Powershell script to update software

For more information, see Software update management documentation in the core docs. For more information, see getting started. This command first gets the software update group object named TestSUgroup The result is the list of all software updates for the software update group. Specify the Bulletin ID of a software update.

For example, MS Specify the category of a software update. This parameter treats wildcard characters as literal character values. You can't combine it with ForceWildcardHandling. Add this parameter to not automatically refresh lazy properties. Lazy properties contain values that are relatively inefficient to retrieve. Getting these properties can cause additional network traffic and decrease cmdlet performance.

If you don't use this parameter, the cmdlet displays a warning. This parameter processes wildcard characters and may lead to unexpected behavior not recommended. You can't combine it with DisableWildcardHandling. Specifies the ID of a software update. Specify the name of a software update. This parameter compares against the localized display name attribute.

Specify software update group object. Specify an array of IDs of software update groups. For example, Is there a script I can run on a server that will download and install any updates that are either approved from WSUS or online?

Have a look at the TechNet Gallery. Note : Since this is a 3rd-party articleit might be changed without notificationwe do not guarantee the accuracy and security all the time. Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help.

How to Use PowerShell to Manage Windows Updates

If you have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact tnmff microsoft. Sconfig can be used for downloading and installing patches so I started looking at what that calls. I noticed in the ReportingEvents. Therefore it is using VBScripts to search, download, install Windows updates.

On inspecting the contents of Sconfig. My script correctly discovers the Feature Upgrade as being needed. It downloads it. The installer says it has installed it - but it does not. If I reboot and try again, it says it still needs to install the upgrade.

I can't use WSUS and would like to be able to install the upgrades using a script that runs on each of local machines. BTW it's not any particular machine. If I login to one of these machines and run the built-in updater, it discovers the upgrade and installs it.

This is pretty much the exact script I use. I do have one question for someone who knows how the downloader part works. This should mean that all the servers already have the downloads cached and ready to go. Anyone know if that's correct or not?You can actually use PowerShell to list installed software. Learn why here. The inside of the GUID key contains all the information about that particular piece of software.

To get a complete list, PowerShell must enumerate each of these keys, read each registry value and parse through the results. Once you copy and paste this function into your PowerShell console or add it to your script, you can call it by using a particular computername with the ComputerName parameter.

powershell script to update software

You are able to get a wealth of information about this whatever software is installed. If you know the software title ahead of time you can also use the Name parameter to limit only to the software that matches that value. Using PowerShell to get installed software, you can build a completely free tool that you and your team can use to easily find installed software on many Windows computers at once!

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Updating apps with PowerShell 5.0 and Chocolatey

Looks like you're offline!As is well known, keeping systems updated is essential to protecting enterprises from malicious attacks and security breaches that may compromise confidential information or even cause sensitive data losses. Installing Windows update patches has always been a tedious, complex and long process. PSWindowsUpdate is a third-party module that is not integrated into Windows by default.

It can be downloaded from the PowerShell gallery, the most used repository for sharing PowerShell code. This module includes different cmdlets to manage the deployment of Windows updates from the command line.

Get-WindowsUpdate : This is the main cmdlet of the module. It lists, downloads, installs or hides a list of updates meeting predefined requisites and sets the rules of the restarts when installing the updates. Remove-WindowsUpdate : Uninstalls an update. As shown in the previous section, the PSWindowsUpdate module includes different predefined aliases to ease patching processes. However, main parameters for the Get-WindowsUpdate cmdlet will be listed and explained below:.

Windows updates and patches improve the features and stability of the system. However, some updates can mess up your system and cause instability, especially automatic updates for legacy software such as graphic card drivers. To avoid automatic updates and accidental installs for such applications, you can pause Windows updates. When you hide the updates, Windows can no longer download and install such updates.

Before you can hide the update, you need to find out its details, including its knowledge base KB number and title. Type the cmdlet below to list all the available updates on your system:. To hide a specific update using the KB number, use your mouse to copy that KB number. Next, type the command below:. When prompted to confirm the action, type A, and hit the Enter key. The KB number for the update may not be available for some updates.

In this case, you can use the title to hide the update. To do this, list all the available updates via the cmdlet below:. Next, use your mouse to copy the update title.How to get list of installed Updates. Alternatively, you can use WMIC command to see installed hotfixes. However, this will also show the incomplete list of windows update. In order to get the complete list of installed updates, we can query the Windows History.

Below the powershell script which can help you extract information of all installed updates. Date -gt Get-Date. We use the GetTotalHistoryCount property from the Searcher object to retrieve the total number of updates that have been applied to the system.

We need this information because the QueryHistory method of the Searcher object needs a starting point and an ending point. If we want to get all the updates, we start at one and go until we have reached the total number of updates applied to the system.

Finally, if we would like to monitor patch status of a set of machines and get the status via email in a nice table format, then we can utilize the below script.

I have included a CSS script block for html table formatting. Also, I included the server list in the script itself. You can use a server list in a text file and use Get-Content command to read the server list. AddDays to show installed updates for last 20 days, you can modify it accordingly. If you would like to see all updates manually installed and Windows AppStore Updates then remove this section. In case, if any machine is not responding or not available, then that list of unreachable machine will be generated as Unavailable-Computers.

He likes Hip Hop bass music, loves exploring different food, culture and places. Skip to content. Before we begin, lets gain some acquaintance on types of Updates:.

powershell script to update software

Share this in your group. Finding Large Files in System.If you are using Windows 10 or if you have installed the Windows Management Framework 5. It contains the following cmdlets :. So, what is this? This is a package manager manager. No, you are not seeing double. It really is a manager of package managers, in other words, a framework to integrate multiple package managers.

One of these awesome package managers is Chocolatey. Chocolatey is very popular and using its provider for PackageManagement gives us access to a software catalog of almost packages! The Chocolatey provider is not installed by default. But fear not, it can be installed by just answering Y to the following prompt :. We can search in the Chocolatey gallery using the cmdlet Find-Packagelike so :. Without the parameter AllVersionsthis gets only the latest stable version of any given package. So, we can manage the installation of one or multiple software packages right from PowerShell.

This is nice, but how do we keep them up-to-date? As we have seen at the beginning of the post, there is a Install-Package cmdlet, a Uninstall-Package cmdlet, but there is no Update-Package cmdlet.

According to this issue in the project pagethis may be coming relatively soon. The first thing we need to do is compare the currently installed version with the latest stable version in the Chocolatey gallery for each package :. As you can see above, Compare-Object is not going to help us very much. It is only telling us when a version number from one side is not found on the other side.

What we want to know is : for each installed package, is the version number lower than the version number of the latest version in the Chocolatey gallery? To simplify our experimentations, we are going to work on a single package. Here, we see that our currently installed version of GitKraken is not the latest version available. Now, how can we programmatically and reliably determine that?

We also see that on both sides the value of the Version property is a string. Comparing version numbers reliably and taking into account all the possible versioning schemes using regex is feasible but very painful. As I said before, if you are parsing text in PowerShell, there is probably a better way.Yes No Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Entire team from Sales, to Finance, to Mgmt.

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powershell script to update software

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How To: Use PowerShell to find hot fixes and updates

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