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Nikon's products include camerascamera lensesbinocularsmicroscopesophthalmic lensesmeasurement instrumentsrifle scopesspotting scopesand the steppers used in the photolithography steps of semiconductor fabricationof which it is the world's second largest manufacturer.

Nikon's main competitors in camera and lens manufacturing include CanonSonyFujifilmPanasonicPentaxand Olympus. Nikon is a member of the Mitsubishi group of companies keiretsu. Over the next sixty years, this growing company became a manufacturer of optical lenses including those for the first Canon cameras and equipment used in cameras, binoculars, microscopes and inspection equipment. During World War II the company operated thirty factories with 2, employees, manufacturing binoculars, lenses, bomb sights, and periscopes for the Japanese military.

Inthe first Nikon-branded camera was released, the Nikon I. Duncan was working in Tokyo when the Korean War began. This would cause some early problems in Germany as Zeiss complained that Nikon violated its trademarked camera.

From to the Nikon F in particular was therefore labeled ' Nikkor '. Nikkor is the Nikon brand name for its lenses. Another early brand used on microscopes was Joico[13] an abbreviation of "Japan Optical Industries Co" [ citation needed ]. Expeed is the brand Nikon uses for its image processors since The Nikon SP and other s and s rangefinder cameras competed directly with models from Leica and Zeiss.

However, the company quickly ceased developing its rangefinder line to focus its efforts on the Nikon F single-lens reflex line of cameras, which was successful [14] upon its introduction in For nearly 30 years, Nikon's F-series SLRs were the most widely used small-format cameras among professional photographers [ citation needed ]as well as by the U.

Nikon popularized many features in professional SLR photography [ citation needed ]such as the modular camera system with interchangeable lenses, viewfinders, motor drives, and data backs; integrated light metering and lens indexing; electronic strobe flashguns instead of expendable flashbulbs; electronic shutter control; evaluative multi-zone "matrix" metering; and built-in motorized film advance.

However, as auto focus SLRs became available from Minolta and others in the mids, Nikon's line of manual-focus cameras began to seem out of date [ citation needed ].

Why does everyone hate Ken Rockwell?

Despite introducing one of the first autofocus models, the slow and bulky F3AF, the company's determination to maintain lens compatibility with its F-mount prevented rapid advances in autofocus technology. The much faster lens performance permitted by Canon's electronic focusing and aperture control prompted many professional photographers especially in sports and news to switch to the Canon system through the s. The company also has a Coolpix line which grew as consumer digital photography became increasingly prevalent through the early s.

Then, management changes at Nikon led to new camera designs such as the full-frame Nikon D3 in latethe Nikon D a few months later, and mid-range SLRs. Nikon regained much of its reputation among professional and amateur enthusiast photographers as a leading innovator in the field, especially because of the speed, ergonomics, and low-light performance of its latest models. Once Nikon introduced affordable consumer-level DSLRs such as the Nikon D70 in the mids, sales of its consumer and professional film cameras fell rapidly, following the general trend in the industry.

In JanuaryNikon announced it would stop making most of its film camera models and all of its large format lenses, and focus on digital models. Nevertheless, Nikon is the only [ citation needed ] major camera manufacturer still making film SLRs.

Both the high-end Nikon F6 and the entry-level FM10 the sole remaining models following the discontinuations [29] remain a part of Nikon's current lineup as of March [update]. Although few models were introduced, Nikon made movie cameras as well. The cameras had a special gate and claw system to improve image steadiness and overcome a major drawback of Super 8 cartridge design. The R10 model has a high speed 10X macro zoom lens. Nikon has shifted much of its manufacturing facilities to Thailandwith some production especially of Coolpix cameras and some low-end lenses in Indonesia.

Nikon D780 Full Review by Ken Rockwell

The company constructed a factory in Ayuthaya north of Bangkok in Thailand in By the yearit had 2, employees. Steady growth over the next few years and an increase of floor space from the original 19, square meterssquare feet to 46, square meterssquare feet enabled the factory to produce a wider range of Nikon products.

Byit had more than 8, workers. The range of the products produced at Nikon Thailand include plastic molding, optical parts, paintingprintingmetal processing, platingspherical lens process, aspherical lens process, prism process, electrical and electronic mounting process, silent wave motor and autofocus unit production. The Thai facility also produces most of Nikon's digital "DX" zoom lenses, as well as numerous other lenses in the Nikkor line.

The main purpose of the joint venture is to further strengthen the corrective lens business of both companies.It features Programmed, Aperture Priority and full Manual exposure modes. The camera was manufactured in black or silver finish. The viewfinder shows times from 1 sec. The topmost and bottommost LED will flash if the f-stop on the lens is not in the smallest aperture position in Program auto exposure mode.

This particular speed is mechanically controlled and can still be used if the battery fails. It can be disabled with a switch on top of the camera. A nice feature of this camera is the fact that it doesn't have an off switch it does not draw energy when set to "B" and therefore, unlike the Nikon FM -series or Nikon FE -series, the film advance lever doesn't not have to be pulled out for the camera to operate without a motor attached.

The camera can use Nikon Ai and AiS lenses, as well as early autofocus lenses in manual focus mode. The Nikon G-series lenses are not compatible. While most camera repair shops can no longer repair this camera, many specimens in excellent condition can still be found in the used camera market at modest prices. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Nikon FG Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. Community content is available under GFDL unless otherwise noted.Willard Frederick Rockwell, Sr. March 31, — October 16, was an American engineer businessman who helped shape and name what eventually became the Rockwell International company. He created and directed a number of major corporations with a wide range of products for the automobile and aviation and related industries.

By the s he was a leading figure in American defense industries. Born in Boston, Massachusettswhere his father was a contractor, Willard attended public schools before attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for three years.

In he was the chief engineer for several small companies. Inhe moved to ClevelandOhiobecoming manager of a company making axles for automobiles and trucks. Inhe started his first company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He sold it to the Timken-Detroit Axle Companystaying on as its manager, and also a director of Timken.

He became president of Timken inand chairman of the board During World War IIit produced 80 percent of the axles for large army trucks, and 75 percent of the armor plate for tanks. Simultaneously he was president of several smaller companies. He merged them into Timken in to form the Rockwell Spring and Axle Company, of which he was chairman of the board. Inhis conglomerate was renamed the Rockwell Standard Corporation, and became one of the largest suppliers of parts to the automobile and truck industry.

It produced a wide variety of automobile parts, such as transmissions, gears, springs, bumpers, and especially axles for trucks, buses, streetcars, tractors and other motorized vehicles. Rockwell was always an engineer at heart; He received several patents, such as one in for an "improved double reduction and reversing differential axle construction especially useful for bus axles. Rockwell became interested in aviation after the war, and produced a wide variety of engine parts, as well as a small executive aircraft.

Expanding beyond transportation, his companies made meters for the gas and water industries. He also made power tools, valves, taxi metersand parking meters. For example, the Pittsburgh Equitable Meter and Manufacturing Company was a conglomerate, comprising many companies that manufactured items ranging from water meters to ball bearings. The company became a major player in the space race of the s. It was renamed Rockwell International in Numerous major corporations brought Rockwell onto their boards, including banks, insurance companies, and railroads.

Rockwell came from a Yankee family and married Clara Thayer, a descendant of John Alden who arrived aboard the Mayflower in The couple had five children, Kay, Janet, Willard, Jr. He was a Baptist and Republican.

Rockwell Jr. Willard Sr. Rockwell into the family business, making him president of Timken-Detroit Axle toas well as other roles.

Huffington Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Willard Rockwell. BostonMassachusetts. PittsburghPennsylvania. Rockwell International.

Rockwell Kent

Lynde Bradley Arthur A. Collins Clayton M.Rockwell Kent June 21, — March 13, was an American painter, printmakerillustrator, writer, sailor, adventurer and voyager. Rockwell Kent was born in Tarrytown, New York. Kent was of English descent. In his mids he moved to an Adirondack farmstead that he called Asgaard where he lived and painted until his death.

Kent studied with several influential painters and theorists of his day. He studied composition and design with Arthur Wesley Dow at the Art Students League in the fall ofand he studied painting with William Merritt Chase each of the three summers between and at the Shinnecock Hills Summer School of Artafter which he entered in the fall of Robert Henri 's class at the New York School of Artwhich Chase had founded.

An undergraduate background in architecture at Columbia University prepared Kent for occasional work in the s and s as an architectural renderer and carpenter. In Kent ventured to Monhegan IslandMaine, and found its rugged and primordial beauty a source of inspiration for the next five years.

His first series of paintings of Monhegan were shown to wide critical acclaim in at Clausen Galleries in New York. Among those critics lauding Kent was James Huneker of the Sunwho praised Kent's athletic brushwork and daring color dissonances. A transcendentalist and mystic in the tradition of Thoreau and Emersonwhose works he read, Kent found inspiration in the austerity and stark beauty of wilderness.

After Monhegan, he lived for extended periods of time in Winona, Minnesota —Newfoundland —15Alaska —19Vermont —Tierra del Fuego —23Irelandand Greenland ; —32; — His series of land and seascapes from these often forbidding locales convey the Symbolist spirit evoking the mysteries and cosmic wonders of the natural world.

In the late summer ofKent and his nine-year-old son ventured to the American frontier of Alaska. Wildernessthe first of Kent's several adventure memoirs, is an edited and illustrated compilation of his letters home. The New Statesman London described Wilderness as "easily the most remarkable book to come out of America since Leaves of Grass was published.

Kent's small oil-on-wood-panel sketches from Alaska—uniformly horizontal studies of light and color—were exhibited at Knoedler's as "Impressions.

Approached in by publisher R. Donnelley to produce an illustrated edition of Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Less well known are Kent's talents as a jazz age humorist. As the pen-and-ink draftsman "Hogarth, Jr. He brought his Hogarth, Jr. Two of these glass paintings are in the collection of the Columbus Museum of Artpart of the bequest of modernist collector Ferdinand Howald.

Further decorative work ensued intermittently: inVernon Kilns reproduced three series of designs drawn by Kent Moby Dick, Salamina, Our America on its sets of contemporary china dinnerware. His pen, brush, and ink drawings were reproduced on the covers of the pulp magazine Adventure inleading Time magazine to say that "if it were distinguished for nothing else, Adventure would stand apart from rival 'pulps' Ostensibly staying away from the state of Massachusetts to protest the Sacco and Vanzetti executions ofKent did in fact venture to Dennis in June to spend three days on the scaffolding, making suggestions and corrections.

The signatures of both Kent and Mielziner appear on opposite walls of the cinema. Kent traveled three times to Greenland. He first sailed there in the summer of and his adventures and misadventures are recounted in the best-selling N by E He spent two years and above the Arctic Circle in a tiny fishing settlement called Igdlorssuit or Illorsuitwhere he conceived some of the largest and most celebrated paintings of his career.

Among his many cross-cultural encounters in Greenland was with Leni Riefenstahl, the famed German actress who was briefly in Illorsuit with the film crew of S. Kent's own movie-making aspirations, including a quasi-documentary film featuring the Inuit, are documented in Rockwell Kent and Hollywood Jake Milgram Wien,cited below. Many of Kent's historic photographs and hand-tinted lantern slides are reproduced for the first time in North by Nuuk: Greenland after Rockwell Kent Denis Defibaugh,also cited below.

As World War II approached, Kent shifted his priorities, becoming increasingly active in progressive politics. Inthe Section of Painting and Sculpture of the U. Treasury commissioned Kent, along with nine other artists, to paint two murals in the New Post Office building at the Federal Triangle in Washington, DC; the two murals are named "Mail Service in the Arctic" and "Mail Service in the Tropics" to celebrate the reach of domestic airborne postal service.Hey all, People often link to Ken Rockwell for his reviews.

I don't really see why He seems pretty experienced, and even has a page making fun of people who spend more time reading reviews than actually taking photos. He has a nice house, two nice cars The thing is, I haven't ever seen any of his photos that aren't snapshots illustrating technical details. Each page has a photo of the lens wide open, a crop from the corner, a photo of his kids Does he actually walk around on the street with his cameras, or go for hikes and travel?

He's mentioned a lot of photo clubs that he's in. Does anyone have any links? Charles, you must be new to photography for not knowing his website.

Ken Rockwell is just like everybody, he might be interesting, give good advice, and may sometimes say something untrue or uninteresting whatever. Take what is interesting, and leave what is not, just the way you do with your friends or coworkers.

His equipment advice is pretty darn accurate.

ken rockwell wikipedia

I dislike the oversaturated color pictures in is gallery. I just read a little more of his site. I admire the guy for being so controversial, well known, and profitable with just a website.

He didnt quit his day job until recent years, works hours a day at his website according to him and You have to give the guy credit for doing things, but his Website reminds of the thought someone had about Issac Asimov. Late in Issac's life a colleague became concerned about all the knowledge that would be lost when Issac dies.

Another colleague said, "Don't worry, he has written everything he knows, whether or not we wanted to know it or not.He won a record 23 tennis Majors, [2] including 8 Grand Slam singles titles and, before the Open Eraa record 15 Pro Slam titles; [3] overall, he reached a record 35 Major finals.

He won the Pro Grand Slam in Rosewall won 9 slams in doubles with a career doubles grand slam. He is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Rosewall was one of the two best male players for about nine years and was the World No. He was ranked among the top 20 players, amateur or professional, every year from through Rosewall is the only player to have simultaneously held Pro Grand Slam titles on three different surfaces — At the Australian Open he became the first male player during the open era to win a Grand Slam tournament without dropping a set.

Rosewall won pro world championship tours in, and the WCT titles in and A natural left-hander, he was taught by his father to play right-handed. He developed a powerful and effective backhand but never had anything more than an accurate but relatively soft serve.

He was 1. He was, however, fast, agile, and tireless, with a deadly volley. His sliced backhand was his strongest shot, and, along with the very different backhand of former player Don Budgehas generally been considered one of the best, if not the best, backhands yet seen. Rosewall was born on 2 November in HurstvilleSydney. His father, Robert Rosewall, was a grocer at Penshurst, New South Wales and when Ken was one year old they moved to the Rockdale where his father bought three clay tennis courts.

He was a natural left-hander but was taught to play right-handed by his father. He played his first tournament when he was nine and lost to the eventual winner.

ken rockwell wikipedia

At age eleven Rosewall won the Metropolitan Hardcourt Championships for under fourteen. In October at the age of 15 and still a junior player, Rosewall reached the semifinals of the New South Wales Metropolitan Championships not to be confused with the New South Wales Championshipswhere he was defeated by the world-class adult player Ken McGregor.

Instill only 17, Rosewall reached the quarterfinals of the U. Championshipsupsetting the top-seeded Vic Seixas in the fourth round in five sets before losing to Gardnar Mulloy in five sets. Rosewall was only 18 years old when, inhe won his first singles title at a Grand Slam event after defeating compatriot Mervyn Rose at the Australian Championships. He was the top seed at Wimbledon but lost the quarterfinal match to Kurt Nielsen.

Championships, where he was defeated by Tony Trabert in straight sets. Rosewall, however, won the fifth and deciding rubber of that tie, defeating Seixas in four sets. Rosewall won the singles title at the Australian Championships for the second time indefeating Hoad in the final in three sets.

He did not play in the French Championships because it did not fit in the preparation of the Australian team for the Davis Cup.

ken rockwell wikipedia

At the U. Championships, Trabert defeated Rosewall in the final in three sets. InRosewall and Hoad captured all the Grand Slam men's doubles titles except at the French Championships, from which Rosewall was absent. Rosewall, however, prevented Hoad from winning the Grand Slam when Rosewall won their final at the U. Championships in four sets. Rosewall won 15 of the 17 Davis Cup singles rubbers he played those years, including the last 14 in a row. Promoter and former tennis great Jack Kramer tried unsuccessfully to sign the "Whiz Kids" Lew Hoad and Rosewall to professional contracts in late But one year later, Rosewall accepted Kramer's offer on 30 December Rosewall played his first professional match on 14 Januaryat Kooyong Stadium in Melbourne against the reigning king of professional tennis, Pancho Gonzales who won after a close five-set match.

In their series of head-to-head matches in Australia and the U. Pro in Cleveland, Ohio in April.I want to talk about something that is pretty important to me and has been bugging me for a while. I made an account for just this purpose.

I just read a post on this site in which people hated on Ken Rockwell. In this one instance, he said that the 10 with arrows around it on Nikon lenses means that you will have to throw it out after ten years, when what it really meant was that China regulates the materials in it or whatever.

What I do not understand, however, is why all of his other articles receive so much hate. I have searched the title of this post in Google already, don't send me to another thread, because I have already read the one on this site and one on another site. What I mainly saw though, were comments on his writing style and forgetfulness and less on his photography advice.

I actually really like his writing style, he comes across to me as authentic and carefree. Could all you Ken haters point of specific misinformation regarding photography? I know that he exaggerates some things and says that certain lenses are the best ever. I don't read his site because I want to read a textbook, I enjoy his writing style, and anyone with even a little intelligence knows the difference between hyperbole and fact.

The reason this has been bothering me is that I read his entire website last summer when my family and I were at the beach.

ken rockwell wikipedia

I am not an idiot and I didn't feel like I was being manipulated or mislead at all in his writings. I learned a lot and the improvements in my photography were huge and immediate, and I can't understand why someone that helped me so much can be hated by so many. The Fujifilm X-T is a low-priced mirrorless camera with a stunning 3. Dive into our review to see how it ranks against its peers. We think Fujifilm's XV is the best choice for a photographer's carry-everywhere camera in Provided you can find somewhere safe to take pictures, of course.

Take a look through our full review to find out more. With improved autofocus and a large touchscreen interface, we found ourselves really enjoying it. With a fast lens, GPS and useful tracking features, and Raw support, Olympus's flagship rugged compact continues to be the best waterproof camera on the market. While improvements like HyperSmooth 2. Whether you've grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order.

We've selected our favorite lenses for Nikon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier. We've selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier.

We've selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. The fixed lens camera market may be a bit niche, but it's here that you'll find some of the best cameras you can buy.

Willard Rockwell

Sensors ranging from APS-C to full-frame are designed to match their lenses, which cover ranges from mm equivalent, so image quality is top-notch. Although a lot of people only upload images to Instagram from their smartphones, the app is much more than just a mobile photography platform.

In this guide we've chosen a selection of cameras that make it easy to shoot compelling lifestyle images, ideal for sharing on social media. Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses. All forums Open Talk Change forum. Started Mar 24, Discussions thread. Mar 24, In this instance, it is clear that he made a mistake. The article was changed.

Thank you.

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