vast array of leather gun holsters, made for many different makes and models of guns as well as several different carry methods. Shop with Galco for the best leather revolver holsters, pistol holsters, concealed or open carry holsters, shoulder holster systems, ankle holsters -- you name it, we have it. And we also offer custom exotic leather gun holsters, made to order by our own craftsmen from animal hides and skins such as alligator, shark, stingray, and ostrich.

Shop with us for high quality, stylish and dependable ways to go armed in your daily life. Handbags Women's Top Picks.

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