Rising s bunkers

Super-rich Americans have fled to New Zealand to hide out in their luxury bunkers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. A number of executives managed to escape shortly before the country closed its borders to almost all travellers on March Just weeks ago, doomsday bunker manufacturer, Rising S Cogot a desperate call from an executive based in New York - the epicentre of the outbreak in the US - asking how to open the secret door to his shelter.

US billionaires have been doing doomsday preparation for years. Entrepreneur Mihai Dinulescu pictured and his wife fled to New Zealand on March 12, fearing the borders would close. They left behind their furniture, friends and his cryptocurrency startup. Rising S Co. They've been buying up property in the small island nation and building secret multi-million dollar shelters deep in the ground.

A luxury bunker can sleep about 22 people, it comes with three master bedrooms, a fitness center, a sauna and even a swimming pool. New Zealand became the doomsday destination for the world's elite after Sam Altman, former president of Silicon Valley startup incubator Y Combinator, let slip he planned to flee to New Zealand if a pandemic ever hit.

rising s bunkers

They've been buying up property in the small island nation and building secret multi-million dollar shelters deep in the ground Pictured: A pantry inside a bunker.

It is not clear if he is currently residing in it. Entrepreneur Mihai Dinulescu and his wife fled to New Zealand on March 12, fearing the borders would close.

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A luxury bunker can sleep about 22 people, room sizes vary, with bunkbeds in some rooms and queen beds in others. He is now working for Ao Air, a small New Zealand company designing an air filtration mask to rival the N Though the home is lacking its own doomsday bunker, it is surrounded by other wealthy residents, including former coach of the All Blacks Sir Graham Henry and packaging tycoon Graeme Hart.

Mr Dinulescu said they were 'billionaire hunting' when they were looking where to rent. Mr Dinulescu said the pair won't return to San Francisco until the virus has been eliminated. New Zealand appears to be one of the best country's to live in during the pandemic with the country managing to stop an 'uncontrolled explosion' of coronavirus.

New Zealand imposed a Level 4 lockdown on March 26, when the country still had fewer than cases. The country had already shut its borders on March As a result, the country has seen only 1, confirmed cases and 12 deaths in total, with only a handful of new infections recorded in recent days.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the transmission rate R - the average number of people that each sick person infects - was now just 0. The average elsewhere is 2.

New Zealand appears to be over the worst of its coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pictured said the transmission rate R - the average number of people that each sick person infects - was now just 0.

The Level 4 restrictions have seen Kiwis stuck in their homes for the past four weeks. They have only been allowed to leave to do food shopping, to seek medical care or for exercise. Supermarkets remained open but all other food stores, such as cafes and restaurants were forced to close.I explained the need for it to be in the ground no later than March of I also provided site plans, photos and videos of the lot and structure, and measurements.

Gary stated there would be absolutely no problems. By the time January rolled around, I wanted an update having heard nothing from Rising S and they NEVER reached out to me on their own in the year and a half I waited for my shelter—I had to call, email and text various times before receiving a response.

The only time they were truly responsive was when I got an attorney involved, but more on that later.

rising s bunkers

I called, texted and emailed both Gary and the contact info on their website. A day goes by and still no response. After reaching out again and again I finally get a short response to schedule a call in a week to discuss.

When in April? They ask for me to call a couple of weeks later to determine the install. They refuse to return my money, so I call my attorney. We all agree to conditions that they will install no later than the second week of July.

Instead — without having properly investigated my land in person like they said they would — they have a 90,lb excavator delivered, subsequently destroying parts of the street and the sidewalk I share with my neighbor and my neighbor is obviously pissed. My builder sees the type of equipment they had delivered and informs them to remove it immediately, as the path to access the shelter site is too small for an excavator of that size and it will cause the house foundation to cave.

At that time, Rising S said they needed that specific excavator to install. Unfortunately my attorney advised me not to take it to court out of state because the fees associated with fighting them on this would likely surpass the money they owed me, even if I won which she thought would most certainly happen. Stay away from Rising S. Instead, go to Atlas Survival Shelters in California.

They were able to build and install a new shelter for me in less than two months, and their service is fantastic! I received regular photo and video updates during the building process. My Atlas shelter is installed and operational. Location: Aurora, Colorado. Review is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer Not the best way to run a business!! All the complaints against Rising S Company are the same: 1 No pre-planning or inspection of the installation site.

A trained monkey can do that. They are not the "experts" they advertise to be on their websites. That's because they're busy spending it on expensive lawyers to keep their company out of bankruptcy thru lawsuits. If you read their website warranties, they claim to stand behind everything; that is, until someone complains and then its always the customer's fault.

When all else fails, they point to their written contract which is void for vagueness and contradicts their written warranties on their website. Their doors leak rain water, snow and melting ice. I don't care what they say, a door that doesn't leak is the very least you should expect from an underground shelter or you and your family could drown waiting severe weather.

Leaking doors make an underground shelter, a death trap. Don't let the website fool you, the proof is in the pudding and reviews from real customers, that lost real money, not the fake reviews they post on their websites from relatives and friends, not real customers.Check your local listings for the broadcasting schedule and go watch!

There are so many new things are happening at Rising S Company and we are excited to be able to share it with you. There a numerous daily threats to life as we know it. Reasons that might constitute making a purchase of a steel underground bunker. Currently there are 9 countries that are nuclear powers in the world.

Bunkers With Style!

North Korea threatened nuclear retaliation against the US in Electro Magnetic Pulse These types of weapons take aim at our dependence on electrical systems and power grids. Our nation has become totally reliant on electrical systems and power grids. This kind of attack would impair almost every facet of life as we know it. Our world is changing rapidly and from these rapid changes in climate and temperature we are seeing more and more extreme storms and natural disasters.

Natural disasters are major threats that we must face today. Hurricanes and tornadoes are just tip of the problem. In the biggest tsunami ever recorded took place in the Indian ocean. The aftermath left overpeople dead from 14 different countries. Shifting governmental power also generate major concerns and justifications for going underground.

Over the past several years; we have seen our right to bear arms fall under attack by our own government leaders, and they are taking more and more of our liberties. There is no shortage of educational videos and articles available to the public highlighting the numerous concerns surrounding the trustworthiness of our world leaders and their true agendas.

Governmental conspiracy is no longer a theory. Everything from covert government programs such as HAARP which is manipulating the weather to false flag operations. A underground bunker may be the first line of defense in any of these scenarios. Contact us today to get more info about steel underground bunkers. No other bunker is as strong as a Rising S bunker — guaranteed!

The exoskeleton frame distributes pressure and weight across the structure just like the frames of tall buildings. This engineering method adds tremendous strength to a structure that is already stronger than every other bunker design.

Because of this distribution of weight; a Rising S bunker can be buried at any depth. Our bunkers are specially designed to be extremely strong and stand up to massive ground tremors and earthquakes. This steel is more than 4 times thicker than the steel used in corrugated pipe shelters or shipping containers.

rising s bunkers

Additionally; steel out-performs fiberglass and concrete with regards to strength and longevity underground. Typically; our shelters are installed at a depth of approximately 10ft.

In most cases there is no real reason to bury a shelter any deeper than this. There is nothing stronger on the market today — no exceptions. That is no empty claim! Rising S is committed to producing the safest, most dependable bunkers on the market. Anything else is a gamble. Experience the difference between a Rising S steel shelter and all of the imitators.

Imagination and budget are the only limitations at RSC! These individual units can be designed to attach to other units allowing elaborate floor plans and comfortable underground living. Rising S makes the biggest and best underground bunkers and shelters on the market today. The highest level of quality and attention goes into every structure.

Find out why our underground bunkers are a better product than ALL other shelters.Furthermore, We have Built an Amazing Team.

We are a licensed general contractor and have extensive experience in every aspect of construction. We do all of our own installations from start to finish.

Rest assured we are licensed and insured!

This $270,000 Rising S Bunker is a DEATH TRAP!

We have completed projects all over the country and in the most extreme conditions. Do you have your own design? We can custom build your new Underground Bunker to meet your exact needs. Bunker Manufacturer. Not All Bunker manufactures are equal. When you decide to purchase a underground bunker you expect it to be private and safe for life. We will never break that trust with you. At Ultimate Bunker we require background checks on all employees and we never hire temporary help.

We do our own Excavation and installation. My Reputation is everything and my clients safety and satisfaction is my number one goal. Give me a Call and we will set up a Private consultation. Call Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us. Are you ready to start your project but do not know where to begin? I am here to Help You! Contact Mike Peters by Email or directly on my personal cell phone.

Skip to content. Bunkers With Style! We Custom Build Underground Bunkers that are Designed and Engineered to withstand nuclear blasts, fire, biological and chemical agents, massive shock waves, civil unrest, armed attack, and even earthquakes.A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile. The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. The algorithm is subject to change in future.

Rising S Company was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 13, and since then this brand received 9 reviews. Rising S Company ranks of in Construction and Repair category. The overall rating of the company is 1. Reviewers write the most about Rising S Company Bunker and give it 1. The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews. Thair so called shelter is a joke, who puts propane in a bunker, thair doors are a joke, it's pretty sad when people spend big bucks to get crap, when atlas makes better quality shelters.

You want proof your a felon??? There is also a youtube video where you the owner of Rising S snitched your own customer out after buying stuff from him and you didn't turn all the purchases in to the Feds you kept the fully auto weapons.

Go watch the Video Yall the guy got 33 months in jail because Rising S snitched him out. This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website.

Check our FAQ. Same thing happened to us with our bunker!! I think we need to open a class action law suit on this company. If anyone knows of a good lawyer let me know. For more information about PissedConsumer check out our Blog article. Every summer Horton Home Builders built our home and it was completed in February We closed on the home on They use inferior and cheap materials Contact Atlas Survival Shelters for excellent quality work!

Rising S Company A company's rating is calculated using a mathematical algorithm that evaluates the information in your profile.

Rising S Bunkers

Total reviews. New reviews. What is your customer experience with Rising S Company? Submit review. View full Rising S Company overview. Rising S Company Overview. Rating Details 9 rated reviews. View all criteria.

Rating Details. Turnaround Time. Advertised vs Delivered. Product or Service Quality. Customer service. Value for money. Diversity of Products or Services.

Price Affordability.There is more to the business than just building a quality product. This gives us a vast knowledge on every aspect of the business. We handle all aspects of the project internally with our own staff. We oversee the entire project from design to delivery to installation.

This ensures the highest quality product for our clients. It also protects your privacy and ensures that the secrecy of your bunker, bomb shelter, etc.

Our employees are not only trustworthy, they are also like-minded individuals that are also preparing their own families for what the future has in store for us. Because we build the highest quality product on the market using superior materials and craftsmanship, Rising S guarantees everyone of our bomb shelters or bunkers for life. Custom Design Create your custom design with us now! Why Steel? Rising S Bunker Shop.

Every piece of a Rising S Bunker is hand fabricated in house. Featured Videos. The best Bomb Shelter Custom Engineering. Pricing and Floor Plans. Bunker Videos. NBC Air Filtration. Gun Vaults. Photo Gallery. Safe Rooms.A feud between two luxury bunker builders has brought up some disturbing points. Did Rising S Bunkers really cause one of their customers to go to prison for three years, or are these baseless accusations that are part of a long-standing feud between owner Clyde Scott and his competitor Atlas Survival Shelters, which is owned by Ron Hubbard.

Ron, my name is Steve Prewit. I own a corporation in Midland, Texas, and I am also a professional drag boat driver. My story is beneficial to your business.

rising s bunkers

If you would like to what I have to say, please give me a call. Ron then went on to claim the information he learned after he spoke to Prewit was so explosive that he sat on it for a year before finally deciding to go public. Hubbard alleges that Scott has personally taken actions that were meant to destroy Atlas Survival Shelters.

Is Clyde Scott a bully? During our investigation into the matter, we compared these two luxury bunker building companies to try to determine the truth behind the scandal.

During its construction, Scott observed Prewit firing and selling these weapons. Prewit ended up spending 33 months in federal prison.

Prewit said he hired a private investigator who turned up evidence that Clyde Scott is a convicted felon with a lengthy record. While this is clearly proof that Scott has committed crimes in the past, it is not clear if Prewit has any clear evidence that he is the informant that led to his arrest. In an interview with Hubbard, Prewit said he came forward with his story not for his own sake, but rather for the safety of the public, who needs to know that this situation is a possibility.

Is it possible that some of them could be underhanded enough that they are secretly building your shelters for their own future use and planning to use your supplies, all while making money off of you for the privilege? Our investigation unearthed plenty of complaints lodged against Atlas Survival Shelters as well.

When they approached Ron about the problem, they claim he became belligerent. Hubbard, however, had a different take on the situation.

He claims these dissatisfied customers improperly installed their own bunker after purchasing it from him. The truth is, none of the luxury shelter companies have spotless reputations.

Someone is always going to be unhappy, and some of these complaints will be legitimate while others will not. In his video, Ron recommends whenever possible purchasing a bunker and hiring your own team to transport and install it for your own personal security. Your email address will not be published. You can see the shocking Atlas Bunkers video here. Atlas vs the competitor: a side-by-side comparison. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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