Z31 maxima plenum

Login or Sign Up. Maxima Plenum Fitment. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 5. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 template Next. Extension looks good. Hood spacers are ghetto and are made of fail. Bolt on, fast, z You can only pick two. Comment Post Cancel. Domingo that is one beautiful bay. Shiro Special 86T - Sold. I would even take an ungutted maxi plenum thats had the neck modified. Shit my turn around on a full sheet metal is less than half that!

I don't really see the point of the maxima plenums. I have cut a couple up and they really pale in comparison to the stock z31 intake.

Also, they look to induce more uneven air distribution than a stock z31 intake. The best bet would be to go with a completely custom sheetmetal frontal entry intake like the maximas layout but not its internal layout, much like what SATAN makes and I am in the works of offering a similar design.

Mine will be going one step further and incorporating my custom lower intake flanges, runners, and coolant pipe. The stock throttle body cable is hella long. I got it to reach my tb placement going around the front of the plenum. Wheels: Varrstoen ES2 18x9. Look how far my throttle body is after my extension back a page or so, mines the furthest I've seen anyone run the extension elbow, and I had slack left. The stock cable does work.

I just wanted to be able to route the cable where i had enough slack to put it where i wanted it to be. But to each his own, I was just giving out what I did as an option!

All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.There are several plenums available for your Z The stock plenum is generally regarded as not being a very good design in terms of flow capacity and hence limits the power output of the engine.

z31 maxima plenum

To date there has been NO conclusive data posted by a non-biased third party as to which plenums flow the best, and hence make the largest horespower gain over the stock plenum. The flow bench used is an industry-standard SuperFlow unit SFs at 28 inches of water. I have to extend very special thanks to Bob Makley of Finish Line Motorsports in Hastings, MI for his time and very reasonable pricing for me to work on this project.

The head used in testing is a stock early casting non-w series with stock valves and seat cut. The decision to use a completely unmodified head was based on the fact that very few people install ported heads along with the hunch that both the flow and dyno comparisons would greatly favor the modified plenums if modified heads were used.

The runners in the lower intake shown were smoothed to remove casting marks and flaws. As the SX throttle body seems to be a popular 'upgrade' for the stock plenum, this stock plenum's elbow was ported and the SX unit fitted in order to measure gains if any at all from this modification.

Install notes: - Requires 88 Maxima distributor cap or pathfinder distributor. Install notes: - Needs modification to clear distributor.

The Engloid plenum is in second place, followed closely by the Nissan Pathfinder and Maxima plenums. The poor performance of the stock Z31 plenum becomes apparent at higher valve lift. The result on the Maxima plenum is an eye-opener, as it points to the "elbow" on the stock Z31 plenum as being a major point of restriction.

I am now even more thoroughly convinced that on a car with modified cylinder heads any of these other plenums would provide a very substantial horsepower gain over the stock unit. Part 2: Dyno Results: Not yet completed. Dyno testing will be done on a Dynapack chassis dynamometer capable of handling over wheel horsepower. It can hold engine speed at rpm regardless of throttle position, it can do a power pull from rpm to rpm in exactly 8 seconds, it can do a power pull with steps instead of one constant ramp, the possibilities are endless.

This ability is a must if you're doing any serious engine mapping. This dyno is top of the line.It is illegal to sell, install, or offer for sale any aftermarket part that alters or modifies the original design or performance of the motor vehicle pollution control system.

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By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies.What I've learnt? Good cams are available and the heads can be ported but thats about all I've heard about the top end.

I'm looking at using a turbocharged VG30 in a project, mainly because its a simple engine, is light and compact. Around rwhp would be the aim.

Reasons to swap to the Maxima alternator

Am also looking at the VQ engine but for rwhp don't believe twin cams and four valves are necessary. The bulkier heads would also be a space problem. They are easily modded to rwhp. What is the vehicle that you are looking to put the engine into?

If its an or below Z then there is a lot of mods required to do so, just have to do a search for it. As for the VG30ET it has similar mods but not as many. If you want rwhp and just want to keep to head work, i think you'd be very hard pressed to get those numbers. You could do a complete Port and Polish on the heads, intake manifold, do a custom exhaust manifold, larger turbo, ecu, etc.

But some of those are limited to what the application you are fitting the engine into. Hope I helped. Had a look at that site, interesting, not the detail I'm after unfortunately. You don't need a stronger crank to get hp, just go with the stock crank. As for hp out of a vg30et Thanks, that does help.

So roller rockers are not required? What max RPM do you reckon with the forged rods? Modified to get rwhp.

z31 maxima plenum

I like their relative simplicity and minimumilist approach, plus I suspect they are a bit lighter than their twin cam brothers, particularly up top. Just a better flowing plenum, larger turbo, IC and a good fuel solution will get you there.

The VG30's bottom end is rock solid to just shy of RWHP where you will start busting the ring lands off stock pistons.So Im building a couple Z31's. Anyway in staring to Mod a customers vehicle a friend and I have notice the Z31 intake fits backwards on the plenum and still clears all obsticles. Anyway I will post pics as they are on my laptop I realized but we basically chopped off the side intake welded that hole shut and then cut a Square out of the Backside of the intake which is now the front and mounted a sx Bigger throttle body on that.

Couple kewl things we noticed. More room to access lower parts and injectors.

z31 maxima plenum

Ill post pics with. We will be accepting cores and converting them to the new design Pending our finished product and Dyno numbers and flow charts. We hope the gains will be good overall so that all of you all can have a semi stock looking plenum without paying huge bucks for ones that might not fit perfect or have to be redrilled ect. The mating surface and bolt pattern are symmetrical, of course you can turn it around Most people that want an intake entry right there just grab a maxima VG30 plenum because it already has the TB right there, and bolts straight on.

For Z31 hood clearance you can angle the TB down a little bit with some pipe welded on. This would be a much more efficient way of the design you are trying to achieve. Why wouldn't it fit the mating surface backwards? That's why it's called a reverse pathy when you have a pathfinder intake on backwards.

It's going to hit the hood for sure though. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.Login or Sign Up.

Maxima Plenum Fitment. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 5. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 template Next. Comment Post Cancel. Im top mounting so it is hard to go through the fender and then up.

Mike G has the shortest IC pip routing I have seen to date on a z He runs the maxi plenum, with a V-mount radiator and IC. Here are some of the pics. Shiro Special Being assembled in my spare time Chromoly acquired! Heads up makes teh panties drop. Eh, I just throw a 85 turbo hood on my 87 and cut a hole in it for the maxima intake to fit. I love the maxima intake, makes working on anything so easy, and I also have all the emissions stuff welded up and no egr so it runs good and not all cluttered up, wish I did it sooner.

I am not currently running the maxima plenum, but doing so would lose about 1. I would like to soon run either a custom plenum or a modified maxima plenum. The response is good. I'm running a T04e.

This is in part due to ceramic coated manifolds. Mockup- Completed. Does a regular strut bar fit with the maxima plenum? Like the one from courtesy or a cusco one. I am pretty sure it wont but I am just looking for clarification. It doesn't matter where its at so long as you route your fuel lines away from moving objects and its secure.

I mounted mine to the inside of the passenger side fender well, towards the top of the shock mounts. Black 89Turbo.


Radiator: 87NA. Turbo radiator is dual pass and would be better. Go to parts store with bent coat hangers to source hoses to connect. Fan: Ford Taurus 2 speed.

Search for a wiring diagram posted by Careless for instruction on this fan. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.For anyone who has ever owned, driven, built, raced, admired or considered owning a ZX. When asking tech-related questions, be as detailed as possible. Make sure your flair is present and accurate. Please remember to be respectful and open-minded, as everyone has different personal tastes and levels of technical knowledge.

Don't be a dick. Z32 Wikispaces tons of tech info. Z32 Buyer's Guide. The Maxima intake mani flows better than the stock z31 intake mani. Milled out it flows even better. People do it. I can't remember the issue that you run in to when doing this. I've been thinking about making my own intake that looks like a vertical rb intake. Should be straight forward and having the inlet going forward like a ls engine would be really helpful.

I'd actually have room to switch back to my ls ignition coils. You can use an intercooler end tank to make one. Others have, similar to this one. It's a pretty cost effective way to gain HP imho. You can get a better custom made intake plenum from someone like Pucker Factory but it's significantly more expensive. Here is my Gutted Maxima Intake. Do it! Holy shit, how have I never heard of Pucker Factory?

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