Ssangyong actyon engine

A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Machinery Machinery Engine Parts. Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Type Diesel Engine. Car Fitment Universal Nissan Kia. Contact Supplier. Gtbv s3 turbo a ssangyong kyron mxdi with d20dt engine. Test kef 250c is qualified 6.

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Sunrise Turbo gtbv turbocharger s s a a for ssangyong kyron mxdi actyon axdi with d20dt engine. China high type original ignition button start engine for ssangyong actyon aod. SsangYong used engine used engine diesel d20dtr euro 5 euro-5 for kyron actyon 16 mnr cc. Please note: Update catalog does not happen every day, some new arrivals are not uploaded to the site.

If you can not find in the proposed range of desired engine contract, gearbox, etc. Ssangyong auto genuine parts actyon. High quality turbocharger gtv for ssangyong actyon 2. Ejbrd a common rail orltl diesel fuel injector diesel engine car. Free Shipping! Hengney automotive part A For Actyon cranskshaft position sensor. What is your terms of packing9 A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. How about your delivery time9 A: Generally, it will take 20 days after receiving your advance payment.

Can you produce according to the samples9 A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings.Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 4: Specifications 2. Page 7: Maintenance Interval 4. Maintenance service and record retention are the owner's responsibility. You should retain evidence that proper maintenance has been performed on your vehicle in accordance with the scheduled maintenance service chart. Page Recommended Fluids And Lubricants 5. Do not mix any different types or brands of oils or fluids.

ssangyong actyon engine

This may cause damages. Keep the specified levels when adding or replacing the fluids. Page Electric Components And Layout 8. Page Standard Bolts Specifications 9. Page 18 Determine extra proper tightening torque if tightens with washer or packing. If tightens bolts on the below materials, be sure to determine the proper torque. Page Intake System Layout 4.

ssangyong engine

Page Exhaust System Layout 5. Page Lubrication System Layout 6. Page Fuel Supply System Furthermore, ECU uses signals from coolant temperature sensor and air temperature sensor, booster pressure sensor and barometric sensor as compensation signal to respond to injection starting, pilot injection set values, various operations and variables. Page Cleanness The core elements of fuel system has very high preciseness that is easily affected by dust or very small foreign material.

Therefore, make sure to keep the preliminary works and job procedures in next pages. If not, lots of system problems and claims may arise.

ssangyong actyon engine

Page 42 At this point, thoroughly clean the related area in engine compartment. Clean the engine compartment before starting service works. Page 43 If not, the injection point may be deviated from correct position, and it may cause engine disorder.

Plug the disconnected parts with sealing caps, and remove the caps immediately before replacing the components. Page 44 Priming pump filled pump.

Check the installed components again and connect the negative battery cable. Start the engine and check the operating status. With SCAN, check if there are current faults and erase the history faults. Page 45 Due to engine layout, a customer cannot easily drain water from fuel filter directly, so if a customer checks in to change engine oil, be sure to perform water drain from fuel filter. See fuel system for details. Page Maintenance And Repair Using oils of any viscosity other than those viscosities recommended could result in engine damage.

Refer to "Recommended Fluids And Lubricants" in this section. Page 47 Check the tires for abnormal wear or damage. To equalize wear and obtain maximum tire life, rotate the tires.Theoretically you can drive for a few weeks or even months with a broken MAF sensor.

You will notice a decrease in gas mileage and over time the car will eventually start stalling a lot. So you should chech it on our car models. The crankshaft sensor signals the fuel injection computer or the ignition control when the cylinders are firing. This causes the ignition coil to provide a spark and the injector to inject fuel into each cylinder at the right time.

If either sensor isn't working correctly, the car will run rough and the engine will be less efficient. In later car models, the car's computer can usually keep the vehicle running, but the engine warning light on the dashboard goes on to warn the driver. Parts or components should not be replaced with reference to only a P DTC. The vehicle service manual should be consulted for more information on possible causes of the fault, along with required testing. Code Search Please fill the "Code Box" to find engine fault code.

Ways to read engine trouble codes. Ways to clear check engine light on car panel. Check Engine Light Dictionary Ways to clear check engine light on car panel. Main engine trouble code archive on Web.

Copyright EngineTroubleCode. Check engine light comes on Engine stalling or misfiring Engine performance issues Car not starting. If one of these reasons for P code is occuring now you should check P repair processes. Now don't ask yourself; What should you do with P code? The solution is here :. Please check below for your specific ma P code.Verification email was sent to Don't see the email? Resend Verification Email. Verification email will be sent to Send Verification Email. Your email address is verified!

Now you have full access to all features. Total Price calculator will estimate the total price of the vehicle s based on your shipping destination port and other preferences.

Note: In some cases the total price cannot be estimated. CIF to. Order this vehicle Within 1 Hour and Get discount! Time left: m s. Already have an account? Login is required to use "Notify me" feature. Please login or sign up. This Search condition is added to your Wish List. It includes air conditioning, leather steering wheel, auto-folding wing mirrors, and a bluetooth set to connect your device.

It is great for taking off-road thanks to its 6 speed, 4-wheel drive potential. It has side-curtain air-bags, comfortable rexton seats, and its European sourced 2. It also has helical spring and double wishbone suspension for extra comfort. By Keyword By Ref No. Hello, BF Member. LOG IN. What is Favorites? What is Wish List? What is CAP? What is BF Points? Contact Us. Barthelemy St.

Croix St. Lucia St. Maarten St. Thomas St. BF Warranty.But the design brought the car to a complete stall in just five years.

The name Actyon came from Ac tion Yon young. It was designed with mild off-road capabilities and a coupe-like design. But they failed to be good on both. The front side of the car was the one that shocked everyone. The fenders and the engine compartment looked like they were assembled from two different cars. The front grille resembled some cars from the '40s. The sloped roofline looked more like a hump than a coupe-style. Things were a little bit better with the Actyon Sports, which was the pickup version for the Actyon.

At least it didn't have that hump.

SsangYong Kyron. Стоит ли брать? - Подержанные автомобили

Inside, the car offered room for up to four adults, maybe five for a short distance. The sloped back affected the headroom for Actyon, but was decent for Actyon Sports. The black dashboard featured a center stack with round buttons. The car was powered by Mercedes-Benz engines, either a 2. Both were mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox or a 5-speed manual. It was offered with a rear- or 4x4 on-demand system.

All rights reserved. Pick brand. The Korean carmaker introduced the Actyon model on the market in as a 4x4 vehicle for the younger generation.It might have a similar price to those models, but the Actyon is more of an off-road warrior than any of these suburban machines. While its rivals use a monocoque bodies, the Actyon runs a rugged ladder frame, like workhorses including the Nissan Patrol and Toyota LandCruiser.

It also comes standard with a lockable four-wheel-drive system equipped with low-range for rock crawling.

ssangyong actyon engine

When not running in 4WD mode, the Actyon is rear-wheel drive. It is available with both petrol and diesel engines, available with either a standard manual or optional automatic transmission. The petrol SsangYong uses a 2. A previous-generation Benz engine that never made it to Australia, the in-line powerplant develops a modest kW at rpm and Nm at rpm.

ssangyong actyon engine

Like the diesel engine, the four-cylinder petrol unit uses an engine block produced by Mercedes in South Africa. The diesel is also based on a common-rail Mercedes engine, but has been re-engineered as a 2. Towing capacity is kg as long as whatever you tow has brakes for both the petrol and diesel models.

Standard equipment for the base petrol and diesel Actyon includes air-conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, front and rear foglights and steering wheel-mounted audio controls. Stepping up to the Limited adds electrically-adjustable heated leather seats, rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlights, sunroof and folding wing mirrors.

All SsangYong articles Actyon 5-dr wagon range. Apr SsangYong Actyon 5-dr wagon range. More SsangYong car reviews. Download page. Connect with us. Researching Research a car Select a car type Research cars by brand Which car? Catch up on all of the latest industry news with this week's edition of GoAutoNews.Replacing the original Mussothe Actyon Sports has a wider track, increased load capacity and a more fuel efficient European designed engine.

The vehicle also comes with double wishbone front suspension and a five-link rear end as well as the availability of ESP Electronic Stability Program is a big offering from the South Korean manufacturer.

Along with ESP, the Actyon comes with hill descent control as standard on some models. The 2. Other optional equipment includes keyless entrydual airbags, speed sensitive central lockingengine immobilizer and alarm, electric windows, child safety door locks and tray liner. Initially offered with a four speed automatic, [7] the Actyon was later upgraded with a six speed automatic transmission sourced from Australian company Drivetrain Systems International.

For a few years, there was no Australian importer for SsangYong so the supply contract for the automatic transmissions disappeared, and Drivetrain Systems International went into receivership, eventually being bought out by conglomerate Geelywhere then all manufacturing was moved to China.

After a number of issues with the six speed automatic transmissions, SsangYong reverted to a five speed automatic transmission for automatic Actyon Sports. In Junethe Actyon received a facelift. A year into Actyon production, a pickup variant was announced, called the Actyon Sports.

This variant outlasted its namesake, in production until with the release of the new Musso pickup. The series features a field of slightly modified Actyons with identical drive trains, allowing driver ability to determine race outcomes. The racing Actyons feature a 2. The suspension is lowered to improve handling and a full protective cage and harnesses are installed.

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