Salesforce cpq tutorial pdf

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Advertising Cookies Advertising Cookies. Back Button.The quote-to-cash QTC process encompasses many sales, account management, order fulfillment, billing, and accounts receivables functions.

What is CPQ (in Salesforce)?

It considers the steps taken as your sales team configures a quote and drafts a proposal for a client, through to when payment is received for services rendered. Of course, these customer-centric tasks are interdependent and should be tied together in a single business process that is best facilitated with software. A QTC solution also helps to create a single platform in which customer data can be collected, processed, and updated in real time to empower sales reps to engage clients more effectively, reduce errors, and improve reporting capabilities.

The quote-to-cash process covers the end-to-end functions related to sales activity for your organization. Typically, configuring offers for a prospect is listed as the first true step of the QTC process.

While there are often some sales activities that occur along with marketing functions even earlier in the buying funnel—cold calling, prospecting, inbound sales activities, and so forth—the opportunity to deliver a quote is generally seen as the first measurable, concrete QTC function.

The QTC process then spans all the way until the cash for the sale in question has been collected and allocated, and the data for all points of the process has been analyzed and used to enhance performance. Although this action denotes that a sale has closed and revenue can be recorded, the sales process itself is not complete until the cash has been applied and the entire cycle can be reported and analyzed. By employing a QTC solution, you can easily manage all the independent actions that make up the quote-to-cash cycle.

This enables your salespeople to deliver accurate information to clients quickly, minimize order and invoicing errors, and improve your data analysis and forecasting efforts. It kicks off with configuration, which is when a salesperson takes the first action toward building a quote for a client. In outdated, manual configuration processes, sales reps have to comb through spreadsheets and product databases one by one to find the information they need.

Since records are often input manually, there can be multiple entries for a specific product with conflicting information. Automated QTC software takes the guesswork out of configuration for salespeople. It accelerates the front end of the process for the organization and the customers and imposes a series of controls to ensure consistency and quality. Research indicates that 66 percent of all sales quotes end without a purchase.

Salespeople can beat these odds when they are thorough, accurate, and timely with their sales quotes. Complicated pricing structures, however, can cause salespeople to deliver error-laden quotes. When layered with discounts, grouped items, bundles, add-ons, and other price fluctuations, quote development can become difficult to handle manually. When clients request adjustments to order quantities, the process becomes even more cumbersome.

Even if your pricing structure is relatively simple, there is still a chance your salespeople may misquote clients, which can compromise their relationship with a prospect. Sales reps should always be up to date on their product education, but they have to place the bulk of their focus on delivering sustained customer value. Studies show that sales generally go to the vendor that responds first. Therefore, sales teams must be ready to deliver an accurate quote quickly.Ashish Shah is the General Manager of India Operations, where he leads the day-to-day operations across three offices.

He previously served as Managing Director of NextGen Healthcare, leading the build from the ground up, scaling the operation to a few thousand employees, and encouraging cultural transformation to strengthen the value proposition of the India center. College of Engineering. His extensive experience in the software space spans decades and includes a track record of operational and strategic accomplishments, board memberships, and sterling leadership.

Prior to joining Apttus, Frank built and led global teams as a Corporate Vice President of Microsoft for more than 20 years. Greg started his career at PwC. As a founding member of the Apttus team, Neehar Giri has built and implemented the most sophisticated suite of revenue operations software in the world, playing an irreplaceable role in creating the Middle Office space and defining the Quote-to-Cash Industry.

Neehar is also the co-founder of Nextance, a provider of enterprise software. Previously, Neehar served as Chief Solutions Architect at Clarify and has spent his entire career as a respected innovator and leader. To speak with an Apttus representative contact us. We use cookies to make sure you have the best possible experience on our site.

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Salesforce CPQ Developer Guide

White Paper. Download the White Paper now! Related Posts.

salesforce cpq tutorial pdf

Configure Price Quote Data Sheet. Configure Price Quote Buyer's Guide.

salesforce cpq tutorial pdf

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Sam Zayed Chief Revenue Officer.

Salesforce CPQ Basics

Sam Zayed is Chief Revenue Officer at Apttus responsible for driving revenue growth and customer expansion on a global scale. Sam brings more than 20 years of experience building and leading high performing enterprise software sales teams. Gregg Hampton Chief Financial Officer. Gregg Hampton is Chief Financial Officer at Apttus, where he provides financial leadership and strategic direction as Apttus capitalizes on its Middle Office market opportunity.

With broad financial experience over nearly three decades of strategic and operational roles, he brings extensive experience to Apttus. His expertise in engineering, research and development, and other critical operations will allow him to play a significant role for Apttus as it continues to grow its business.You and the rest of your sales team at Infinity Solutions want to close deals, fast.

That is a fact. CPQ stands for configure, price, and quote. To remember that, think of these questions: What products does the customer want to buy configure? How much do those products cost price? How can we give the customer details about the sale quote? You ask and answer these questions every day. Salesforce CPQ makes the process much easier for you and your team.

At the end of the day, with enough effort, you do close your deals. At your last job, only one person knew how to maintain the tool, and that person single-handedly kept the ship afloat. Some on your team need help to follow the rules, and rule enforcement takes time.

You know you have better ways to spend that time. With Salesforce CPQ, you and your sales team can create quotes quickly, with minimal effort and minimal error.

Salesforce CPQ Basics

For example, is your customer a commercial, government, or academic institution? Based on your answer to this and other questions specific to your sales process at Infinity Solutions, you see a tailored list of products. Salesforce CPQ uses smart rules to make sure you and your reps sell related products together [1] and to prevent incompatible products from ending up on the same quote.

You and your reps can apply discretionary discounts [1] while Salesforce CPQ handles the rest, including the math [2]. Yes, Salesforce CPQ does all the math, automatically. You focus on your customers, not your calculator. The quote is dynamic too, so if your quote requires special terms, they appear automatically.

Using Salesforce CPQ, you and your sales team can go from creating a new opportunity to handing the customer a quote in a matter of minutes.

A faster, more controlled process means fewer errors, speedier closed deals, more accurate data, and more deals moving through the pipeline. Identify inefficiencies common to legacy sales processes. Explain how Salesforce CPQ addresses sales team pain points. You and the other Infinity Solutions sales reps assemble quotes by hand and hope you have the right products and prices.

Your customers wait for a quote that may not be accurate when it finally arrives. The P is for price.When CPQ is deployed and used correctly, users have reported :. With its functionality and potential for excellent return on investment ROICPQ software is on the horizon for many companies. Even when you see the benefits of a CPQ program, you may think your current process still fits the bill.

But even if your current sales quote generation seems to be enough, be on the lookout for these six signs that you need CPQ :. You need practical ways to implement more advanced business solutions, such as software with artificial intelligence built in.

What Is CPQ? A Guide to Configure, Price, Quote. Thanks to a slew of variables that can change rapidly, the sales quote review process can become a bottleneck to closing sales. This means many companies struggle to get quotes to customers in a timely manner. Pricing can be a major pain point for sales teams.

salesforce cpq tutorial pdf

For example, in an effort to make the sale, a salesperson may offer too large of a discount to a customer, and that reduced price ends up costing the company more than it was worth. It could also make future negotiations with the customer difficult as the salesperson tries to secure a fair price for both the customer and the company. CPQ software allows sales to deliver quotes quickly thanks to a streamlined quoting process — the result of the customized rules and pricing CPQ automation allows.

This is true for companies with one-off sales, subscription pricing, recurring billing, and other revenue models. Contract pricing, subscription pricing also known as recurring billing or usage-based pricingand channel and partner pricing. CPQ software also manages the tasks associated with repeat orders and subscriptions, automatically generating renewal quotes and applying existing contracted terms and conditions to add-ons.

A fast sales quote process makes your company more efficient and knowledgeable and allows the deal to coast through the sales pipeline. One of the biggest advantages of CPQ software is that the entire company can be involved. CPQ deployments, done right, allow sales, renewals, finance, and legal to each seamlessly have a hand in the different configurations.

With CPQ, you're also able to create configurations and bundles that make sense. Instead of salespeople determining configurations independently, you can have the subject matter expert SME on the product determine the best options and configurations for your customers. These are entered into the CPQ system as rules so salespeople can offer the best possible options for your customers.

When cross-functional teams work together, everyone wins. Your product becomes more solution-oriented and customer-centric than ever before. You can also optimize CPQ applications to benefit the entire organization. In successful deployments, your teams can use CPQ analytics to find demand and product trends.

Often sales, finance, legal, manufacturing, and development are very separate entities and are siloed within an organization. CPQ software has proven to be a link between departments, allowing communication and standards to be firmly set in place.From the free demo, you can have a basic knowledge of our CPQ training dumps, As most people belong to wage earners, you may a little worry about price of our excellent CPQ practice materials, will they be expensive, The quality of our CPQ exam questions is very high and we can guarantee to you that you will have no difficulty to pass the exam, If you want to prepare for your exam by the computer, you can buy our CPQ training quiz.

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salesforce cpq tutorial pdf

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Salesforce CPQ for dummies

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