Redmi note 4 ringer is silenced

Turning caller identification on my mobile phone on or off. Diverting calls to another number. Copying contacts between my SIM and my mobile phone. Setting an alarm on my mobile phone. Setting date and time for my mobile phone.

Tap the lower part of the Volume key until the silent mode icon is displayed. Tap the upper part of the Volume key to select the required ring volume.

Share this article via email! Just fill in these details and the characters in the box. Xiaomi Redmi 1S Share guide: Link copied! View Device specs. Popular guides. Turning caller identification on my mobile phone on or off Diverting calls to another number Copying contacts between my SIM and my mobile phone Setting an alarm on my mobile phone Setting date and time for my mobile phone. Getting started. Basic functions.

Alarm In Silent Mode

Calls and voicemail. Apps and media. Turning silent mode on my mobile phone on or off. Back to Basic functions. Want to turn silent mode on your mobile phone on or off? Follow these easy instructions. Step 1 of 2 Turn silent mode on or off To turn on silent mode: Tap the lower part of the Volume key until the silent mode icon is displayed.

Step 2 of 2 Turn silent mode on or off To turn off silent mode: Tap the upper part of the Volume key to select the required ring volume. Share guide: Link copied! Share guide via email Share guide via email. Your email address. Share guide.Shake to rearrange the app icons Have a home screen fills with empty spaces after uninstalling a few apps?

You can follow these steps to rearrange the apps quickly. Use the built-in unit converter In the calculator app, you can tap the in the upper left corner to find the unit conversion categories. Disable the navigation buttons while playing games i. Disable navigation buttons manually Wish to disable the navigation buttons temporarily while playing games?

Yes, it saves you the hassle of opening the toggle panel and tapping the Buttons toggle. Check if a surface is level or not Need help to hang a picture at a perfect level? Use the built-in level tool on your phone. Open the compass app, and then slide left to get the level tool.

Long tap a toggle button to access its settings On the toggle panel, you can long tap a button to access its settings directly. For example, long tapping the Wi-Fi button will open the Wi-Fi settings screen. Access the hardware test menu If you wish to test out your phone hardware, use either one of these methods to access the hardware test menu.

Set the apps you want to launch on the Lock screen You can swipe left and right on the lock screen to quickly launch 2 different apps. And the good thing is that you can set the apps that you want to launch. Use Child mode You can use Child mode to block or limited specific apps and content on your phone before handing it to your kids. Use one of these methods:. Take scrolling screenshot If you wish to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, use the scrolling screen shot feature.

Show battery percentage Redmi Note 4 has a big battery. But, if you still want to get a precise view of how much battery life your phone has left by showing the percentage, follow the steps below:. Double tap screen to wake Enabling this feature means you no longer have to press the Power button on the side of your phone to wake up the phone. Turn off and lock screen using the Lock button If you want to avoid pressing the Power button too frequently, you can place a Lock button on the Home screen that lets you turn off your phone display.

Access the Installed apps screen directly from the Home screen You can place an Installed apps button on the Home screen. With this button, you can tap it to open the Installed apps screen directly. Use your phone with one hand The 5. You can set the size of the virtual screen 4. Ask Google Assistant to do things for you Meet your Google Assistant, ask it questions and tell it to do things for you by long pressing the Home button.

Change the carrier name If you wish to show a custom text instead of your carrier name in the status bar, follow these steps:. Change the navigation button positions The default setup is that the Recent app button is on the left, and the Back button is on the right. If you wish to switch these 2 buttons around, follow these steps:. Swipe to switch between tabs If you have many tabs opened, you can easily switch between them by swiping from the left or right edge of the screen.

Follow the steps below to turn on this feature:. Open camera using the Volume down button If you wish to open the Camera app as quickly as you can when your phone is in standby mode, press the Volume down button twice. To enable this feature, follow these steps:. Record calls manually or automatically Forget about the 3rd party call recording app, you can record calls automatically or manually using the built-in call recording function.

Use Pocket mode Turn on Pocket mode to stop answering or declining calls accidentally when your phone is in your pocket. Press the Power button to end calls If you find the common method of ending calls bringing your phone away from your ear and tapping the End call button is way too slow, use the Power button. Follow these steps to enable this feature:. Can any one help me out i have premi note 4 and at some how my return key was on left side and it changes to right side.This should reduce the yellowness of the display.

But if the screen is still yellow tinted after changing the settings, then this might be due to production failure. Please do not hesitate to contact the Xiaomi customer service in your country or take the phone to the nearest service center to solve the problem. If it is still the same, the tempered glass might have blocked the sensor and thus failed.

If problem still persisted, please visit the nearest Xiaomi service center for a full checkup. Try to match the earphones that you are using currently with the available choices in the list.

redmi note 4 ringer is silenced

This is because the animation for the phone is turned on. If you still feel there are some lags, can try to reflash the phone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 : How to enable or disable touch sounds and other notification sounds

To turn on the 3 buttons function, simply touch home button and power button simultaneously. Then go back to camera, choose selfie mode, at the bottom, the star icon, choose to turn on the beautify mode low, mid or high.

Then you can see the age and gender in the selfie cam. First, make sure your phone and PC is connected to the same WiFi. Now, you can easily transfer files between PC and Mi phones without cables. The other way is press the volume up button and power button simultaneously, your will be directed to Mi logo and recovery page, choose you language of choice and choose to Reboot.

Try to charge the phone and power on, if the phone can be on, then today is your lucky day. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Xiaomi is not only about high specifications yet affordable smartphones, more importantly is the MIUI system that comes together with the phones. Why there is a bit yellowish tint on my Xiaomi smartphone display? This can be solved by logging into the Mi account.

Some of the users who changed the password in PC are required to delete the account and re-login again. Why when there are calls coming in, the ringtone will only ring after second? If the phone calls are from the number inside contact list, the phone will ring immediately. The last option is there are some phones the speaker is located beneath the phone, try to turn the speaker on the upper side. Normally, the vibration during gaming can be turn off in the game menu setting.

You can place your ringtone. When I am playing games, I always accidentally touch the bottom three buttons. It should work fine! Long press the power button at least 10 seconds, this will turn on the phone. If the phone is lag in a screen, this will help to restart the phone. Currently, Xiaomi flagship phones do not support removable battery anymore, thus remove battery and restart is not possible.

But, you still can remove battery in selected Redmi series. If the phone is in off mode, they to press the volume down and power button simultaneously, to enter the Fastboot mode Mi bunny fixing Android robot picthen try to long press really really long the power button.

If all the method above proven to be failed, it is the time you pay a visit to the nearest service center. The screen is dark, but bottom 3 navigation button lights are turned on. My friend faced this problem before, is scarce, because he turns off the auto-brightness and set the phone brightness to the lowest.

This can be solved by blind testing. Unlock the phone, pull down the navigation bar and try to manually adjust the brightness. If my Mi phone is spoiled, under what circumstances I can repair it for free?Smartphones have replaced many of our gadgets. We now do almost everything on our phones. Be it listen to music, read books, watch movies etc. In those rare moments, when we use our phones for its actual purpose — call people, we want to go back to what we were doing.

So, in this post, we have taken a Redmi device as our guinea pig and we will uncover its tips and tricks related to the call features and settings. There are two ways to access the call settings, which looks like the following image, on Redmi devices:. Open the Phone app and tap the three-bar menu at the bottom-left corner.

From the pop-up, choose Settings. You will be taken to the Call settings. Now that you know how to access call settings on your Redmi device powered by MIUI, here are some tips and tricks related to the same. Xiaomi gives you two options to record calls. You can either record each call manually or record all calls automatically.

To record calls manually, tap the record button in the Dialer app once you have dialed the number. To enable automatic call recording, open Call settings as shown above and go to the Call recording option.

Enable the Record calls automatically option. You will get further customization options. You can record calls from all the numbers or from selected numbers only. To record calls from selected numbers only, tap the Selected numbers option and customize it according to your need. Talking about recording calls, here are two ways to record WhatsApp and Facebook video calls on Android. The usual way to silence an incoming call is to press the volume buttons.

But, similar to Samsung devices, Redmi devices also come with the Flip to silence feature. Using this feature, you can easily mute the incoming call by just flipping your phone horizontally. As soon as you do it, the phone will stop ringing aloud. To make this feature work, you will have to enable it in the settings.

To do so, open Call settings and tap Incoming call settings. Then, enable the Flip to silence ringer option. This feature is usually available in the Accessibility settings. But in Redmi devices, you will find it in the Call settings itself.

As expected, when you enable this feature, the flashlight will turn on when your phone would ring. At least once in our life, we have been in a situation where when we made a call to someone, the line was busy. If it usually happens with you, Redmi provides a great feature to ease the process.

All you have to do is enable the Automatic redial option. As expected, your device will automatically call the person again if the line is busy. Then, enable the Redial automatically option. We use our smartphones for many things now. But the primary job of a smartphone is to make calls.XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

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The volume is turned up to the max in settings and pop up menu, the phone is not in Do not disturb mode and the external speakers are working fine when i play media files. However if i restart the phone then it will ring normally, but after sometimes it will stop ringing again.

redmi note 4 ringer is silenced

So i have to keep restarting my phone to not miss any calls. This is really annoying. I'm on the 22nd December version of the Pixel Experience Oreo 8. Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Dec I guess it's a bug in the rom? Why don't you use aoscp or aosp extended which are more stable and come with latest security patch. Like if you want the aosp experience, go with aoscp. Only thing it doesn't have always on display. Subscribe to Thread. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Android Software Development.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - How To Fix Ringtones Sound Problem & Ringtones Not Working Problem

Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Alarm In Silent Mode. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. JuggedHareBoy Members. Jan 24, 10 Hi, i have problems with my alarm, despite option allows the alarm in silence mode my alarms are all "silenced".

Reactions: dogiex. Aug 24, 1, JuggedHareBoy said:. Reactions: JuggedHareBoy. Patit Members. May 17, Global Fans. Hello Mi Fans,Sound modes are integral part of our phone settings. Whether we are at home, college, work place, or a movie theatre we keep on changing our phone's sound modes according to time, need and location of course. On the other hand, there are people who keep their phone on same mode forever, be it silent, vibrate or ringer.

Different phones offer different settings option when it comes to sound profiles. Ring, Quiet,Vibration, Silent, Calls only etc.

redmi note 4 ringer is silenced

Now we can create different profiles too through third party apps from play store, where we are able to customize sounds incoming call, notification other volumes and use time based schedules to change them automatically.

To Choose it to only vibrate, you can set the Vibrate in silent mode On.

Redmi Note 4: Tips and tricks

You can also choose Vibrate for calls incase you wanna get the vibration for incoming calls. For me, I always keep my phone on vibration mode. What about you? Which mode do you use most often?

Phone doesn't ring during incoming call till I restart

Share with us in the comments below! Always vibrate. Always Vibrate Mode! Shah Md. Mostly Ring. Sometimes Vibrate. Most of the time vibration. Almost Silent. Experience is the best teacher.!

I often use ring mode I always have my phone on ringer, what's the point of having a phone if you can't hear it ring Mi Explorers. Mi Bunny Winner. Suited and Booted.

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