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He was asked by the government to set-up a library that will contain books written in Urudu. But, he knows only Tamil and English. Also, the government gave a deadline to him, to get a building for rent for the library, in a prime locality, within a certain budget, as the date to open the library by a minister has already been fixed.

He did, and somehow he managed to find a building for rent within the budget; found books on Urudu and got the library ready for opening before the stipulated date. The forgiveness exercise will bring you awareness. I want to ask one question. Our scriptures say that each and everything is happening in this universe according to the Will of Supreme Lord.

It means good or bad whatever happens, it happens according to His Absolute Will. This is what I consider as Divine Order. When everything is already in Divine Order i. There is no good or bad event. It is our judgments which separate any event. When the mind does not accept what is happening, we are commanding the mind to change.

Similarly, there is no bad person. Any how this has to be done for a long period of time, analyzing our behaviour at each and every step. No interruptions. Get creative ideas.

REACH Switchword Helps to Achieve Aim And Target

Buyer is not a switch word. Slow Care Wise people act slowly and carefully, so to become wise these switch words Stretch On To able to continue doing the task you are currently doing comfortably, especially when you are tired Thanks To show attitude of gratitude Together To work out a good relationship with others.

Have a balanced mind. Get co-operation from colleagues. To find resolution and resolve conflict with others Together Find Centre Divine Love To find love within and in-turn attract love in your life Together Divine To improve relationship with your spouse. You ask the brain why something you want has happened. It will find that out for you and make it happen.

reach naran switchwords

Clean up garbage. Unable to be in the place because of being dominated. Looking for trouble. No control. Pessimistic attitude, unable to see good in anything.

I cannot forgive him till my death.Jan Posted by NaranTeam. I am stuck in a very awkward situation. I had left the camera in common shelf in my room and nobody else comes into our room except our housemaid. And she left the job 2 days ago fighting over a trivial issue telling she needs payment for her non-working days also.

I am done searching entire room twice. Pls help me with a possible solution as my husband has never lost anything till now.

It was lying in the kit bag, which has two zippers. While unpacking I must have checked same zipper twice and the camera and other small items were lying in the 2nd zipper. So, I was sure it must be lying somewhere at home and not a case of theft committed by my maid. I am so happy that I found it.

And funnily my husband discovered it first. I used your technique of writing SW 21 times. I chanted for 3 days and decided to write. Within 2 days it was found. Thanks to divine grace, to you and the Animal spirit Wolf, I prayed day and night, and I reaped results.

You are serving society in such lovely manner.

reach naran switchwords

God bless you and your family and everyone in your team. Dec 9. As guided by you in the past few weeks, I am calm and peaceful by myself. All the past incidents of harassment, sarcastic remarks, aloofness etc. I want to raise above all this silly behavior of others and come out successfully, to neutralize my karma.

Your anger and resentment β€” whether it is right or not β€” will upset your stomach, which in turn increases your insecurity. Since yesterday, I am practicing as advised by you. I do not understand, why, often I get this thought flashed in my mind.Jan Posted by NaranTeam.

I was planning to sell my sons residential plots for quite some time. But was not getting any buyer. I am happy to say that today I have finalised the deal. This is again miraculous for me. Buyer is the objective and not a switch word.

Jun I used to chant them a minimum of times and above that whenever I feel like. My husband has changed his behavior. In fact, to be more precise, my mental state has changed. I answer him patiently and calmly. And he even understands the situations and behaves himself in a better way. I also got an appreciation of words on a weekend.

Anyways, I am continuing to do so. The only things that has not changed his alcohol intake. Though it has reduced his intake to a limit, but I am not sure. Once again thanks for all your divine support. Chanting and healing is not done to change others and control others. Let all parts of my mind unite with the Divine so that I become a silent observer of what is happening around me.

One look from a higher perception and understand that every event is happening as per the divine order; every person in our life is as per the divine will; when Divine love changes me totally, the other person changes totally too. Love can make Life. Judgment and expectation break life. Best of luck. Posted in SwitchWord.

Jun 7. I am almost 40 years female and still unmarried. Please also tell me how to find the life partner of my choice within a month and get married as soon as possible. What is our memory? It is nothing but Visual and auditory. There are no words. Our brain and nervous system form neural link to these images.

The emotional reaction of anger comes out after the neural path links to the images of anger that was stored in our cells.This Switchwords video can help to increases the flow of bile and stimulates protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism. This Video is very intense and created to Complete Abdominal Cure.

Shifting of SW so rapidly in my videos creates fast and instant energy as they bypass your conscious mind and directly interact with your subconscious mind to create magical results. Even I personally attune each of my videos with cosmic energy to optimize its result. We love to read your words and if you liked this post, would you consider sharing it or forwarding it? Litairian Citizen of Light.

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reach naran switchwords

Shuchita Blessing - April 13, 0. Let me ask you a question today. What do you mean? This is what Sharat Sir - April 6, 0.

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All of you must be eating grapes, but do you know how much you gain by eating grapes. Not only this, this fruit which Sharat Sir - April 4, 0.

After the lockdown, people across the country are doing work from home. People have already understood how difficult it is to work at home Sharat Sir - March 31, 0. As the weather changes, the body easily becomes vulnerable to any kind of flu. Specially people with weak immunity easily fall prey to any Sanjay Roy - March 28, 0.

Life is the bed of roses for some fortunate people and others struggle to find this bliss. But one day, the latter come to Sharat Sir - March 24, 0.NARAN regularly conducts workshops for general public in.

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How to get adjusted in a difficult circumstance.Not to have any unfortunate circumstances: ELM. One dose of Elm is required when a person has a fear of losing the job. In US when you go to the office, you are not sure you still have the job. Chanting ELM will help in these situations. Suddenly without your knowing something happens then it is Elm. Paste the photograph of ELM somewhere in the kitchen. You will have no fire accidents.

Job Scare :. Fighting for Happiness and Success :. However, sometimes I get stuck in my work and cannot find a solution. I was very much amused and fascinated by this. There are many day-toβ€”day life situations and events, where I and my family members are using and applying Switch words, mantra and Bach flower remedy.

Our flight was in morning and got delayed for 3 times. We were having breakfast at Coffee shop CCD that is at another extreme end, very far from our terminal gate. As flight got delayed again, we were relaxed. I was feeling very drowsy as I had got up very early to reach the airport. And other friend was busy on her phone. Somehow, we totally forgot to check time.

And when we checked our watch, we just ran!! We saw, our boarding gate was closed. We requested them, to open it but they were not authorized to do so. Then next thing was rescheduling of our flight and taking our luggage back. We knew that there will be a great price hike for current Ticket and we were upset about that. I was in complete hopeless stage, as for this trip my Husband was in a denial mood.

My friends said that she can bear hike up to Rs. Somehow there was faith that some magic is going to happen. While waiting to claim baggage and cancellation of tickets, I called up Shobana Madam. Immediately, I prepared 2 chits of paper for both of us.

I told my friend, not to talk any money part at all. But she keeps on saying that she can bear Rs. Girl at counter exclaimed with wonder that how we got our luggage so early n fast! We gave our old tickets, to subtract that much amount from current fare. There was a sigh of relief!!

reach naran switchwords

Last but not least, after arrival at Bangalore, we got few co-passengers till our destination, which again saved our excess expenditure on Taxi. But YES, Magic does happen! Only you need to trust it, deep within your heart. I wanted to report success with Switch Words. A person was down with dengue and platelet count dropped badly. Thank you for your guidance!! I wanted to report success with your Switch Words.REACH emits Purple Color Energy to increase memory and helps to memorize something forgotten, to find lost or misplaced articles, to solve a problem and to invent.

It helps to find anything and anywhere. When a dilemma crushes your mind it always helps as the key is within you. When you are completely confused about whether to do this or do that, then this SW will work. When you fix a target and not able to reach the target even after attempting 4β€”5 times then you chant REACH. For finding something like names, objects, numbers, information, etc.

But when you want to get an aim, target and goal write as many times a day with the target. Note: β€” In spite of writing you can chant also. You can also create EC to attract the desired aim. Also write and chant this SWP as many times as you can. This Switch word recollects knowledge and information from your mind that already stored and also gives you a path to gain new knowledge and information you want.

Forgiveness Methods

And the same time CARE is a switchword that records knowledge and information in your mind that you want to learn or remember. This switchword makes you more prone to receive new thoughts, inventions, and creativity. Before going to sleep on the bed, imagine your question or problem and chant REACH, again and again, if you slip into sleep with chanting, you will definitely get an answer or a way how to rectify your problem.

Using master switchword CHARM with this switch word helps to soothe the mind of those connected people who are directly responsible for your aim. Count Switchword. Top 10 Powerful Lakshmi Mantras. What are Switchwords and How to Use Them. Benefits of Watching switch word Videos. Click here to watch all Switch word Videos. Litairian Citizen of Light. Money Manifestation SwitchWords. Recent Posts. Shuchita Blessing - April 13, 0. Let me ask you a question today.

What do you mean? This is what Sharat Sir - April 6, 0. All of you must be eating grapes, but do you know how much you gain by eating grapes.

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