He lives in Florida, USA. Register and receive an email with information about joining the session. These sessions are offered at no cost, but if you have the means to support this work please consider making a contribution.

Thank you for your practice. Monday AM and Wednesday AM — Eastern Time US and Canada — Register in advance for any of these meditations: Click here — After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the sessions. If you can support the work of spreading the seeds of mindfulness, please consider making a contribution using any of the following links:.

Check the South Florida Center for Mindfulness and watch the informational video to know more about the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs that Piero teaches several times throughout the year. This video is a great way of understanding what mindfulness is and its benefits. Get more information about the multi-day silent retreats that Piero co-leads at the West Broward Insight Meditation Community website.

Next virtual silent retreats: from July 31 to August 2, 3 days and from October 23 to 27, 5 days. Click here to register. Piero Falci is an author and educator who believes that the inner work that leads to personal awakening and transformation is indispensable to create a wholesome world.

He is a promoter of peace who believes in advancing the idea that Heaven is here if we want it to be. Skip to content.PIERO brings new angles to every game, on the screen and in the studio, with visually engaging and informative effects. The system combines video-based effects with 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics.

The comprehensive palette of effects delivers high-impact technical analysis along with eye candy and increased sponsorship opportunities. These effects can be customised and pre-set for magazine shows and live productions. The wide range of effects offered by PIERO includes: 3D tied to field telestration, data visualization events and trackingreplays in 3D stadium or 3D tactical board, fly between cameras, team line-up, speed and distance, moveable and removable players, virtual run, auto tracking spotlight, and many more.

Simple installation and real-time workflows make PIERO cost-effective and easy to integrate with existing workflows. Users can apply graphical effects on highlight clips and live SDI feeds. From a technical and editorial point of view, PIERO strives to deliver systems that provide high efficiency in all scenarios. The intuitive user interface and optimised workflow ensure the graphics are ready to use in seconds. With over fifteen years of experience in sports graphics, the PIERO team has crafted an unrivalled palette of effects that help analyze play patterns and team tactics.

The team works closely with clients to develop new styles and customize existing effects. The team continuously works to add new effect renderers and slicker textures for improved graphics.


The intuitive and fully customisable user interface can adapt to any use case, from on-air television debates to locker and hotel room pro team tactical update.

PIERO has been designed to allow producers and analysts to make changes up until the last minute and still make it to air! The system is built upon a proprietary line and texture tracking algorithm co-developed by BBC Research.


This creates a seamless blend of graphics and video which maintains proper perspective and keeps graphics tied to the pitch as the camera moves. PIERO Live is a studio graphics system built on an industry-leading sports graphics and analysis engine. The system is fast — all graphics are rendered in real time and the user interface is fine-tuned for live use cases.

It supports a wide array of encoded camera heads and can connect to data feeds for NFL, Soccer, and Baseball data. It maximizes communication efficiency and engages players using pre-made clips and live presentations. The solution runs on a MacBook Pro laptop and offers a simple and logical interface.Leggi tutto Tinin vola ancora. La scomparsa di Giulietto Chiesa.

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Negli anni precedenti le celebrazioni per il 25 aprile erano sempre meno partecipate. Coronavirus 3. Ho diviso il testo in tanti brevi capitoletti, presentati in ordine alfabetico e leggibili separatamente.

Seguono le presentazioni delle situazioni in alcuni paesi, Iran, Israele, Singapore, Svezia e Svizzera. Il contributo sovietico alla vittoria sul nazifascismo. Ci sembra giusto ricordare, in questa occasione, l'enorme debito di riconoscenza che tutti noi abbiamo verso il popolo sovietico per il suo determinante contributo, troppo spesso dimenticato o sottovalutato, alla vittoria finale. A cent'anni dalla morte di Andrea Salsedo.

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Campbell Joss turned up on the first night with Bobby himself and John Bell too. Pity there wasnt any other big names in for the entire series. Bobby then emphasized that he wasnt in good shape but "probably around Aye whatever you say was my thoughts. Anyway the first race was a 2. I then got lost again and managed to chase John down but lost too much time to bobby.

Second race was a hill race and my worst fears came true but chased boby as hard as I could before walking up the last section of steep track to the finish. Third race was the road race. Benny from Ronhill Cambuslang turned up to add some heat as did Paul from Helensburgh.


But Bobby instantly set a blistering pace on the last lap and I managed to stay within 28 seconds of him. Fourth race was the riverbank race, out and back course near dawsholm park with a hilly finish. Bobby and John Bell set off doing the first mile in 5. Last race on the Friday was a 2. Anyway I decided to try and lead bobby until the muddy sections but could stay behind him then losing him in the woods.

Overall Bobby won the series with me in second and gave both of us a good wee endurance test with bobby back from injury and me feeling better from my low iron count a few weeks ago. Obviously the future of the race depends on more people doing which I hope happens next year. Mile Mark er.


Time Taken. Posted by Marc at PM No comments:. March 20, High Caves Training Run. Past three weeks been spent doing very hill runs in order to improve on climbs in a race. The Circuit which takes no prisoners runs along Auchenhowie Road offering sub 6 min miles before the hard work begins on Dowan Road. The road then goes left for the real stuff with the High Caves Summit up ahead at over feet in altitude. You are always rewarded with a great sunset on the summit.Sold by: Amazon.

Chernobyl, Fukushima, weapons of mass destruction, chemical meltdown These words inspire fear. But what are the real risks involved? Who could really be affected by a future event, and how does reality compare to fiction? What represents real dangers — nuclear plants, industrial centres, government laboratories — and how can regional or even global crises be handled by private individuals?

Finally, what equipment and preparations really make sense in our world of potential catastrophes, and which of them are just a waste of time and money?


CBRN makes an immensely complicated subject accessible to non-specialist readers, covering the most pressing threats in the arena of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear disasters, and providing the know-how and the necessary information to distinguish myth from reality — and to quickly and capably identify real risks, assess real situations and manage real emergencies, to keep us and our families safe.

Skip to main content Piero San Giorgio. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Piero San Giorgio. Survive -- The Economic Collapse Dec 1, Roger Devlin. The "American Dream" and ones like it of a guaranteed job, a home, and a pension, has given way to the nightmare of unemployment, unpayable debt, depression, and uncertainty. The crisis is the beginning of the end of a global paradigm when expectations of endless economic growth and progress crash up against the reality of scarcity and limited resources.

The implications of the collapse cannot be ignored: a steep decline in living standards due to the evaporation of easy credit; a new political landscape that might inspire nationalism, geopolitical reshuffling, and even wars over resources; and, potentially, a reduction in global population. No mere doom-sayer, San Giorgio explains not just how to understand the crisis but overcome it -- how to foster a resilient community, stay healthy, and become self-sufficient and productive in the "interesting times" that lie ahead.

Other Formats: Paperback. Other Formats: HardcoverPaperback. In thinking about the evolution of the role of women in society over the past hundred years, Piero San Giorgio appeals to women as wives and mothers, calling on them to appreciate the fragility of our world and the impermanence of our civilization. Piero is attuned to the reality that as our contemporary society collapses, a woman will find herself in an extremely vulnerable position: the law will no longer protect her or her children, while the males battle for survival.

Piero explains the specifics of survivalism for women, teaching them how to independently cope with the looming catastrophe and survive. The practical sections on preparation are followed by testimonials by 23 real women, of different nationalities, ages, social strata, sexual orientations and marital status, who have already embarked on the path of survivalism.

They give advice—very practical and realizable, and not just to women but also to men—on becoming autonomous and independent from the system, and on becoming prepared for all things and at all times.

Femmes au bord de la crise French Edition Jul 4, More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. Get to Know Us.Voluptatem et facilis ut enim. Aspernatur ut nihil quis facere. Eum velit quaerat consectetur. Esse omnis quam qui porro odio ex. Eum magni cumque voluptatem quo est ut laboriosam. Ea quam non cumque delectus. Non magni ea tempora nemo similique. Reprehenderit accusantium quo asperiores commodi ut incidunt corporis vitae.

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It's where you will spend countless hours customizing your soldiers! Here are a couple of images to give you a taste of the XCOM 2 artbook!

Piero Blog

Check it out on Amazon and snag your copy today! Monday, July 27, Nepal. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Some head exercises to try out different personalities. Maybe the 4 on the left belong to the same gang of punk outlaws. The rest are a bit more random, especially bottom right, which is obviously inspired by Solid Snake :. No real theme here other than powerful female characters. The one on the right is obviously a nod to Star Wars.

The process, starting from basic pose suggestion to finding secondary details, then cleaning up the lines in a new layer, and making some needed changes to make the pose more dynamic as well as adding basic tone with copic marker Sketchbook Pro.

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