Ottobre 7, 2046

It follows the aftermath of Chow Mo-wan's unconsummated affair with Su Li-zhen in s Hong Kong but also includes some science fiction elements and makes frequent references to the date of December 24 or Christmas Eveon which many significant events in the film occur.

The film is the third chapter of a shared story that began with Days of Being Wild and continued with In the Mood for Love. There are four main story arcs to the film. Three are about the relations of Chow with women that he meets after losing Su Li-zhen.

The fourth takes place in Chow's mysterious world of and concerns a Japanese passenger falling in love with a gynoid.

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Typical of Wong Kar-wai films, the arcs are presented in pieces and in non-chronological order. This section is the only part narrated by Chow's fictional character and not Chow himself.

ottobre 7, 2046

Set in the far future, a huge rail network connects the planet. The world is a vast dystopia, and lonely souls all try to reach a mysterious place called in order to recapture lost loves.

In the world of nothing ever changes, so there is never loss or sadness. No one has ever returned from except the protagonist, a lonely Japanese man named Tak played by Takuya Kimura. As the story begins, Tak is on a long train ride returning from As Chow Mo-wan's life is revisited, we learn that he is still struggling to get over the loss of his idealised love, Su Li-zhen.

He returns to Hong Kong after being in Singapore for a number of years to try to forget his anguish. To cover up his pain, he becomes a suave ladies' man.

Chow attends many lavish parties and beds many women. That night, Chow Mo-wan takes Lulu home as she is quite drunk, but accidentally keeps her room key. As he leaves, he notices that her room number isthe same room number that he and Su Li-zhen had during their emotional affair.

Upon returning a few days later to return the room key, the landlord informs Chow that the room is not available due to renovations. The landlord offers him the adjacent room Chow later learns that Lulu was stabbed in the room the night before by a jealous boyfriend.

Chow agrees to rent room in the meantime. After the renovation of room is complete, the landlord asks Chow if he wants to move in.

However, by this time he has gotten used to room and decides to stay there. The rooms and are connected by a common hallway, Chow regularly watches and gets involved with the people that move into The first person that moves next door into is the landlord's daughter, Wang Jing-wen played by Faye Wong.

Chow spends a good deal of time just observing her from his room.

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He learns that she has a Japanese boyfriend working in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the relationship is forbidden by her father. Eventually, Wang breaks up with her boyfriend, then suffers a breakdown and is institutionalised.Is Arrow 's season 7 flash-forward storyline working to establish an alternate future first seen in Legends of Tomorrow?

The ending of Arrow 's th episode"Emerald Archer," suggests this may be the case. Originally famous for its flashbacks, which showcased Oliver Queen's adventures during the time between when he was first shipwrecked on the island of Lian Yu in and when he first returned to Star City inArrow shifted gears at the start of season 7.

The season opened with a flash-forward storyline set in the yearwhich centered around the murder of Felicity Smoak and a plot to destroy Star City with a series of bombings. The only hero to be found in this lawless place was a new Green Arrow, who introduced himself as Connor Hawke. Connor explained how things became so bad in Star City and why he was the only hero left trying to save it.

InGrant Wilson attacked Star City with an army of mercenaries, in imitation of his father's assault on the city in May in Arrow season 2. Oliver Queen's secret identity as Green Arrow was revealed to the public and he was believed to have died after a duel with the new Deathstroke, where Grant Wilson cut off Oliver Queen's arm - an action that was a tribute to Oliver Queen's future fate in the classic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

Oliver Queen was later revealed to be alive, hiding in the long abandoned bunker base of Team Arrow. In the episode's climax, Oliver went back into battle with a prosthetic arm when the new Green Arrow was captured by Deathstroke and about to be executed. The two Green Arrows defeated Deathstroke and were preparing to begin rebuilding the city together as the Legends left them.

A major subplot of Arrow season 7 is set 30 years in its relative future. Arrow season 7 premiere introduced an older version of William Clayton, Oliver Queen's son, who traveled to the island of Lian Yu following a series of coordinates that had been sent to him through a Queen family heirloom.

ottobre 7, 2046

Precisely how this came to happen has yet to be explained, but it was implied that the city's superheroes were responsible as the police now have shoot-on-sight orders regarding any vigilante seen in Star City.

The public is also openly hostile toward vigilantes in general and Roy Harper is apparently infamous enough that he can't go into any public venues in Star City for fear of being recognized.

Reuniting with Dinah Drake and Zoe Ramirez the daughter of Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez, who took up the Black Canary mantle in imitation of "Aunt Dinah"the four began investigating the recent death of Felicity Smoak, whom William believed had been the one who sent him the coordinates until he learned they were sent after she died.

They uncovered evidence of a plot to blow up Star City while leaving the Glades untouched, though it was unclear if Felicity was a part of the plan or working to stop it. It was later revealed that the government of The Glades are a part of the plot as well, though it seems that Mayor Rene Ramirez is being blackmailed into going along with it. The final twist came in Arrow's "Emerald Archer" episode. It was here that we learned that Blackstar - an information broker who was also aware of the bombing plot and was apparently the last person Felicity Smoak spoke with before she died - was searching for the location of the original Team Arrow bunker base.

We also learned that her real name was Mia, as she went off in search of the cave with a man she called Connor. Matt Morrison has been writing about comics since before the word "blogging" was coined.

He got his start writing for the legendary DC Comics digital fanzine Fanzing, before receiving his own column, The Mount. Since then he has gone on to write for over a dozen websites, including Mania, Comics Nexus and The Cult of Nobody. Known as a font of comic book history trivia, he has delivered lectures on the history of American Comic Books, Japanese Manga and Cosplay at over a dozen conventions and served as an Expert In-Residence for a course on Graphic Novels for Librarians at the University of North Texas.

What little spare time he has is devoted towards acting, role-playing, movie-riffing and sarcasm. You can follow his adventures on Twitter, GeekyGeekyWays. By Matt Morrison Feb 08, Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics SR Originals arrow legends of tomorrow. About The Author Matt Morrison has been writing about comics since before the word "blogging" was coined.In caso di mancato recapito rinviare al CMP di Bologna per la restituzione al mittente previo pagamento dei resi.

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ottobre 7, 2046

Se uccidi un uomo sei un assassino Il giovane Claus, pilota di vanship, e la sua navigatrice Lavie, non vogliono avere niente a che fare con questa guerra e in volo attraverso un mare di nuvole e venti, consegnano messaggi dovunque e a chiunque.

Durante una missione sfortunatamente finiscono nel bel mezzo di una battaglia aerea e vengono fatti prigionieri dai soldati di Anatorey. Con una valigia piena di canzoni e il cuore pieno di passione due fratelli arrivano in America alla ricerca di un sogno Durante la cura, Holmes viene coinvolto in indagini su un caso di rapimento con implicazioni internazionali. I ministri fedeli alla corte venivano eliminati e gli innocenti, come Ning, protagonista della vicenda, venivano imprigionati.

Nel suo romanzo un treno partiva una volta ogni tanto per una destinazione misteriosa: Chiunque viaggiasse verso voleva riconquistare i ricordi perduti. Era un paese, una data o un luogo della memoria?

Scelse di andarsene. Voleva cambiare. Un soldato di Decebalo, re dei Daci, uccide Ezio a tradimento e Domiziano ordina la repressione armata. Ma quello che sembrava essere un innocuo esperimento trasforma la gente in assassini. Nella sparatoria viene coinvolto anche Houston, un avventuriero americano, che sta dalla parte dei ribelli e che progetta un piano per far espatriare Sharif. Quando decide di diventare onesto, lo arrestano per un piccolo reato di anni prima. Evade e si rifugia in America centrale a fare il barista.

Dopo una rissa tra un ragazzo bianco e il messicano Rodriguez, si verificano alcuni fatti spiacevoli che portano la cittadinanza a puntare il dito contro Rodriguez, ritenendolo responsabile anche di uno stupro. Quando provoca la morte di una guardia, viene condannato alla ghigliottina. Scoppiano rivolte che la polizia fatica a contenere. Nel panico generale, una famiglia londinese, decide di scappare in campagna.

Tra loro scoppia un diverbio e Anja minaccia il marinaio con una pistola. Gillie, una bambina che abita nello stesso caseggiato, vede tutto.

Un giorno riceve una telefonata da Charlie, un amico che credeva morto il quale gli indica un indirizzo al quale recarsi. La polizia convince un marinaio a prendere il posto di un suo sosia, un malvivente morto, per riuscire a prendere una banda di falsari.

Rivoltasi al procuratore Cleve Marshall per denunciare alcuni furti subiti dalla sua vecchia e facoltosa zia, Thelma Jordon inizia con lui una relazione. Un colpo andato male. Molto male. Stavolta a contendersi lo scettro del potere sono Jimmy e Kum; ma il padrino uscente, lo spietato Lok, decide di infrangere le regole secolari della Triade e di candidarsi per la seconda volta.

Il bagno di sangue diventa inevitabile Francia,erotico, col. Realizzati da affermate artiste, attrici, scrittrici, cantanti. Erotici, ma al femminile. Completa la raccolta il making of di Samedi soir. Si dice che il proprietario sia stato un collaborazionista dei tedeschi,e dovrebbe essere morto, ma nella villa si susseguono fenomeni inspiegabili. Fratelli Rivali Di Robert D.See the entire gallery. A man tries to find out who his real mother is after the woman who raised him tells him the truth.

This Hong Kong-set crime drama follows the lives of a hitman, hoping to get out of the business, and his elusive female partner. Two neighbors, a woman and a man, form a strong bond after both suspect extramarital activities of their spouses. However, they agree to keep their bond platonic so as not to commit similar wrongs.

Two melancholy Hong Kong policemen fall in love: one with a mysterious female underworld figure, the other with a beautiful and ethereal server at a late-night restaurant he frequents.

A couple take a trip to Argentina but both men find their lives drifting apart in opposite directions. A broken-hearted hit man moves to the desert where he finds skilled swordsmen to carry out his contract killings.

Mid-level gangster Wah falls in love with his beautiful cousin, but must also continue to protect his volatile partner-in-crime and friend, Fly. A young lonely woman takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way.

A defense officer, Nameless, was summoned by the King of Qin regarding his success of terminating three warriors. A romantic police captain breaks a beautiful member of a rebel group out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem. The story evolves around the main character, Zhou Mo Wan who writes a novel about a mysterious train that leaves for a place called every once in a while.

Everyone who boards that train has the same intention - which is to recapture their lost memories. It is said that innothing ever changed.

Nobody knows for sure if it was true, because nobody who went there had ever come back- except for one. He had been there but He chose to leave. He wanted to change. Written by chicken noodles. Some said you had to see it beforealthough the general consensus was that the unusual romanticism and little details in both films, and actors like Tony Leung and Maggie Chung, made the only real connection s Wong himself has said ironically to see before In the Mood for Love.

It seems, after seeing the film, that he was correct; I had seen half of In the Mood for Love a while back, and I did get an idea of what I might expect, but the fact is is that really does work fine as a film on its own terms. It's a story that at first seems like it will be style over substance, and at times it is, but the substance is usually very intriguing, and keeps attention.

It isn't a perfect film, and towards the end it starts to lag, but such criticisms are made up for by the attributes. We learn from the narrator and lead character, Chow Leungthat there is a place, if not a time, calledwhere people don't leave unless they fall in love. But, for the bulk of the film, the film is not set in any kind of futuristic setting that might be assumed on the outset of going into the film. It's set in late 60's Hong Kong, where Chow writes lurid fantasy stories.

He takes room after seeing a woman, Su Li Gongin the room. He feels that this place is where he, like others, can go to "lose memories" "All memories are traces of tears", a title-card readswhich spurs him on the start writing a sci-fi novel with the room's title.

The more significant woman, however, is in the form of call-girl Bai Ling Zhang Ziyi, a woman so gorgeous it borders on the unrealwho like the others takes roomand becomes Chow's "drinking buddy". But this soon turns to playfulness, to a side affair. Although there is much else that goes on in the film, this has some of the best material, with wonderful dialog and style giving room for perhaps th best performance I've seen from Ziyi yet.

This is not all to the film, though it could've been and been as successful. The women in Wong's films, like with Hitchcock or even Antonioni or Godard all directors he was obviously inspired by for his own original stanceare crucial to how it turns out. These women express everything Wong desires, abandons, represses, flirts, and acts cool with. They spur on almost every one of his creative pieces he gives a short story of to one, who wonders why the ending is so sad, to which he cannot create a happy oneand all of the things he'd rather not forget.

Without the strong performances from them all, in particular Ziyi, Lau and Cheung, the drama just wouldn't be there, and certainly the style giving much weight to the film would become over-cooked and pretentious.

The style, of which, was something I took various notes of while I watched, scribbling bits, elements, colors and shots that caught my eyes: the greens in the halls, the brightness of outside on the porch, the black and white scene in the cab one of my favoritesand of course the futuristic visualization scenes of Chow's own What's curious about the real sci-fi type scenes is that they make little sense aside from the central point- finding real love and the exile following- but the atmosphere, use of different colors and shots and film speeds Christopher Doyle, a DP on most of Wong's films, does beautiful work all around is unique, and basically saves a dramatically empty sequence.

There is also the question of slow-motion, which is used to much more effect than in the previous Wong films I've seen, and if it is over-used.By continuing using our site, you accept our cookie policy and consent to the use of cookies. Read more. Toggle navigation Toggle search box Calendar Close [X].

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Obviously as this is a highly used function, this has been working since Office ? I don't know, at least a decade though. Is this bad behavior potentially due to Outlook not existing whatsoever in this office suite combination? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Did this solve your problem?

Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. With Joy Wend Your Way. You deliberately avoided Outlook so now you'll have to find an alternative way to send email using your selected email client. See if the documentation here can help you figure out how to accomplish that. When you mix components you lose full integration between them That has always been the case.

What part of not installing outlook would lead you to expect the VBA "docmd. Just curious as to where your logic there is stemming from?

I take it you didn't read my original post before replying. As clearly indicated in the post, I already have thunderbird installed, setup, etc. Pointing me to a legacy install document for "here's how to install Thunderbird" leads me to believe you didn't read a thing. That said, I've uninstalled and refunded the suite in its entirety, it's not worth this sort of headache, there's nothing new enough to justify it, and for my use case, this is a severity 0 bug, absolute product breaker.

As a result, MS Access stand-alone version is not capable of utilizing the docmd. No, I suggested you read the Thunderbird documentation in order to learn how to use it with Access automation, assuming, of course, that they include that information.

As stated in post you were replying to, discovered MS intentionally left out MAPI functionality if you didn't install Outlook, playing the "no email for you, if you don't use our email software" card. This has nothing to do with Thunderbird at the end of the day, it's boiled down to MAPI, and MS simply leaving it out of an Access click to run install, if you don't buy Outlook. Not because I haven't found a way to make it work in by discovering where MAPI went, I havebut because I've been unable to find a compelling reason to do so now, Microsoft's attempt to leverage additional revenue by forcing people to buy software they're not going to use, distinctly backfires in this case.

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