Piaggio mp3

Make Other Makes. Model Piaggio. Fun to drive. It leans like a motorcycle, you don't have to steer it like other 3- wheelers or Can Am. Fast and does everything a big bike does with better mileage and stability.

You don't have to put your feet down at stop signs or lights. Clear title in hand. Inspected for Full disclosure: Scratch on left side of vehicle from a standing fall. Turn signal on left hand side is smaller and non-standard as it had to be replaced. Scratches on left hand protection Aceris. Never had a issue with stalls as long as I used premium gas. Always garaged and kept on trickle charge. Make Piaggio. Model MP3. Model Mp3. Accessories include a Givi top case and a larger Givi windscreen.

Great for in town and highway travel. Call Gary at for questions. Model MP3 Nice scooter, just full service at dealer, oil servicedrive belt, new rear tirelow milesGivi rear cargo boxready to ride Model Bv Great, well-maintained, lightly used scooter. Rear storage case included.

Located near King's Island in Ohio. Model BV Only 4, miles means this is going to be a commuting and touring killer for a long time to come. Financing is available on this bike and it's ready to go to a new home. Riding has never been this easy, enjoyable, secure and fast.

Freedom: All the riding pleasure of a motorcycle. The wind protection, carrying ability and comfort of a Tourer, with the practicality of a scooter. Agile: Fast and nimble with high grip levels. The two front wheels offer road holding abilities on either wet or dry roads that a single front wheel cannot match.The battery doesn't last long and worst if you had your hazard lights over 10 minutes will drain you battery fast, also the trunk light open will kill you battery, replaced all with led light system but charging system is too weak.

The higher Seat position I don't believe raises the center of gravity at all. The weight of cc engine more then counter balances the weight of any driver sitting atop the vehicle. The only slight problem with this position is the difficulty for shorter riders to balance the bike with their feet on the ground, but the locking front suspension fully addresses this issue.

Second and on the positive side of this issue this higher seating position provides the rider a much safer view of the road. This allows me to see more safely through the windows of such vehicles giving me a much greater amount of information about traffic patterns in front and behind me. On the Highway is where this Maxiscooter really shines. The MP3 is not quick off the start but once at higher speeds it nimbly accelerates for quick lane changes and the stability at high speeds is in my opinion exceptional.

The extra traction of the third wheel and the ability of the scooter to stand upright independently are awesome features as well. I have fully substituted the MP3 for a car and have never regretted it for a second. I live in a city so I can say as an urban commuter scooter the MP3 is tops. This scooter is an effective vehicle instead of a second car and for some the only transportation they may need.

The MP3 is not a high performance motorcycle and it has never claimed to be. Thanks for reading. I am surprised at the sure footedness and stability I have with this scooter!

If i was only on two wheels I would have been down for the count. I LIKE! I've ridden all my life, since I was This vehicle has horrible quality electronic switches and sensors. The hydraulic lock stopped working early on in the bike's life. All the toggle switches would wiggle in the plastic handlebar covers.

Turn signal switches intermittently working. Head light wires flickered, then it started having a high idle off the freeway and began shutting off at every stop light. Now it won't stay running. Seating leans forward giving you the feeling you have to do a pushup to keep yourself on the seat.

Seat upholstery split wide open bythis vehicle was garage kept. One word-disappointment. I had been checking it out for a while. Before this I owned a Suzuki Burgmanwhich I loved, but now I would rather have 3 wheels for more stability.Make Piaggio. Model Mp3. Like new. No accidents, no damage, showroom condition. Clean Auto Check, ill send it to you upon request. Some sell for more, some sell for less.

If you don't like the price you can make a reasonable offer. Emphasis on reasonable. Keep in mind there are very few of these around and in most cases you will have to have one shipped from another state. Before you make an offer look around and see what they are actually selling for. I will entertain lowering the price if you show me a comp on one in the same condition, with similar miles, same year for a lower price.

Comes with original books and two original keys. Great MPG. Very stabile.

piaggio mp3

Now the good part; Mileage is only kilometers or miles. This scooter is as new as any one you will find. Clean title in hand. Bring cash. Includes travel trunk and rack as well as regular passenger seat back if you want to switch it out. Model Mp3 Full size GIVI windshield makes riding even more pleasant. I bought this to enjoy my rides to and from work, but I have since retired and just don't find the desire to ride any longer.

Serviced just a few miles back, and replaced the battery as I had left it sitting in the garage for several months, so it is ready to ride!

Thank you for taking a look!Piaggio has completely redesigned and updated the technologies that power the iconic 3-wheeler that was first introduced in The re-birthed of the HPE version of the MP3 is the perfect meld of style and technological enhancements.

Piaggio Mp3 400 Motorcycles for sale

The new design is sporty, elegant, and refined. The rear view of the new MP3 flows smoothly with the clean lines of the new body.

piaggio mp3

The wrap-around LED tail light is more streamlined and dynamic, elegantly housed in the thoughtfully sculpted new body work; highlighting the sports car character of the Piaggio MP3. All this on top of new exhaust system and KYB shocks. Department Scooter Sales Parts Service.

Description Specifications Request Information 1.

piaggio mp3

Updated twin-spark cc engine, refined for less vibration, more power, and better economy. Re-mapped fuel injection system. Completely revamped and updated body work, similar storage and comfort to the original MP3 with new sporty Italian style.

New KYB gas shocks. Adjustable 3-position sport touring windshield. Come experience the new MP3 today and see the future of scootering. Fill out the form and we will get in contact with you shortly. Request Information. Liberty MSRP.Piaggio Group continues to expand its Delta- scooter program with an all-new High Performance Engine that falls in the cc range to bring even more power and fuel economy to the MP3 family. Of course, all of this is on top of its general design that is already a shot of Pure-D awesomesauce that puts it in a league almost all its own.

An automotive-style, blackout grille dresses up the visage with the brand badge for a splash of color under large, eye-like headlights that dominate the head-on design. It is what it is. The broad front end contains wheel wells that are necessarily tall to allow for the suspension travel and lean-tastic hardware that makes the magic happen. From that point back, the rest of the machine is very like unto the general scooterdom following a rather well-established pattern.

Behind the glass, a generous hood shades the two round gauges and digital display that make up the instrument cluster and gives it a little more protection from the weather, though of course, all bets are off if you get caught out in some of that sideways rain. Your phone becomes part of the electronics through the miracle of Bluetooth connectivity with an app that turns your phone into a ride computer.

It boasts a mat to protect your gear, and comes with a courtesy light for ease of use in low-light situations. Not only does the pilot enjoy a lumbar support that doubles as stadium pillion seating, but the passenger benefits from a short butt-stop that is sure to engender a feeling of confidence in your riding partner.

A set of flip-up footrests and large J. The parallelogram articulation for the front wheels is the main selling point here. Not only does it deliver a stability and ease-of-use that is unheard of in the two-wheeled sector, but it maintains the sensation of flight by banking in the corners just like a bike. Additionally, the dual contact patches up front give it uncommon tracking in the corners, a feature that endeared earlier versions to the hearts of riders who live in cities old enough to have cobblestone streets in general, and those in Paris in particular.

Coil-over shocks float the rear end and dampen the motion of the swing-mount drive with adjustable spring preload, but the front suspension looks to have fixed values. Petal-cut, mm brake discs haul down the front wheels, and a mm disc takes care of business out back with hydraulic calipers and ABS protection all around. Piaggio built a brand-new, liquid-cooled plant to power its newest line of MP3 units.

It packs in a four-stroke thumper that rocks a 94 mm bore and 71 mm stroke for a grand total of cc, and uses a single over-head cam to time and actuate the four-poppet valvetrain with roller tappets for reduced wear.

Piaggio MP3 500 Business First Ride Review Indonesia - OtoRider

Dual spark plugs ensure positive ignition, and for safety, an immobilizer disables the fuel delivery if the lean angle exceeds normal operation. Ride-by-Wire throttle control rounds out the electronics with a pair of performance profiles — Standard and Economy — so you can dial in the performance you want.

As for said performance, the factory claims Power flows through a continuously-variable transmission, which is the norm for scooters in general, and it delivers twist-and-go operation for the effortless riding that the masses love so much.

At the time of this writing, the Sport Advanced price is still up in the air, but I feel confident calling it no more than a grand higher than the base Sport. Right now, Piaggio enjoys something of a monopoly on this particular combination of genre, displacement and cool leaning technology. Sure, there are larger Delta trikes such as the Spyders and Ryker from Can-Am or the Nikken from Yamahabut that would be like comparing chalk to cheese for reasons of power, price and handling.

The Nikken leans, but is way above this class. Would I ride it? This ride is a shoe-in for folks who want something more in their scootering experience, and the extra safety is undeniable.Piaggio first launched the MP3 in to bring a new level of stability and safety to urban commuting. The scooter uses a clever parallelogram axle on the front that allows it to lean into corners despite having two front wheels.

Piaggio MP3 250

Unlike the Yamaha Niken three-wheeler released inthe Piaggio MP3 can lock its suspension at low speeds, allowing it to be free-standing. It was introduced to attract car drivers who wanted the freedom and practicality of a moped or scooter with less of the perceived risk inherent to life on two wheels. When MCN Senior Road Tester, Adam Child first rode the Piaggio MP3 inhe said it was "mind-bending — not because of its speed, but because of how much confidence an extra front wheel affords.

The MP3 has been available in several capacity variations over the years including, and There are also multiple specification levels across the range.


Piaggio released the first MP3 models in with a and version, and followed this in with a The aimed to provide this same stability to riders who needed to venture onto faster roads or motorways.

Inthe ie fuel injected and LT large tread models were released. The LT has wider spacing between its front wheels, meaning it can be ridden on a Class B car licence. This is also true for the LT released in with a cc engine. ByPiaggio had five concurrent MP3 models in the range and set about updating the range. The defunct was replaced by the ie and Yourban, which were only made for a year before being dropped from the range completely in The Yourban LT was made until and Piaggio also released a Business edition between and The first Piaggio MP3 Hybrid appeared in with a petrol engine alongside an electric motor.

The MP3 could run fully petrol or fully electric modes, or a combination of the two.

piaggio mp3

Unfortunately, it weighed kg and when running solely on electricity could only manage a 19mph top speed with a range of 11 miles. The Hybrid was released inbut both models were subsequently dropped from the range entirely. There are slim pickings in the three-wheeler segment, but the Yamaha Tricity and Peugeot Metropolis are both viable options.

If the added stability of two front wheels is attractive to you and you have a full bike licence, there is also the Yamaha Nikenwhich is essentially a Yamaha MT with a very clever dual front wheel arrangement.

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