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The Company plans on auditing…. Las Vegas, Feb. Las Vegas, Dec. Hugo Romeu to the Board of the Company. In addition, Dr. Romeu has…. Under the terms…. The Company expects to file the first three…. The first person mentioned in the article was Carl Pescio from Nevada.

Carl staked hundreds of properties in Nevada before joining forces…. Silver Cloud is an…. Larry D. Nelson, as…. These claims will…. The airborne survey encompasses the…. The program is being carried out with a team…. The Company and the Seller…. Jordan Starkman, CEO…. The Company currently has 30, common shares issued and outstanding.

The OTCBB:OTGI is pleased to announce it has retained the services of Peritus Capital, an innovative marketing and investor relations firm dedicated to representing small-micro-cap public companies, to assist in….

The property…. November 17, To the Shareholders of Oteegee Innovations Inc: Dear Shareholder, I am writing you today because I believe it is important that shareholders are fully informed about the events that directly impact our Company.JavaScript is currently not supported or is disabled by this browser.

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Monster Gold on a Shoestring

Metadata Management Interest Group List This list is used to communicate updates, seek partner guidance, solicit volunteers for related working groups and inform interested staff of opportunities related to metadata in all formats.I love Firerain Rep:.

The Size of my real name is 10 letters long, and my nickname i won't reveal cuz then you'd catch me when i steal the valuable jewels from your dogs house. But nice names ppl. Eric Morata Quote from: Tyler on May 28,AM. Crew Slut Rep:.

Welcome to Rimrock Gold Corp.

Quote from: Ericmor on May 28,AM. Quote from: Nightwolf on May 28,AM.

rmrk discussion archives

I'll take a guess before I look Seriously though, thats your name? Absolutely the one chosen by fadark Rep:. A Random Custom Title Rep:. That's like Kyle and Tyler put together. Quote from: Vanessa on May 28,AM. Astronaut Raticate Banana Rep:. Shadowdude, Zeriab, Nightwolf Or some moderator will come and name you guys something like "Huey, Dewey, and Louie".

Or maybe Pantsy, Sissy and Fagot. Or something worse. Quote from: shadowdude on May 29,AM. Hungry Rep:. Quote from: Vince on May 29,PM. Quote from: shadowdude on May 29,PM. Quote from: Anthony on May 29,PM. Quote from: Shinami on May 31,AM. Purity is wackable. ALL anime girls are Final Fantasy 7. Read more about advertising your project here. Ads by Project Wonderful!A multitude of categories were given topics by Silverlinewherein members could nominate up to two members to for the award.

Users were allowed to nominate themselves as well. Later, the nominees would be voted upon and the winners would be announced on December As RMRK hasn't had too many bans, or rather, not too many bans that got much attention, this topic was never allowed to be posted in, as the nominations were already pre-determined by Silverline.

rmrk discussion archives

The nominees were:. Members were to nominate and vote for who they thought was best at RPG Maker's technical aspects, such as scripts and events.

The nominees in this category were:. Here members were nominated for their storylines, and aspects of their games that made them stand out from the others. The nominees:. The users with the best chipsetscharsetsand best designed maps were nominated here:. Users who always seemed to be helping someone out, and having something positive to say were nominated for this award:.

Note: Although Yossy did have the most votes, this is due to someone voting after the awards were over, while the poll was still unlocked. At the time the awards were officially over, Yossy and Silverline both had 5 votes, thus they both receied the award.

The name of the topic has recently changed several times as well. As of this article, it is currently called "Breasts". Members who act like moderators even though they aren't were nominated here:. Some members started out incredibly annoying, or just plain forgettable. Yet, they worked their way to become one of the better liked members of the forums.

The nominees here were:. While in the past they were part of what made the community vibrant, now they just drag it down and no longer have anything to offer.

Zimbabwe observes 40 years of independence from British colonial rule

If RMRK ever needed another moderator, these are who the bulk of the forums think should become one:. RMRK has many members that can make you laugh. These members nominated here are thought to be funnier than all the rest:. Note: Naphe's and BOE's nominations here were a bit controversial. Many thought that voting for them was a waste, yet at the same time, some saw this as it really was: a joke.

Sometimes a post by someone is just so great it deserves an award. Here it was narrowed down to five choices:. Note: The "Fat" post by FuMannChu, and the topic containing it, has since been deleted from the forums.From its early low of.

The move came on nearly forty times the monthly average volume on the stock, and as we just mentioned, it also closed with strength, just a penny below the high of day.

After hours trading also saw the stock achieve a high of. Despite looming bankruptcy proceedings for UNXL, our bottom-feeder instincts have kicked in as the stock was punished down to a new all-time lows yesterday and is showing signs of a possible rebound this morning.

Rimrock Gold Corp. After a sharp pullback to. Any stock with this kind of price action and volatility is one that we definitely want to keep a close eye on for more quick strike trade opportunities. Express, Inc. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. DLTR chains.

It traded in a range from. The move occurred on volume of more than 1. You can take a look at the chart below and see that the stock has just begun to show signs of a rebound after getting absolutely hammered earlier this month.

Indicators suggest that the stock is rather oversold. JC Penney Co. Similar to the above mentioned play, the stock took a punishing hit to its PPS over the past few weeks, and has shown the beginnings of a rebound.

It has an even larger gap on the chart, and a chance to fill it even quicker. AEO and Express, Inc. Your info will never be sold or shared. You will receive one copy of our newsletter via email every trading day around 9AM, and nothing more.Filed under Uncategorized. Bob Moriarty Archives Jul 3, The first person mentioned in the article was Carl Pescio from Nevada.

Carl staked hundreds of properties in Nevada before joining forces with Vista Gold to form Allied Nevada in When it was in production, the Hollister Mine produced 80, ounces of gold a year at a grade of 1. Great Basin Gold operated Hollister until the company went into bankruptcy in because of their South African properties.

Waterton shut down mining at Hollister in late November of in order to focus on resource development drilling. A sinter is nothing more than a cap of silica that overlies a hot water system similar to those hot springs at Yellowstone. Hot water seeps through cracks in the rocks until it starts to boil based on lower pressure and minerals that have been absorbed along the way precipitate out.

When the hydrothermal fluids contain silica, a sinter or cap of silica may form.

rmrk discussion archives

This cap traps the hydrothermal fluids below it and that concentrates the minerals. On my tour of the Rimrock properties, we saw signs of sinter all over the place. Millions of dollars in exploration have been spent on the various projects in past drilling. Rimrock has consolidated the drill data and ground surveys and come up with a new model they want to prove.

Rimrock believes their ground between Midas and Hollister has been uplifted and gold will be found closer to the surface. They know the silica precipitated out at the surface and the gold level should be to meters below the sinter cap.

Drilling should be cheaper and more productive than at Midas and Hollister. For the last three years, gold has been in a bear market. Money has been close to impossible to find for both majors and juniors. Rimrock is caught in the middle. Carl Pescio picked the projects up in the first place because he thought there would be several high-grade deposits found. Gold has turned the corner and money is waiting on the sidelines. The potential for Rimrock is very high but they will need money and top-notch technical people.

And I think they have the people, they just need the money. Rimrock is not an advertiser. I have been to the projects and I have bought some shares in the open market. I am biased. As always, you are responsible for your own investment decisions.The place for forum news and announcements.

A list of basic rules can also be found here. Please read the rules before you post! Complaints, Name change requests, suggestions, feedback or even just random questions related to RMRK itself. Moderator: yuyu! EllFlut Niazagra Online Ellantew August 21,PM. Fatih Re: Ask a Muslim! November 26,AM. Moderators: SophiststrikeAcolyteyuyu! November 05,AM. Japhasca Re: Why is my event only February 23,PM.

August 24,AM. The resource database. The content found here can be used across different Maker platforms. Post resources here, they will be moved to the correct child board. Walternic Re: Post-Apocalyptic Til August 23,AM. Josephendut write my essay EssayErud Requests for resources, scripts or any other content goes here. If someone completes your request please mark it as complete and it will be moved to an appropriate board. July 30,AM. For discussion not related to a specific tool.

For general creativity please use the creativity forum. NOT For support! RemontInvertor Anyone know how I can co October 30,AM. Post in here. Also home to RM2k3 and RM2k! Troubleshoot errors and get help if you are unable to run RM or any other game making program. This board is not for assistance with scripts or eventing! April 19,AM. Moderator: bluntsword. Moderator: strike. February 16,AM.

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