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The vast and dynamic country of Indonesia tends to offer two sides of everything: traditional and modern, cheap and expensive, native and innovative.


Select currency. Asia Indonesia Things to Do. The 10 Best Markets in Indonesia. Real everyday interactions in local dialects, unpretentious wares and traditional buildings or boats! Sukawati Art Market Market. Add to Plan. But for those seeking authentic local-made products, Sukawati Art Market is the place to go.

The market is a beautiful jumble of handmade bags, traditional statues, silk fabrics, paintings, and more. You may find similar crafts across the island, but this market has a relatively cheaper prices and sometimes better quality than the vendors in Kuta or Seminyak. More Info. Open In Google Maps. View menu. Visit website. Visit Facebook page. Send an Email. Give us feedback. Atmosphere: Touristy, Local.

Sun - Sat: am - pm. Beringharjo Market Market. Located at the heart of Yogyakarta, this traditional market is almost as old as the city. A centre of trade sincethe market is now a historical landmark, tourism icon, and popular destination to shop for batik. The traditional fabric is ubiquitous across the market in different patterns and forms sold by hundreds of vendors.

Beyond that, locals and tourists also head to this market to hunt for antique goods, from old currency to typewriters and cassettes. Pasar Terapung Lok Baintan Market. In Kalimantan Borneoa pristine land with well-reserved natural features, it comes naturally for locals to use the rivers as centers for trade.

It makes quite a wonderful sight as sellers load their goods onto traditional boats, bumping and buzzing against dozens other boats as they make their way through to nowhere in particular. Here, you can find traditional goods, groceries, accessories and souvenirs sold in different boats. The vibe and sight, topped with the affordable prices, make these floating markets especially popular among tourists.

Jalan Sungai Martapura, Banjarmasin, Indonesia. Sun - Sat: am - am. Pasar Triwindu Market. Despite being established back in and selling antique goods that are much older, this traditional market in Solo is surprisingly well-managed. It has a website detailing vendors and products in English, making it much easier for foreign tourists to navigate their way through the market.

Jalan Gatot Subroto, Surakarta, Indonesia. Atmosphere: Local, Historical Landmark. Pasar Gede Solo Market.

Due to its historical and cultural value, this market in Solo, Central Java, is preserved as a cultural heritage. The market is also known as a culinary centre, where locals and tourists come to find traditional food and high-quality groceries.

Jalan Jend.Indonesia population of more than million as of the beginning of has placed Indonesia at the top 4 spot as one of the highest population countries, among the nations of the world. According to World Bank, people aged 65 years and above in Indonesia have reached This shocking rise of the ageing population will have an enormous impact on the economy level of many industries, especially the medical devices and healthcare sectors.

Due to the ageing population and prevalent elderly diseases in Indonesiasuch as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and other chronic diseases, there are immense demands from the medical device and healthcare markets.

Among these figures, foreign products take over 95 per cent of the marketwith only 5 per cent of local products. Indonesia relies on imported medical devices and supplies to meet local demand, particularly from the rising middle class. The total worth of imported medical equipment increased from IDR The imported medical equipment and devices are geared towards sophisticated medical instruments and infrastructure such as lasers, CT scan and other diagnostic equipment.

On the other hand, domestic medical device producers mostly manufacture basic itemsfor examples, surgical gloves, bandages, orthopaedic aids, and hospital furniture. However, sinceIndonesian firms also became the makers for complicated instruments, such as sphygmomanometer, stethoscopes, urine catheter, infant incubator, nebuliser, dental chair, EKG, blood-grouping reagents, and first-aid boxes, and kits.

Besides, local medical equipment manufacturers in Indonesia have begun to engage in mid-range technology with more affordable pricing catering to middle-income groups, such as ultrasound devices and X-ray. As a result, more competitiveness has since been generated to strengthen the middle-class healthcare and medical devices, in terms of volume and value. Local firms such as Indofarma and Kalbe Farma, have diversified their product portfolio and are no longer just pharmaceutical manufacturers, took the lead and developed their medical devices for sale in the country.

Several other local firms and innovators also participated in the IndoHCF Awardshowcasing their medical device innovations in regards to heart and kidneys examination. According to the Ministry of Health, it is expected that local manufacturers of medical devices can fully master the technology of middle-class medical and healthcare devices by The registration of medical devices falls under the regulation No.

Many new private medical institutes and clinics have been opened in major cities, experiencing significant growth despite the economic slowdown. Most medical expenses are in the private health care systemaccounting for The island of Java offers a higher standard of medical care in Indonesia, especially in the capital — Jakarta. The need for high-quality medical services has led to the establishment of small and state-of-the-art private hospitals.

As ofIndonesia has a total of 2, hospitals— privately owned and 1, managed by the public sector, according to the Ministry of Health in Indonesia. Ininvestments in the medical service industry of Indonesia spiked as much as seven-fold to IDR 4. The soaring investments came from both new and existing local businesses, as well as international companies. These new companies produce a total of different medical types of equipment and related products.

Medical Product Registration in Indonesia.Indomie is loved for many reasons. Incorporating local flavors into convenient and tasty instant noodle, Indomie has loyal fans all over the country.

Its affordable price also makes Indomie a popular meal for everyone from college students to employees waiting for payday. Not only popular among Indonesians, this instant noodle is also missed by many expats or Indonesians living abroad, and has become insanely popular in many other countries.

When this brand first came into being almost a century ago, it was a simple family-run home industry. But with passion and a meticulous assurance of quality, it slowly built up into one of the most popular batik retailers in the country.

Even the young generation love this brand for its sleek and modern designs that still promote the centuries-old traditional art of batik. More than clothing for men, women, and children, Batik Keris also produce high-quality handicraft and souvenirs. This cosmetic brand has been around for more than 25 years, and has maintained its traditional touch while keeping up with new innovations. The founder, Mooryati Soedibyo, was a princess in the Surakarta Palace, a privilege that allowed her to learn the royal secrets of beauty care using natural ingredients.

Besok mulai libur long weekend nih! Lengkapi makeup kalian dengan Anti Shine Makeup Collection dari Mustika Ratu dan jangan lupa pastikan selalu ada di dalam tas makeup kalian yah.

local product indonesia

More than just a clothing line, Damn! I Love Indonesia is an appreciation of the wonderful country and all its beauty.

Top 17 Famous Products in Indonesia

Specifically designed for the younger generation, this brand reminds us to keep cultural heritage and history alive. Its simple and youthful designs are comfortable to wear daily. Its Japanese knick-knacks arise from a close collaboration with Japanese artists. The main product that Wakai produces is an espadrille shoe, a casual, comfortable canvas shoe.

The myriad of designs—from whimsical to minimalistic—make it ever-popular among Indonesian youths. This brand has outlets at every other shopping mall in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and other cities. Best way to start your week wakai cheersforlife. This instant coffee brand has been around since before the country came into being.

InKapal Api was the first brand to sell instant coffee powder. Kapal Api is still among the most popular, even though it has fewer variants than other fresh local and imported brands. Its coffee candy has also become very popular. For decades, Silver Queen has produced everything from chocolate bars to bite-sized morsels. They use local cocoa beans, which are known to be of high quality and less oily, making Silver Queen chocolates melt in your mouth.

Cotton Ink started as an online fashion store, back before online shopping was the norm as it is today in Indonesia. Its success has enabled the brand to open several boutiques in prestigious malls and fashion districts.

Their collections are versatile enough to wear both at the office or daily. This retail brand produces adventure gear, from tents to hiking equipment. In a naturally blessed tropical paradise like Indonesia, reliable adventure gear is always in demand, and Eiger is one of the most trusted in Indonesia. From a humble store in Bandung, Eiger now has more than 88 counters across the country. Co is the brainchild of an Indonesian businessman who is better known for his eponymous salon chain, Johnny Andrean.Otherwise, importers will get their licenses revoked.

The latest push is to get cell phone manufacturers to set up shop in Indonesia to comply with the law. That way, the local industry can be supported.

local product indonesia

As expected, Indonesia is now facing criticism from many countries who export to the largest archipelago island in the world. So what we want to know is to what extent to do Indonesians prefer imported goods?

We surveyed respondents and asked them about their Water trampolines Costco preferences for local and imported products. Every product that is purchased indicates where it is made from. Every other person sometimes takes a look at the label to see where a product is made About 1 in 3 say that they definitely look That means, for different products, people have preferences on whether they prefer it produced in Indonesia or abroad. Some key findings include:. People prefer their electronic goods to be made in Japan.

People look to Japanese products for their TVs When it comes to cellphone, Korea leads in this field Indonesian-produced goods are sought after in terms of clothes A desire to support the local economy is the most cited reason for buying locally-produced goods Almost just as many People also demonstrate national pride in buying locally-produced products One important reason respondents provided for buying Indonesian products is because they can be assured that the product is halal.

Though people have preferences for goods made in certain countries, we also discovered that a lot of people are unable to identify where certain brands originated from. More than half could recognize where Apple For Indonesian companies such as Polytron and Polygon, only Most people believed that Adidas was from the US, but only For more detail you can download XLS report at the button below.

Respondent profile shows you demographic profiles gendr,age range, locationby province, and monthly spending. Cross tabulation enables you to define different demographic segment preference on each answer. Preference for Local vs.

Those 31, respondents has been verified, profiled, and continuously tracked to make sure you get the updated profiles of them. To non-Indonesian client, we offer free translation from foreign languages includes English, Chinese,Hindi,etc. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.Jakarta, Indonesia. The information contained within this forum should not be construed as recommendations upon which you can rely without further personal consideration.

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Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I would like to know what, according to the current laws and regulations, is the definition of "local product" in Indonesia. It is my task to find suppliers of certain specific chemicals produced locally.

Tags: None. I don't know about chemicals, but for the components I have to source for my company, often we ask for TKDN certificate The Indonesian certificate of the local content calculation. It's issued by the department of commerce I think. Comment Post Cancel.

Being a chemist with some experience, I am able myself to judge the quality of a product. I'll look more into this TKDN thing then. I have to ask you guys to keep the chitchat down, I'd like this thread to remain serious and focused. Words can inspire, thoughts can provoke, but only action can get you closer to your dreams.

Originally posted by Alia View Post. It stands for Tingkat Kandungan Dalam Negeri. To get calculated and get certified as local product by the Kementerian Perindustrian Republik Indonesia, a product will be calculated not only based on the element or price to produce it, but also from the labor cost, percentage of foreign joining and equipment and others.

I have one more question. TKDN is issued only for products that meet the definition of "local", then? Help Contact Us Go to top. Yes No. OK Cancel.That dollar amount reflects a 2. Another Smaller percentages were shipped to Africa 2. That 5. The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in Indonesian global shipments during Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of overall exports from Indonesia. Up by In second place for improving export sales were ores, slag and ash which in value by International sales of exported vehicles from Indonesia expanded by Three top product categories declined namely rubber including items made from rubber down The following types of Indonesian product shipments represent positive net exports or a trade balance surplus.


Indonesia has highly positive net exports in the international trade of coal and crude oil. Below are exports from Indonesia that result in negative net exports or product trade balance deficits. Indonesia has highly negative net exports and therefore deep international trade deficits for machinery, particularly computers. Nine Indonesian corporations rank among Forbes Global Below is a sample of the major Indonesian conglomerates that Forbes included:. The following searchable table displays of the most in-demand goods shipped from Indonesia during Shown beside each product label is its total export value then the percentage increase or decrease since Accessed on June 28, Wikipedia, Gross domestic product.

Accessed on March 16, Wikipedia, Purchasing power parity. Accessed on June 28, Jakarta Shopping Guide: Top 11 Indonesian Products The world's largest Muslim-populated country, Indonesia is also a mecca for tourists, drawing millions each year to her thousands of volcanic islands scattered between the Pacific and Indian oceans. The country's ethnic diversity has given rise to the lavish and colorful arts and craftsmanship, manifested in rich variety of items craving to be picked up as souvenirs.

Listed here are some of the most prominent Indonesian-made gift ideas. Image Courtesy of: Kevin Gessner. Indonesians have used puppets for centuries to tell the stories of the Ramayana, Mahabharata and ancient myths as well. Indonesian puppets may be divided in two categories: wayang kulit leather or shadow puppets and wayang golek wooden puppets. Different regions have their own styles of wayang puppets, but they are all handmade. Wayang puppets represent all kinds of characters - good guys, bad guys, gods, demons, animals and so on.

Though, sometimes, objects from the modern world, like airplanes, cars and others, are also made, they are mostly for comic effect. Generally, the traditional designs for making wayang puppets have not changed much over the last years. The puppets are made by groups of artists, each one performing a certain operation. Nowadays, wayang puppets are still quite popular and used to depict modern stories, as well as old ones. Congklak is a game that has its origins either in the Middle East or in Central Africa.

The game was brought to Indonesia by traders, then adopted by the locals. Historical references refer to Congklak as the game played by young girls of the Javanese nobility.

Later, the popularity of the game increased and it began to be played by the common folk as well. In most Indonesian regions Congklak is considered to be a girl's game; only a handful of regions has it played also by men and boys.

The board for this game is usually made of wood and it has 5, 6, 7 or 9 holes on each side, depending on the region. All versions have two larger holes on both ends. The board may be simple or decorated, boat-shaped, carved and painted. The usual colors are gold and red. In ancient times, the game was played with stones, seeds or shells and it continues to be played this way today. The goal of the game is to gather more seeds than the opponent.

There are various versions and names of the game, but whatever version you may play, it is equally challenging in terms of patience and skill.

local product indonesia

Batik is a cloth made traditionally using a manual wax-resistant dyeing technique. It has been practiced in Indonesia since ancient times. The traditional colors of Javanese batik are indigo, dark brown and white. Certain patterns were worn only by nobility, others by royalty, and so on.

Each region of Indonesia has its own unique patterns for batik that includes flowers, animals, folklore or people. Nowadays, batik is also produced by automated techniques and is called batik cap and batik print. The handmade batik is nowadays known as batik tulis written batik. In Indonesia, batik is used for traditional and everyday clothing; there are patterns and colors used for certain ceremonies.

Such cloth today is made with gold paint. Batik clothing still plays an important role in certain Indonesian rituals.

Batik, in different forms, is worldwide popular these days. Depending on the quality of art work, craftsmanship and fabric, batik may cost from several dollars to several thousand dollars apiece. Indonesian Jewelry Image Courtesy of: Chie.

local product indonesia

Jewelry making has a rich tradition in Indonesia, and its history goes back to the times immemorial.

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