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A variety of forces are pushing the pharma and healthcare industries into new directions, dictating the need for a different supply chain model. Here are a few examples. The ways that medicines are assessed, approved and monitored continues to evolve.

New technologies have emerged that enable greater efficiency to manufacturing and distribution operations, speeding up the interface to the patient. As the cost of U. Today, there is more focus on patient outcomes and access to information on patients is becoming as critical as the drug products.

As the United States has added more stringent regulations and environmental controls, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to comply. While these factors affect different aspects of the pharma and healthcare realms, companies are evaluating their options and taking a strategic look at their current supply chain approach.

Although considerable effort and expense has been expended to innovate, develop and market medications more efficiently, there has been only minimal effort to reconfigure manufacturing and distribution operations or adjust the pharmaceutical supply chain network. Industry experts report that most pharmaceutical companies have complicated supply chains that are inefficient, under-utilized and ill-equipped to deal with the products that are being introduced.

pharma outlets

Changes are coming to the pharmaceutical supply chain. What is root cause for these changes? First, what is a supply chain? A supply chain starts with product development and ends at the end consumer. A company develops products and transfers them to the marketplace for sale to generate profits. Included in a supply chain are all the organizational, operational and value-adding activities required to manufacture the goods and facilitate them to the customer.

In general, here is basically how the pharmaceutical supply chain works. The major components of the pharma supply chain network are manufacturers, wholesale distributors, pharmacies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers. Generally speaking, drug manufacturers fall into the following categories of those that produce:.

Manufacturers of generic drug products are focused on manufacturing generic compounds that compete directly with the originally patented version of the drug product once the respective patent has expired. Pharmaceutical manufacturers manage the distribution of drug products from the point of production to the drug wholesalers and in some instances, directly to retain pharmacy chains, specialty pharmacies, hospital chains as well as to some health plans.


Only rarely are drug products distributed directly to consumers or to a self-insured employer with an on-site pharmacy. The role of the wholesaler in the life sciences supply chain management is to make the process of purchasing drug products from pharmaceutical manufacturers more efficient.

Wholesale distributors connect 60, U. This enables manufacturers to ship bulk quantities of medications to a comparatively small number of wholesaler warehouses versus shipping to thousands of pharmacy and outpatient dispensing outlets. Some wholesalers specialize in dealing with a particular range of products, such as biologics or to specific types of customers, such as nursing care facilities.From the latest company mergers to the newest drug approvals, the business is constantly evolving.

Check out these sources for free breaking news, agency announcements, trends, and analysis. Something to keep in mind while reading and browsing online—be a critical thinker. Articles and blog posts should provide sources with links; pay particular attention to whether a site has advertisers.

It has a very active discussion forum and gives readers an inside look at the industry. It features charts and news briefs gathered by 60 healthcare analysts, according to the company. The site has an active forum and encourages the exchange of information. Eyeforpharma says its mission is to keep the industry focused on patients.

Donald Zuhn and Kevin Noonan, the lead authors of Patent Docs, are patent lawyers specializing in pharma and biotech patent law.

Their commentary on the legal aspects of the stem cell debate and gene-based patents have been first-rate and refreshingly objective. It's written from an executives' point of view on regulatory issues, technology news, and marketing trends. Pharma IQ is an interactive site that provides feature articles by pharmaceutical industry leaders, podcasts, and multimedia.

It invites contributions from industry professionals, manufacturers or regulators. Like its print magazine, PharmaManufacturing. Multiple contributors to Pharmaceutical Technology's blog, PharmTech Talk, explore manufacturing issues such as process development, formulation, drug delivery, packaging, and testing regulatory issues for peers.

While the site focuses heavily on the National Health Service NHSthe FDA's counterpart, the site also provides plenty of news about world pharmaceutical news and trends with ample coverage of multinational pharma. Biotech Industry Sales and Marketing. By Full Bio Follow Linkedin.

Top 10 Pharmacies with the Most Outlets in Malaysia ( BLOG REVIEW)

Follow Twitter. She is an experienced journalist who specializes in health, science, and public policy. Read The Balance's editorial policies. Patent Docs. Pharma IQ. Pharma Manufacturing. PharmTech Talk.The reason for this is because talking about those stories creates a major conflict of interest for the people behind the scenes. Mike Papantonio discusses this with journalist and author Martha Rosenberg.

Mike: According to a study by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, with the exception of CBS every major media outlet in the United States shares at least one board member with at least one drug company. Let me put it in perspective for you, these board members wake up, they go to a meeting at Merck or Pfizer, and then they have their driver take them over to a meeting with NBC to decide what kind of programming that network is going to air.

It can take anywhere from three days to a full week before the media reports on a drug or a medical device recall, if they report at all. In the case of Invokana it took 32 days before television outlets reported a single story involving an FDA warning about the potential problems with the product.

The FDA began warning about the extreme dangers of Cook IVC filters as early as and it took about five years, five years, before television media started reporting that to the public. You can replace IVC or Invokana with any other drug or product and the story is all the same. Drugs are cash cow advertising bonanza for corporate media. Big pharma knows that if it wants to continue manipulating the public it has to start with our elected officials in Washington DC.

When it comes to lobbying, few industry spend more than big pharma did last year. Their goal is to spread around enough money at universities to develop scientists and doctors who are going to create this fantasy story about how price gouging is just great for the American public, and then that story will be run by corporate media, dominated by the drug industry. Martha, is it an overstatement to say that big pharma, they have a firmer grip on our daily lives than most people realize, where it comes to the drugs that we take?

Martha: No. I think this is the year that we celebrate 20 years of direct-to-consumer ads. One of which on the Sunday news shows that were trying to objectively talk about Obamacare, they were financed by a PR campaign called Go Boldly, which is trying to defend the high prices. In addition to the direct. Mike: Martha, all you have to do is watch the nightly news. How can that not be influencing the reporters or the executive producers of that programming? Martha: Of course you can.

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That disease mongering is a big part of it. Martha: Definitely. Up until the Affordable Care Act there was no hiding all the perks that doctors got, and there were examples in China, GSK, which is a big pharmaceutical company, was buying sex bribery to sell their drugs.SincePerrigo has been providing its customers and consumers with high-quality products that support personal health and wellness by delivering effective solutions that meet the needs of consumers. More than years later, we are leveraging our strengths to expand our self-care portfolio and drive future success.

More About Us. We operate with integrity. We pledge to do the right thing from our high manufacturing standards to improving the communities where we work and live. Our Corporate Responsibility. Our Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation makes lives better by supporting local organizations where we live and work, by bolstering educational programs, access to healthcare, and community well-being. Perrigo Foundation Grantmaking Framework. We are looking for people dedicated to empowering consumers with health and wellness solutions to treat conditions that can be self-managed.

Your passion can help drive success. See what jobs at Perrigo are right for you. View Career Opportunities. Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenge. Omeprazole Delayed Release. Press release. CEO Message. A Rich History that Informs Our Future Focus SincePerrigo has been providing its customers and consumers with high-quality products that support personal health and wellness by delivering effective solutions that meet the needs of consumers.

Dedicated to Corporate Responsibility We operate with integrity. The Perrigo Foundation: Fostering Community Well-Being Our Perrigo Company Charitable Foundation makes lives better by supporting local organizations where we live and work, by bolstering educational programs, access to healthcare, and community well-being. Perrigo Careers: Passion to Make a Difference We are looking for people dedicated to empowering consumers with health and wellness solutions to treat conditions that can be self-managed.Lenzetto, an estradiol spray, has been shown to reduce frequency and severity of hot flushes in post-menopausal women.

The hub offers 'life-saving health guidance' to millions of vulnerable people in the UK. The moves follows 'strong scientific evidence' indicating the role of the BTK pathway in the production of inflammatory cytokines.

The drug is the first in the world to be approved to treat this rare and debilitating genetic condition. The RA drug Olumiant will be assessed in patients hospitalised with the virus. The firms will develop and manufacture an Affimer-based point-of-care rapid test for screening large populations for COVID infection.

The filing is based on data from the CheckMate-9LA trial, which showed a benefit in overall survival. Free news subscriptions Free RSS feeds.

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New transdermal HRT spray rolled out in the UK Lenzetto, an estradiol spray, has been shown to reduce frequency and severity of hot flushes in post-menopausal women 15th April Bayer wins EU approval for Eylea syringe The syringe provides a new streamlined method to administer Eylea 9th April Get the latest pharma news delivered to your inbox.

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This is a prototype - your feedback will help us to improve it. The National Public Health Emergency Team has recommended that all non-essential retail outlets will close to members of the public and all other retail outlets are to implement physical distancing.

You can see the full list of essential workers here. To assist the public and business owners the following is an indicative list of what are considered essential retail outlets.

Retail and wholesale sale of food, beverages and newspapers in non-specialised and specialised stores. Retail sale of household consumer products necessary to maintain the safety and sanitation of residences and businesses. Retail sale of selling medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised stores. Retail sale of essential items for the health and welfare of animals, including animal feed and medicines, animal food, pet food and animal supplies including bedding.

Retail sale of safety supply stores work clothes, Personal Protective Equipment, for example. It is recognised that there may be emergency needs arising in a number of areas, the following retailers who can offer an emergency call-out or delivery service can continue to operate on that basis ONLY:. Essential Retail Outlets must implement physical distancing measures:.

Do not include any personal details in the box below. The information you submit will be analysed to improve the site and will not be responded to individually. A notice about cookies This website uses cookies. I agree. BETA This is a prototype - your feedback will help us to improve it. Essential retail outlets 2. Businesses that can only offer emergency call-out or delivery services 3.

Physical distancing measures that must be adhered to. Part of. Is this page useful? Thank you for your feedback. YES NO. Please help us improve Gov. Describe what were you trying to do, and what went wrong. Privacy policy Accessibility About gov.We usually visit pharmacies for a quick drop by to pick up medications, health supplements, or toiletries. There are many pharmacies in Malaysia, but we are used to retail stores with pharmacy sections as well.

Here are some of the most well-known names which have succeeded in expanding their chain with numerous pharmacy outlets. This retailer has more than stores in Malaysia. They have an extensive range of products with more than brands. They offer vouchers and a point collection system for their members, which bring their brand to quite a significant level in the pharmacy industry.

Caring Pharmacy was founded in by a group of pharmacists. They had 3 main concepts in mind; providing full time pharmacist services daily, a modern and open concept store, and maximum interaction with their customers. Their successful concept led them to fast growth throughout the nation, now with more than stores. Although only available in Klang Valley with more than 50 outlets, Health Lane Family Pharmacy is an expanding pharmacy chain with 29 years of establishment. Their main focus is providing personalized service to create strong bonds with their customers, with treating customers like family as their priority.

They have a team of trained pharmacists, nutritionists and dietitians to provide services. A well-established and growing pharmacy chain of 17 years, Multicare Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services with an initial plan of improving the quality of community healthcare. They currently have over 40 outlets nationwide, with more than 60 licensed pharmacists. Their ultimate mission is to provide quality services to customers through responsible dispensing of medication and promotion of healthy lifestyles.

AA Pharmacy has 18 branches and they are all open daily. Their focus is on providing excellent customer service and having the lowest prices for their products.

pharma outlets

Many customer reviews praised on their wide range of affordable products to cater the huge market, and their friendly staff. Started inTigas now has more than 15 stores in Malaysia. The brand name has its meaning of bring together the 3 links to the pharmacy supply chain: consumers, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical companies. They did well in the expansion due to their structured community marketing program, featuring co-opted branding, joint buying, and promotions; so that they can operate as an independent pharmacy.

Big Pharmacy opened its first outlet a decade ago.

pharma outlets

Under the leadership of two experienced pharmacists, the group has built a chain of wholly-owned and partially owned pharmacies. Now with 13 outlets, they strive to improve their marketing expertise and experience in the pharmacy field.

Their specialty is providing herbal, organic products and alternatives among over types of exclusive health and wellness products besides emphasizing dependable customer service. They now have more than 13 stores located around the Klang Valley. With 12 outlet and expanding, Georgetown pharmacy is the largest pharmacy chain in the northern region of malaysia.

With most outlet located in Penang and the rest in Kedah.

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